Maik Wagner invited me to speak about what I love. Best thing: he did the same with @bastianallgeier and therefore I am humbled to speak alongside him again. Talks are in German, but I would be happy to see you there for chats and drinks …

Kirby 3 is a new beta version of an amazing and flexible file‑based, php + Vue CMS developped by Bastian Allgeier and his team. You can support them and take part in their journey to see how this new version is built. #CMS #PHP

Typical „flying with toddlers“ experience. Toddler falls asleep while the plane is landing after 2,5 hours of forced entertainment.

@bastianallgeier … and of course Dave Grohl & the Muppets with great drum battle against Animal in the end.

Afterwards you should watch how he fell off the stage in Sweden, broke a leg and still played the full gig.

Dave Grohl is such a legend. It‘s hard to describe how this video captures my own love for music and my memories of learning how to play:

BTW he played each of the 7 instruments in the 23 minute song at the end in a single take. That’s how hard he rocks. + it’s a really good instrumental!

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Unser Bäcker vor Ort heißt Frick und die aktuelle Brotempfehlung „Frick des Monats“

Ich lasse das mal so stehen.

Boost to show our deep-sea swimmy friends that they're beautiful and deserving of our love. (cc: @brianahwa)

The system is supposed to save 70% of water. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Imagining if Mastodon called instances "neighborhoods" instead. The metaphor works really well IMO and doesn't sound like robot-speke.

Andreas Nymark create a very nice case study + video for his latest Kirby project for Good Guys Brew: Make sure to check it out!

@bastianallgeier I think that is just right. There are fewer and fewer safe spaces these days, and we are flooded with bad news, aggression, and resentment everywhere – all the time.

If Mastodon becomes "optimism first" and "realism second", giving room to people's insecurities and shielding them from triggers until they are ready to face them — how can that not be a place worth looking for.

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