John Carpenter's Masterpiece, 'The Thing' was released on this day 40 years ago.

“If we've got any surprises for each other, I don't think we're in much shape to do anything about it.”

Great Collection of Snippets

The Git snippet collection contains a variety of short tips and tricks for all currently maintained versions of git.

Spent yesterday in wonderful company being 'cultured'. 🤓 (Big thanks to Mo & Sarah M.)

Lunch at Izakaya and then Bristol Museum.

I'd noticed `SVG` data being added by Core in 5.9 in the footer, it now appears beneath the <body> tag in 6.0

If you create a theme.json file (if you haven't one already) add the following and hey-presto, no more clutter.

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TIL there is a proposed standard for something called "jCard"

jCard is the JSON version of vCard. With the usage of JSON pretty much everywhere now, I'm surprised jCard hasn't been widely adopted yet.

#webdev #standards

Some fun was had on a day trip to Worcester. Must-sees include The Commandery and Medieval Cathedral.

Mo & I may have tried some costumes out...

Binge watched (E01 - E07) over the last couple of days and arrgghhh now need to wait till July 1st for E08 - E09. Can. Not. Wait. 🫣

Swapping all analytics over to Fathom. Haven't used GA for a couple of years but tried other alternatives and none were as good.

Website analytics without compromise.

How to schedule Mastodon posts :mastodon:

Step by step guide to setup and use the Mastodon Scheduler App. Where to find the Access Token and how to create your first Scheduled Post.

Loving the new look @protonmail and with extra storage too if you're on a Pro Plan. Sweetness.

If you're still on the fence about whether to move away from gMail. Take a good look at Proton. 👀👇

WordPress, add custom post type template during registration

If you’re creating a WordPress Custom Post Type (CPT) that’s going to be fairly uniform in its layout structure you could have a look at adding a template.

Add a verified website to your Mastodon account using link tag

Add a verified website section to your :mastodon: profile with the green box and a verified tick using a <link> tag in the <head>.

Props: @ctietze for the info 🙏

Create a variable font subset for smaller file size

How to use the python fonttools library to reduce a fonts file size by removing elements you do not need using a technique called subsetting.

Never been to Oxford before, have to say I liked it 😎 26,161 steps taken on a gorgeous sunny day.

Taken yesterday at Christchurch.

Edit your Live Website using document.designMode

Try out different text when you're in “design mode” - this is a quick and easy way to visualise the results.

Hands up all people who've had a Git merge scenario like this. Even with great tools like GitKraken there's always “that time” when it's all gone completely “pear shaped.” 🤚😆

Short sweet ☀️ walk down past the locks at the harbour to watch The Matthew sail down toward the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Paramedics in the Lake District are trialling using jet suits to fly to the rescue of casualties in hard-to-reach places.

Paramedic Jamie Walsh tells BBC Breakfast what it’s like to take to the skies ⬇️

It's time for the Mayor Referendum.

“Get voting.” ✏️

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