Anti vaxxers are terrorists.


C'est l'histoire d'un touriste néo zélandais.
Patient 0 qui part en vacances avec sa rougeole sur une île à faible couverture vaccinale.

Bilan au 7/12

0/5 mois 9 décès
6/11 mois 18 décès
1an/4ans 30 décès
+ de 4 ans 8 décès.

65 morts.

’They murdered him:’ Family of driver killed in shootout lashes out at police

“Today I lost my brother because of the (expletive) negligence and stupidity of the police,"

Driver passes UPS truck that was involved in the Miami shooting.

The only people the cops serve and protect is themselves.

Fuck the Police.

Florida Considers Abandoning Roads and Homes to Rising Seas

In cases where the costs of flood-proofing the roads overcome the benefit of keeping communities dry, Monroe officials said, the answer is buying out homes.

Schiff: aide provided new impeachment evidence — but's office classified it

Abusing classified processes to hide malfeasance is a crime.


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