Only a little more than 3 weeks left until we meet in Berlin for the next Kirby workshop. There are still a few seats left:

The next issue of our monthly Kirby Kosmos newsletter is going out in 15 minutes. Subscribe now for lots of interesting news about Kirby and the web:

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After years of running a social bookmark service, it’s kind of depressing that my favorite way of bookmarking is nowadays to send a link to my inbox via email.

There's a very simple way to demonstrate the significance of typography to non-designers. Type an IBAN without spaces.

Just discovered a new graffiti in my home town: „If the AFD is the answer, how stupid must be the question?“ and suddenly I enjoy even more to live here.

Looking forward to seeing a few familiar and new faces tonight at @WWRuhr and sharing the stage with @bastianallgeier. See you there …

Our older son (5) and his best friend play parcel service atm. They send us hand made letters each day with the number of days left until the parcel arrives (currently 6 days left) What a cute snail mail progress bar! Something just tells me that they will have forgotten they are playing parcel service in 6 days.

Just got my ticket for @naconf 🎉 I have the bestest memories of our legendary road trip to Nottingham together with @marcthiele, @smashingmag @dantz and @stn1978. And @colly’s conference was quite nice too 😜 Can’t wait for January.

Maik Wagner invited me to speak about what I love. Best thing: he did the same with @bastianallgeier and therefore I am humbled to speak alongside him again. Talks are in German, but I would be happy to see you there for chats and drinks …

Kirby 3 is a new beta version of an amazing and flexible file‑based, php + Vue CMS developped by Bastian Allgeier and his team. You can support them and take part in their journey to see how this new version is built. #CMS #PHP

Typical „flying with toddlers“ experience. Toddler falls asleep while the plane is landing after 2,5 hours of forced entertainment.

@bastianallgeier … and of course Dave Grohl & the Muppets with great drum battle against Animal in the end.

Afterwards you should watch how he fell off the stage in Sweden, broke a leg and still played the full gig.

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Dave Grohl is such a legend. It‘s hard to describe how this video captures my own love for music and my memories of learning how to play:

BTW he played each of the 7 instruments in the 23 minute song at the end in a single take. That’s how hard he rocks. + it’s a really good instrumental!

When was your appointment at the Mastodentist? 

At toot-hurty

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