I'm working on site today for the first time in weeks and have discovered that nature is reclaiming our offices.

Hooray, Networking Day is finally happening! A year and a third after it was supposed to happen! But now with a new network rack?

Finally got both my updated vehicle registration, and my temporary plate before my ham radio plates arrive!

I just want to take a moment to appreciate Avery Brooks

I'm making my once-every-four-years purchase of shaving supplies, 'cause my shaving soap is running low.

Turns out going the wet shaving route and getting a bulk pack of DE blades every so often really keeps the price of shaving down.

Trying a different bean for dinner tonight-I decided to give mung beans a go after having a dal makhani with them in it a while back. After a short walk I'm gonna pick up a last few ingredients.

I've been writing some Rust as a side project, building a daemon to update some DDNS records on a schedule.

It feels like the language is pretty stable at this point, but it's got a lot of hidden weirdness, and the ecosystem is really immature. Things like types actually being unsized, requiring you to use another type that *almost* looks the same but actually does memory management, for instance. Or an HTTP library that needs the nightly compiler.

It's banging your half-sister, instead of your wife /
It's drinking from goblets made of skulls your whole life /
And isn't it Byronic? Don't you think?

unfiltered but probably okay 

I know the legal observer who was thrown to the ground in this video (although I wouldn't have recognized her if I hadn't been told) and there's no earthly reason for the SPD to have attacked her.
RT @spekulation
I think it's important to talk about what happened this past Sunday at the protest against the Seattle Police union. SPD claims it was a riot. In fact, officers cornered protesters in alley, deployed chemical weapons, and …

The worst part of the USPS situation is, I have items I want to ship. Emotionally valuable ones. Do I stick to my desire to support the USPS, or do I use a different service out of fear of harm?

And that, right there, is the rot. That is the damage being done & I only feel rage.

I have a visceral reaction to this right now, because I fundamentally feel that the USPS is an unalloyed public goodβ€”fundamentally important to our society and a net multiplier of capability for the country.

this is the image wikipedia decided to use as an example of a dank meme

It's hard to overemphasize how important building webpages with the correct elements is. It'll make your websites more usable, and it'll simplify crawling.

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