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It's such a strange and off-brand feeling to be proud of a thing we did at work, however small my contribution:

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From birdsite 

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The @bluesky Ecosystem Report feels like 2021 edition of @rhiaro ‘s “Social Web Protocols” note from w3c Social WG.


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For those who haven't seen, is live!

It's a forum to discuss ActivityPub implementation, hosting, community building, etc.

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#MyData2019: Ian Forrester from explores tensions in public service organisations as they try to deliver value to audiences online.
Track: Perspectives
Session: Public Spaces, Private Data


Anyone talking about on the fediverse?

Starts in a couple days. We’re ferrying into Helsinki tomorrow for the festivities.

After a quick flight to Kiev and 5hr train, we made it to Lviv, Ukraine. Great place to get back to work on @PermanentCPU this week.

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It's inspiring to see so many sparkling eyes, so many different people genuinely do their best to try to change the world. I've heard this phrase countless times in startup pitches and it always seemed empty. I didn't hear it once today but it was in the air and it was filled to the brim with meaning, with hard work, with dreams. I'm extremely honored to be among this crowd and thanks all for the hard work!

#APConf #ActivityPubConf

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One awesome thing about #APconf is that we effectively are a part of an art exhibit called DATAMAZE which explores the implications of data collection and privacy.

I find that extremely fitting. #ActivityPubConf

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Server run by the main developers of the project 🐘 It is not focused on any particular niche interest - everyone is welcome as long as you follow our code of conduct!