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just did the ~monthly update for github.com/diracdeltas/signal-:

* muon updates corresponding to chromium 59
* updates to Signal Desktop version 0.41.3

git pull, git submodule update --recursive, npm run muon-update, npm run build

@Clausti this one of mine was done by Vinh Huynh at Black & Blue Tattoo in the Mission, but the art was by me. instagram.fsnc1-1.fna.fbcdn.ne

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@sil The token has utility on the platform we've been building for opt-in automicrodonations and opt-in private/anonymous ads that share revenue with users who choose to opt in (I'll stop writing "opt in" now ;-).

Big win: we stake users who join with initial token grants. Can't do that with bitcoin unless someone subsidizes! 300M BAT in the user growth pool. We'll work on specs to let other apps do same.

Brave laptop/desktop has opt-in bitcoin based system but fees too high, no user grant.

@wakest twitter/instagram is already a lot to handle

@0xADADA i'm not really a soda person. C likes dr pepper

yay i can talk about this now that it was printed in a british tabloid

i flew to NYC last weekend to hang out with chelsea manning. we worked on some fun things and went to fast food restaurants a lot and ran a bunch of mundane errands. it's so surreal that she is free now and can do normal things like go shopping for glasses.

the last time i saw her was in a prison visit room at ft leavenworth. i never thought i'd walk around a city with her, buying sodas and talking about whatever we wanted.

@AaronSmith it's a portal in spacetime actually

had a very memorable weekend that i can't talk about until a few weeks from now.

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(me, a perfectly nice boy): It's every citizen's civic duty to vote

(after 1 hit of weed): the very concept of a nation-state is inherently oppressive

@twitter @sydneyfalk @somarasu that's the thing i was thinking of, thanks! though i don't understand what prevents the attacker from unscrewing the latch shield.

@somarasu the door is used on a daily basis so that would be inconvenient

what's the best DIY protection for a door that can be trivially opened using a shim (ex: a metro ticket)?