Ahhh yeah! Looks like my @PINE64 PineTime showed up early. Hopefully this works well with my PinePhone Pro. If not, let the fun begin...

It turns out that Starfish is a pretty nice Gemini browser built for elementary OS. I've been enjoying it so far. Check it out if you're so inclined:


I may have found a new favorite coffee cup after visiting Asheville last week.

Ok, after some initial messing around, I've decided to use Blueprint to lay out the Gtk4 version of the Huely UI. Let's see if I can get the tool chain integrated with my Builder setup...

Honest, open question: when developing a Gtk app, what do people like to use to layout the UI? I'm currently porting a Gtk3 app to Gtk4, and really want to use Blueprint, as I find Xml UI lacking...but I am still not happy with this approach.

Finally got some of the parts to start building an LMN-3 DAW. The PCBs for the control surface can't get here fast enough!


Why not start your Tuesday with some Red Fang at Hellfest? It's how I'm starting mine 🤟


What did the scrollbars ever do to the UX designers?

I updated my website a bit. Er, I guess I never mentioned that I have a website. It's still very much WIP, and is the product of my home grown static site generator, but check it out if you're bored.


Man, looks like I've done it again. I've gone and started way too many simultaneous projects. You'd think I would have learned by now?

Over the weekend I spent 6+ hours installing Windows 11 on an SD card in order to run Fortnite on my Steam Deck so I could play with friends. First, there are no audio drivers for the Steam Deck, and second, after a bunch of updates, reboots, updates, and reboots, the SD card corrupted itself. Think I'll just stick with Linux.

I was able to download my music collection from Google Takeout, throw it on an SD card, put it in my PinePhone Pro, and Lollypop did the rest. Feels like magic. Another beautiful app for me to use.

One thing I love about the Steam Deck is the audio design. The menus and surrounding sounds are just so...satisfying.

I've been spending some of my time writing a static website generator from scratch, and I just keep asking myself, why is software so complicated these days? Simple software is better software.

Open source software sure is beautiful on my Pinephone Pro.

After lots of messing around with different ways to handle this, it looks like my attempt to handle multi-select in Huely is starting to take shape.

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