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@lauraritchie @katebowles @Tdorey A powerful compliment is 'I think you're really good at X'. If you are given a compliment like that, chances are you'll start working at getting even better at X. (I know this worked for me on several occasions)

@natecull interesting to look at it this way. Pierre Bourdieu wrote about different kinds of capital; economic capital and social capital, for example. The interesting aspect of this is that one form of capital can counterbalance another. For example, a writer who sells too many books (economic capital) can face accusations of 'selling out', diminishing his cultural capital.

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@Vest Dubbel: lijkt me vervelend om een boete te krijgen, aan de andere kant erger ik me ook regelmatig aan loslopende honden die ik tegenkom...

@Trev I've sometimes had this sentiment while teaching... Particularly when I had this one lesson in which I tried to emulate 'street talk' in order to appeal to my student audience.

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'Je m'en bats les couilles', c'était un des premiers sens Français qu'on m'a appris quand je commençai mes six mois d'étudier en France. Un pièce de vocabulaire très utile dans beaucoup de situations différentes.

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Q: How did Mastodon become so popular in Japan?

A: An exceptionally good article in "ASCII" magazine by Satoshi Endo, a long-time computer researcher in Japan, based in part on setting up and running his own Mastodon instance ( That's a journalistic standard I'd like to see more in the West.

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Reading Cesare Pavese. His novels, poems, and short stories are written in a clear and concise style, but they are very melancholic at the same time. A beautiful kind of loneliness. I can't really point out what makes them so compelling, though. There are no extraordinarily long sentences, no exquisitely crafted wordplay. Pavese just seems to describe what happens, in slices of life. But underneath there is always this wonderful melancholy.

@Menura74 We spelen dit nummer met onze band en het is elke keer weer genieten. Moet af en toe opletten dat ik nog wel het schema blijf volgen en me niet te veel laat meeslepen.

@Marc_Schnau Well, you could argue that the tool should always work and be idiot-proof... In this case, that means that you should be able to select any instance from within Tusky. They might even already be working on it as we speak ;-)

@Marc_Schnau the ratings are 'polluted' by people who can't get Mastodon to work because some of the instances have closed subscriptions (e.g. They're giving one-star ratings because they can't get the app to work, while in fact it's not really the app's problem.

@Marc_Schnau I am using Tusky and although it doesn't provide the full desktop-experience, I find it very useful - why do you think it looks like beta still? What is missing?

@randulo Bonjour/Hello! But it's impossible to watch everything​ at the same time... You need to focus! ;-)

@VrouwkevanS je kunt ze ook combineren voor bonuspunten: in of spelen in een band. (Die beginnen allemaal met een B, zie ik nu!)