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So there is a #mastobookclub now... They're looking for recommendations on a book to begin with. Genre: Fantasy. I recommended Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt. I've been wanting to read it for a while now, so it would be great to do that in company of some other Mastonauts.

Listening to Charlotte Gainsbourg - Rest. I love it. Lush orchestrations that immerse you, soft-spoken singing. Some quirky instrumentations, Serge is never far away on this album.

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Which one of the Three Musqueteers is your favourite? Please explain!
Lequel des Trois Mousquetaires est votre préféré? Expliquez svp!
- Athos
- Porthos
- Aramis
- D'Artagnan

And one of the distractions was me going birding and discovering a rough-legged buzzard flying by, which was a new bird for my home patch, so not a bad weekend after all...

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Aaahhh just finished grading a thesis and preparing tomorrow's course... That took me longer than expected (had hoped to get it done Friday). As always, I ask myself why I didn't start earlier, why I let myself be distracted by literally anything else... However, still feeling great now that it's done.

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Just read a few early stories by Chechov. Some of them are like little caricatures, short humorous sketches. It's not hard to imagine what audience they were written for: newspaper readers who wanted some 'divertissement'. Almost like today's Saturday Night Live sketches in a way.

I created another entity for book-related toots -> @BookLover

Hey, I just found out that the book I'm reading (a kind of personal anthology of the books that influenced Primo Levi) is essentially also published online: You should take a look at it, the selection Levi made is surprising and inspirational!

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Reading Primo Levi again. Everyone should. Really. If you want to understand the twentieth century, and the human condition in general, please turn to Levi.

I've been using Twitter a lot lately while neglecting Mastodon. Let's turn that around now that I have a new phone.

J'ai retrouvé un livre de la grand-mère, Prisons et Paradis de Colette. Elle a mis un article d'un journal dedans sur Colette et il t'a beaucoup des notes. C'est fascinant que ma grand-mère soit mort depuis longtemps et que je puisse mieux la connaître quand-même, grâce à ce livre qu'elle doit avoir aimé.


Je suis tellement heureux pour la France. Merci mes amis, d'avoir élu Macron! J'espère que maintenant on commencera une politique positive et réaliste et une coopération Européenne plus étroite.

Sleep & Fatherhood 

I wish I had more time to sleep. I'm a nighttime kind of person, I love to stay up late. I fondly remember studying and sleeping late until 11PM days in a row. But with two kids and another one on the way, it will take me another 10 years at least to get some decent sleep again.

'Je m'en bats les couilles', c'était un des premiers sens Français qu'on m'a appris quand je commençai mes six mois d'étudier en France. Un pièce de vocabulaire très utile dans beaucoup de situations différentes.

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Q: How did Mastodon become so popular in Japan?

A: An exceptionally good article in "ASCII" magazine by Satoshi Endo, a long-time computer researcher in Japan, based in part on setting up and running his own Mastodon instance ( That's a journalistic standard I'd like to see more in the West.

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Poem by Cesare Pavese: The Cats Will Know 

Everything Cesare Pavese wrote is pure gold. An example: The Cats Will Know ('I gatti lo sapranno')
"There will be other days,
there will be other voices.
You will smile alone.
The cats will know."

The whole poem is found here:

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