Minus, a finite social network where you get 100 posts—for life.


Tokenize This — a generator of unique digital objects that can only be viewed once. You can have the site create as many as you want in the moment, but by the time you one into a market , it's already gone.


@mastohost what's the best place to ask questions about hacking on the mastodon source? would that be the IRC channel? or is there a forum out there somewhere?

I tried install mastodon on my own server, got all the way through but am getting a 301 redirect loop when trying to load in a browser for the first time. any ideas? I disabled certbot's changes to the nginx config and reloaded nginx, but that's not helping. if no ideas I'll try starting the whole thing over again

when using a managed mastodon host like @mastohost, is it relatively easy to build and run my own fork of mastodon rather than using the pre-installed copy? i'm interested in not having to manage the system and dependencies, but do want to hack on the mastodon source code.

This is an amazing avant garde documentary that says more about Mark Zuckerberg than anything else I've seen about him.


@darius I'm interested in checking out friend camp ... tried to join, but your link takes me to mastodon's sign up section which has no link to join friend camp. is there a trick to it? or maybe not open to signups?

I hacked up a quick Mastodon Demetricator, which will hide all visible metrics throughout Mastodon.

Since Mastodon's design is so logical and there aren't many metrics anyway, it didn't need me to do anything fancy like I have to for Twitter/FB/etc, so I just coded this up as a .css stylesheet to use with an extension like Stylus. Let me know if any issues. Install instructions are at the link:


tagging @Gargron and @redtani

New project--> an epic Zuckerberg supercut I call ORDER OF MAGNITUDE. Drawing on Zuck's every video appearance from 2004-18, I extracted a few words he speaks regularly, revealing the scale of his obsessions with growth, metrics, and more. bengrosser.com/projects/order-

Worried about becoming a pawn of disinformation campaigns, yet don't want to ? Concerned about the impacts of Facebook on your mental health, but don't want your friends to miss out on those "likes?" Try my latest project: Safebook, Facebook without the content bengrosser.com/projects/safebo

@Gargron can a forked and modded mastodon federate w/ other non-forked/master-based instances? IOW, could I fork mastodon, make some desired changes, start an instance, and still interact w/ other instances?

seems like header images that are at 1500x500 get cropped ... what size should the header be so it doesn't get cropped in the profile view? @Gargron


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