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SF folks, I'll be DJing with Spoken Bird at Asiento this Wednesday night, 18:00 - 22:00!

Trying to understand how electronic music producers become popular. Seems really hard unless you accidentally go viral or get a record deal.

kind of annoyed that ~every social media thingy i'm on allows photo uploads but not sound recordings unless it has a video

this is *the* year to have burning man FOMO and toorcon FOMO at the same time

onions: i have the highest effort to payoff ratio out of any vegetable

pearl onions: HOLD MY BEER

personal challenge: run an additional 20km whenever Nazis are booted out of SF

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pretty stoked to have become the type of person who eschews social events on a Saturday in favor of reading a book and running ~13 miles on a whim

ps the ocean was very cold and pretty today

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