I have been pondering (lack of) privacy in IPFS and dweb in general for some time. It turns out I am not the only one concerned, Brave and Pinata wrote down pretty good summaries:
- support.brave.com/hc/en-us/art
- medium.com/pinata/ipfs-privacy

Official blog post explaining what Kubernetes' decision to deprecate Docker runtime means for developers and admins: kubernetes.io/blog/2020/12/02/

🎉The recently released rustup version 1.23.0 provides full support for Apple M1 Silicon 👏


⚠️Note that no native stable build of the compiler has been produced yet, so you will need to use the beta or nightly channel until Rust 1.49 is released.

Hezky pěkně, @Alzacz podporuje Apple Pay. Vyzkoušeno za vás, je to o dost příjemnější než hledání karty a opisování CCV.

Great advice on distributed decision making:

"People are much more willing to chime in if they disagree with something concrete. So, instead of asking an open-ended question, assert a direction."


We successfully tested Direct Messages between Pixelfed and Mastodon!

The Direct Messages feature will be shipping later today! 🎉

TIL: `type` is much faster than `which` if all you need is to check if an executable exists in your PATH, at least in Bash on MacOS.

Výborný! Díky se můžu jednoduše přihlásit na Portál občana 👍Přidejte se taky: mojeid.cz/cs/overeno/

Jenom škoda, že přidání dalšího 2FA tokenu vyžaduje opětovné ověření na Czech POINTu ☹️

When building technology, optimise for humanity first. Every other constraint is secondary.

Nice! @1Password released a beta version of their Linux client. The backed is written in @rustlang, looks like Rust is eating the world of software?

Node.js 14.14.0 is bringing `fs.rm`, a built-in alternative to popular package `rimraf`. Yay! 🎉👏


dotenv-linter: Lightning-fast linter for .env files. Written in Rust, easy to integrate with your CI.

npm v7 is finally here! 🎉Features include:
- workspaces
- automatic instal of peer dependencies
- package-lock v2 and support for yarn.lock

"The main thing I learned from this adventure is that, much like wireless, video calls still basically don’t work. Every piece of equipment has tricky subtleties that make it super hard to select the right gear and use it correctly."

Like fossil fuel leads to global warming, big data & surveillance capitalism leads to social cooling 😟

Dnes je poslední šance zajít s někým na oběd, a já mám zrovna naplánovanou návštěvu pneuservisu 🤦‍♂️😢

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