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Bastian Allgeier

Torn between here and This feels more like Twitter, but feels more indie web. I like both. Difficult.

Otherwise it's just a techie thing that won't really help Mastodon to take off. Even worse: it could lead to too much confusion and scare new users.

The federated approach to Mastodon keeps me excited. It's still really unclear how it works from the outside. though. I feel it's a packaging problem. There needs to be more marketing and fluffiness about it. Why would I want to start my own instance? Where are the benefits? How do I move my content over? Can I still stay friends with the people here at Etc. In the end it needs to be a simple one-click decision. It needs to feel light and enjoyable.

Embedding Tweets by links would be a pretty killer feature to make the move over here more attractive

Wow, Amaroq for iOS is a pretty decent Mastodon App on first sight.

I mostly consume Twitter on my mobile phone, so that would be a big incentive to use Mastodon more.

Is anyone working on an iOS app for Mastodon yet?

Another important missing feature: some sort of activity stream. I had to switch off email notifications pretty quickly and since then I have no idea what happened here.

I also think that it would be great to get a better picture how many instances would work together. How does something like search work in such a scenario? How do I find people across instances? How do I mention them?

In general it should be more obvious why this could work as a Twitter alternative.

Decentralized is not interesting or important enough if it's not explained well. What are the benefits for every day users? Is it going to be more stable? More secure? Less prone to spam/abusers? Faster? More future-proof?

I think it would make a lot of sense to wrap the existing web app in an electron app. It already feels a lot like Tweetdeck and would work quite well.

With the focus on React, a React native client for iOS and Android would be great too. A lot of devs could contribute to both.

I try to add some useful comments about Mastodon.

For a three months old project, it already feels pretty good!

The web app could become 100% more awesome on iOS by adding -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch to all scrollable areas.

The textare needs some autoresizing while typing.

Something is broken with the mention button on iOS.

I'd love to have a profile tab instead of the link in the compose tab.

On other users' profiles (app) should be a more visible follow button.

I'd love to see how it feels when you got your own instance running! How would I move my stuff over from here and how is everything handled in the interface? It's still all pretty exciting.

There's no way Mastodon is going to have a chance without pull to refresh :P

Mastodon pro tip: switch off email notifications before all the folks from Twitter arrive here.

I'm available as social mastodon consultant with 30 minutes of experience!

Now we all just have to pretend it’s 2007 and build beautiful Mastodon apps and services to make it famous