I've been seeing lots of discussion of what to do about proprietary software on endpoints at β€” but very little discussion about what to do about proprietary data collection and how we can make that more open, more user-controllable.

At and loving it; there's been talks on amazing Makefile hackery, how to use Krita, discussing IPv6 & Multicast... Basically, a good time.

Update: it routes traffic, it filters garbage, and soon it will be a TLS-capable web server! And from there, I'll get LDAP fully working and somehow smash that and Wireguard together.

Well the router-server is taking shape. Can't actually route traffic with it yet but it's getting there.

@trashyfins consider: infinite bottom theory.
Theoretically if you have unlimited bottoms and unlimited time eventually one of the bottoms will by random chance keysmash the entire works of william shakespeare

So, none of the network equipment providers are really building routers I like. Clearly I should just build my own, right?

HIV prevention PSA (tldr you can get PrEP for FREE) 

I, ah, discovered that the ARRL's podcast, "The Doctor is In", is available through Plex. I guess I found a bunch of listening to do.

A normal day at work involves my dev box falling over because of a build at least once. Hopefully not twice.

Remember: building two massive projects at the same time on the same machine might not go well.

Crowds and stuff 

I have discovered a bunch of doom bands on Bandcamp who're putting out some really amazing releases. This self-titled album from Gorm, for instance: gorm.bandcamp.com/album/gorm

Boyfriend is playing new Doom; he and I both remarked that the human forces on Mars were clearly going too far, if they had _Demonic Activity sensors_.

Reading the ActivityPub vocabulary spec, and it's a little odd that `Collection` inherits from `Object` when really it looks like the standards writers just want to be able to say that something is either one or many of a given thing.

For example, images: the `icon` property, is defined as having the type `Image|Link`, but also shows using a list of `Image` objects (so, a collection?). It seems like the semantics for collections aren't quite right.

Just tried out the surface headphones, since I'm looking for some new over-ear headphones and, wow. They're nice. Also apparently really hard to get.

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