I feel like there's some socialist Mastodon but I'm not part of it.

Just hung our on our front doorpost. Rather nice handmade one from a local artist.

Question about being a leftist: Can one be a leftist (either the socialist/communist or anarchist varieties) and still be "patriotic"?

this image depicts:
- how socialists feel about jeb memes
- how jeb feels about socialism

long thread: The Truth About The American Middle Class 

re last boost: i feel immense affection for Gritty on both a personal and political level. i like to imagine we might share a fierce yet gentle embrace behind a barricade we'd helped to build.

So, tonight, I made roasted Yukon potatoes, asparagus, and salmon with a mustard vinegarette (I love using mustard in recepies).

At some point, I need to work on my plating and composition skills if I am to continue dabbling in food photography.

Tonight, I tried a new one-pot recipe: roasted chicken thighs on diced sweet potatoes and apples, all with pecans, chives, and sage.

Bow Tie of the Day: So, it's been awhile, but I needed a bit of sartorial celebration. Since it was 10-year USNA reunion, I'm wearing my new pink bow tie with anchors along with a blue and gold scarf to protect me from the oncoming cold.

@ranefox89 By the way, anyone else that I should know about and follow on here? Any fresh recruits?

@ranefox89 Glad to see you joined up! Maybe I should start checking and updating more on here. . .

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won her primary in Queens (too bad I'm not in that part of NY), showing that the DSA is about to take it's first federal congressional seat. What a time to be alive!

I think one of the reasons that I post pictures of food and bow ties is because everything else feels like screaming into the void. There are so few delicate moments, and I'm beginning to suspect that it's impossible to avoid being completely hypocritical/toothless to do anything online, here included.

Which goes to explain why I don't really use Mastodon very much. Just know that I use Facebook even less.

I don't think I talk to anyone online anymore.

I should have said, "I'm not NOT appreciative," as in, thanks, though not the target that I was imagining when I started.

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It seems my only account activity (people favoriting and boosting) is from escort services. Which, yeah, I understand, and I'm not appreciative, but it does go to show how I'm still finding my feet here on Mastodon.

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