Online-Händler müssen Kunden Bestellung über Gastzugang (= ohne Pflicht zum Anlegen eines Kunden-Accounts) ermöglichen

Beschluss der Konferenz der unabhängigen Datenschutzaufsichtsbehörden des Bundes und der Länder
Hinweise der DSK – Datenschutzkonformer Online-Handel mittels Gastzugang
(Stand 24. März 2022)

TIL that Stack Exchange share links include your user ID if you're logged in. :o

Apparently that's been the case since at least 2011:
Since 2016, they at least include the very small hint:

I often use the share button to link to individual answers but have never noticed that. How often have I accidentally leaked my Stack Overflow profile without noticing? Who expects that?

Very not cool, Stack Exchange!

Our website is a static site, which means that we have to rebuild the entire site for every change. We are using Hugo ( as our SSG, which is _really_ fast. But due to the large number of pages on our site, we've managed to make our Hugo build take quite a while.

I took a stab at optimizing this and managed to cut the build time almost in half with a few fairly simple changes. Let's take a look at how I did that.

PR: ^b [1/x]

Allow arbitrary URLs, expect arbitrary code execution: RCEs due to insecure use of QT's QDesktopServices::openUrl()

RT @d_feldman
Ok this is slightly insane. OpenType (the common font format) actually supports simple scripts inside the font for complex characters and such. So a guy WROTE AN ENTIRE GAME INSIDE A FONT called Fontemon that you play by typing letters on the keyboard.

Explanations: Play, don't show
Interactive explorations of the X Window System and more.


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