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Introducing a tiny daily journal app. I designed it for myself, and the reflection & visual feedback are helping me a lot so far.

Data lives in your browser so it's as secure as your device — no remote storage at all!

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Who knew all I needed to be able to relax was a guitar with a bunch of delay and reverb effects chained on it? This is ambient heaven

One day I will make a game that is entirely drawn with debug graphics.

American startups: People dropping rental electric scooters anywhere in public is free advertising!

People in countries w/ functioning public transit systems: It’s nice that I can directly associate a logo with this piece of trash tourists leave on street corners everyday

As a testament to the amount of time I spend indoors during summer, I just spent the first minute of this train ride getting dog hair off my laptop’s keyboard

Top things you’d rather not hear during the safety demo on a plane:

1. “Correction: no life vests today”

We spend most of our waking moments making numbers go up. We are so much more than this. Please be loud and keep making art.

Hello, please take me

Do I know anyone going to Let's meet!

This band’s name is just the word pigs seven times?? Also they rock

Today I saw a LinkedIn post about sexism with the hashtag "inclusive capitalism." Inclusion is a must. Inclusive capitalism cannot be the end goal. Setting that as the goal is saying that exploitation is good as long as everyone gets a crumb off the plate while we all die.

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