New project--> an epic Zuckerberg supercut I call ORDER OF MAGNITUDE. Drawing on Zuck's every video appearance from 2004-18, I extracted a few words he speaks regularly, revealing the scale of his obsessions with growth, metrics, and more.

Worried about becoming a pawn of disinformation campaigns, yet don't want to ? Concerned about the impacts of Facebook on your mental health, but don't want your friends to miss out on those "likes?" Try my latest project: Safebook, Facebook without the content

@Gargron can a forked and modded mastodon federate w/ other non-forked/master-based instances? IOW, could I fork mastodon, make some desired changes, start an instance, and still interact w/ other instances?

seems like header images that are at 1500x500 get cropped ... what size should the header be so it doesn't get cropped in the profile view? @Gargron


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