Obvious and non-obvious predictions for a post-coronavirus world:
- Increase in interest in home buying, moving away from asset-less, rent/lease mentality.
- Increased package-size for FMCG products, from sachet-style to monthly-stock sizes

48 more, here: bit.ly/covidpred

The 'World's Biggest Asshole' is a tough piece to have an opinion on. Yes, that's the name of the film! Go ahead... watch it. It stars actor Thomas Jane as Coleman F. Sweeney, or the a-hole in question. It's by Martin Agency, from 2016. Let me not mention the client or give any other context. Just watch it.

Once you have finished watching it, read this: bit.ly/biggest-a-hole (there is a specific call-to-action for you at the end of the post. Please consider that seriously).

(contd.) I used to peek into those pages fearfully and close the book. Or move away from those pages quickly to go to page 28 :) Wanted to relive my fear and searched for Nagananda in the ACK app, but unfortunately could not find it in the digital catalog!

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A personal anecdote - As a child, I used to shit-scared of one particular Amar Chitra Katha title. It was called 'Nagananda' based on a play written by King Harshavardhana. It is a Buddhist legend, where the story is of Jimutavahana who sacrifices himself to Garuda as part of the story. The scene of a blood-soaked Jimutavahana being ravished by Garuda atop Malaya Mountains used to be on pages 25, 26 and 27. (contd.)

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Ideal for the coronavirus-led social distancing, particularly for kids who are stuck at home during holidays: Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle are offering their entire catalog free, till March 31st!
Amar Chitra Katha: bit.ly/ACKFree
Tinkle: bit.ly/TinkleFree

Do we need Stories on Twitter (called Fleets) and LinkedIn too (besides Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook)... that disappear in 24 hours, increasing FOMO and keep us hooked on those platforms too bit.ly/storiesagain

You saw Paytm's 'offer' to PhonePe when they went dark after YesBank's demise. When the offer was panned, Paytm unleashed PR 3.0 - shift perceptions via social media influencers! bit.ly/paytmpr3 Also ft. Baba Ramdev, Sanjay Manjrekar & Jaggi Vasudev, in earlier attempts.

When I say ‘Volvo’, what comes to your mind? If you live in Bengaluru, it could be Volvo a/c buses. Or, it could be Jean-Claude Van Damme! Here's Volvo's latest 'viral'. It's brilliant, but I think it needed something more! - Volvo’s viral playbook bit.ly/viralvolvo

Facebook’s Holi vs. OnePlus’s Diwali bit.ly/2wNyIqz Facebook India’s new ad, by Dentsu Taproot, is shockingly similar to OnePlus's 2018 Diwali film, by Happy mcgarrybowen. They've just replaced Diwali with Holi, Amsterdam with Romania and OnePlus community with Facebook!

Who in India is well known for this line of thought: "if a boy and a girl meet too often they should be married". RSS? Bajrang Dal? Shiv Sena? Sri Ram Sene? Pepsi actually gets Salman Khan to take a stand against such moral policing in their new ad!! bit.ly/bhaiVSbajrangdal

Would 'select' women really get access to Prime Minister Modi's social media accounts on March 8, 2020? Unlikely, I'd argue, for 2 reasons.
1. "Chaliye, Puducherry Ko Vanakkam".
2. National Security.
So, what's more likely to happen on Sunday? bit.ly/modigivingup

Malala Yousafzai’s mattress and school bag bit.ly/malalabag Also involved: Ambedkar, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Adele.

A sheer coincidence that both campaigns have launched literally at the same time, in 2 different countries! The insight connecting Pampers’ and Huggies bit.ly/pampershuggies

Imagine making fun of an entire country's English pronunciation, as a business proposition, in an advertisement. And then going on to throw shade on people who pointed it out! Tutoroo’s belligerence on Twitter bit.ly/tutoroo

The best of Canal+, by BETC Paris bit.ly/CanalBETC Among the many long-standing client-agency relationships, one of my favorites is between Canal+ and BETC. Here are my favorite ad films from this incredible combo.

I spoke at Manipal Institute of Communication's annual event, Article 19 last week. I was also a judge for their product launch competition. I thought some of the fantastic ideas deserve a wider audience: Ideas from Manipal bit.ly/2TdGeTc

From Kerala, to the US... to India again - how a creative idea using the mouth/jaw on a chips packet traveled from India to US and came back to India, owned by assorted agencies, with the original Kochi agency completely forgotten: bit.ly/plinglays

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