Thank you PS-PhilGEPS and stakeholders for being awesome training participants!

I hope you gained some actionable knowledge especially related to open data, data literacy, and doing data-driven projects using the data pipeline.

Man, it's difficult to choose an ultrawide 1440P high refresh rate IPS monitor with good color gamut that's adequate for both gaming and productivity.

Looking to upgrade my ASUS TUF VG27AQL1A.

Because I've exclusively used for the past 3 months, I am now quite bad typing with (compared to how I was before). 😅

So we're just going to accept commercialization and wide-spread use of deep-faked voices? That's another Ian Malcolm moment right there. Just so wrong on so many levels.

Quite saddened to learn that ING will be exiting the Philippine retail banking market before the end of 2022. I favor their app over other digital banks/wallets because of higher than average interest rates and zero transfer fees. 🙁

I gotta say, my online shopping technique changed when made it so that you can't use a free shipping voucher and a discount/cashback voucher together like the old days.

in the the best. 🙃

It's extra frustrating because on paper, PHL is:
- OG member of Open Government Partnership
- Adopter of the Open Data Charter
- 22nd/100+ countries in the 2016 Open Data Barometer
- 18th/187 countries in the 2020 Open Data Inventory

Congratulations to the team who beat the team who beat the Timberwolves for winning the NBA Championship! Go Warriors! 😂

So there are new Tactics Ogre and Fire Emblem games that are set to be released. My TRPG-loving heart is happy.

Was going over my repos on GitHub and I totally forgot how—five years ago—I was really into making my presentations with reveal.js. I should do that again.

Others mention that they can't "open the links" which could mean that their network disallows external links but allows downloading email attachments (?). 🙃

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It shouldn't be that difficult. They're just links that you click which allow you to download the files that I shared. Unfortunately, some people still ask me to "attach the files instead".

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Instead of attachments, I usually send links to the files on my Proton Drive (end-to-end encrypted) or OnionShare (uses Tor network). Once receipt of the files are confirmed, I disable the links.

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I avoid attaching files to emails via GMail because I don't want copies of the files to live arbitrarily on other people's inboxes (or Google's servers) and I want some control about how the files—especially ones with my information—are shared.

Got an email today that my diploma is now available at the NGSE office which also reminded me that I still need to have my manuscript printed and hard bound for submission. Totally forgot about that. 😅

Weekends are for 15 year old me who always wanted to build computers.

Still waiting for a few more components and the case might still change depending on what I ultimately decide to build.

Got an HBO Go subscription so that I can finally force to watch the Harry Potter series. Watching her enjoy the movies makes it all worth it. 😂

I will probably finish my first run of soon but I'm sure I'll do several New Game+ runs of this awesome game from and . 👍


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- STRATEGY: Most enemies will come from the left side, position Serenoa and Groma near the stairs and pincer anyone near enough (Groma can move past units). Constant heals and TP from Geela and Julio. Inescapable Arrow to damage enemies from afar + fire/lightning to finish.


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