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I've been testing some brand new indoor tiles now that I can generate dungeons :) Doors will eventually have a proper open interaction. Next up: multilevel dungeons.

Working on my typing-based narrative game framework. Backspaces now work, and I've also just added the ability to trigger theme changes and sound playback 🌤🌈

I was freaking out for a solid minute until I remembered I just deleted an empty project.

TFW trying to figure out how 2D physics works

Is it summer already or just an Xcode update installing?

Similarly I sometimes feel like I want to write only to see words weave into a neat rhythm when they fill a page, even though I'm not sure I actually have anything to say.

Sometimes I get the urge to get into certain programming languages purely because I adore the typographic texture of the code arising from their syntax.

1°C in the morning, 22°C in the afternoon. My brain is exploding.

Good puzzle games make you feel smart. excels at that. What a treat ❤️

The best kept secret benefit of adulthood: breakfast for dinner

Ö'm from 'Sträya, büt I grëw üp in Scötländ

Losing followers over controversial ideas such as *checks notes* toxic people are bad, racism is bad.

Going to bed knowing Trump likely quite literally fought with several people who had to finally take his phone from him in Hanoi so he wouldn't Tweet. Good night.

I suddenly remembered how calm and focused these puzzles made me when I was a kid so I got one 🍵

Pirates of Silicon Valley is my comfort movie. Don’t judge. Don’t ask.

Naturally the smallest of creators will get hit by this the most, further narrowing the already microscopic genres most commercially viable games fit into.

Will be super interesting to see how fares as small outlets are running out of more and more options to stay afloat

Multiple major game industry players are planning to launch Netflix-like subscription services which will no doubt result in devs getting paid by playtime and volume of in-game spending.

I‘d hate on the games an economy like that will produce if this didn’t already describe AAA

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