Time for a new chainring? Not much left of this old one after being flipped both ways

OK everyone, please please please donate to @conservancy
! I'm so proud of our work and all of the tangible evidence of it (filed a lawsuit! won DMCA exemptions! expanded Outreachy by 27%! Spent $1.7m on paying people to contribute to FOSS!). Help us keep going...


Happy #GivingTuesday! We are thrilled to announce our annual fundraiser along with our largest match drive yet! Through sponsors large and small we need to match $159,191 this season to continue our work in 2022! sfconservancy.org/donate/

Off to catch a swarm of bees! First one for the season.

We filed a lawsuit today against Vizio because they fail to fulfill even the basic requirements of the #GPL. You can check out the complete materials here:

We at @conservancy filed suit as a purchaser of TVs to stand up for #copyleft. There was no source or offer for source even after we'd been working w/them for a long time on older products. Copyleft can help us take control of our tech in a meaningful way, it's a huge benefit to consumers.

@civodul I've been thinking about your pytorch article and @cwebber's comment about back in the days when Debian packages were built directly by the maintainer and uploaded. What *is* the benefit to building Guix packages on top of PyPI distributions over going straight to the source repository? Are we just enshrining a maintainer build and upload step?

Yay! My mobile-friendly theme updates to Pelican have been merged. Thanks for all your work @jmayer!
RT @jmayer
I’m happy to announce the release of Pelican 4.7, with improved default theme rendering on mobile devices, hidden article support, richer logging, and other tweaks & enhancements. Many thanks to the contributors who made this possible! ✨


Had noticed a 5-6 second startup time on a couple of larger Django systems I work on - a little painful during development. Running `cProfile` didn't show anything obvious. Running `python -v` reminded me that there's a lot of importing going on on startup. On a whim, commented out `pandas` and `weasyprint` - this immediately shaved 3 seconds off the startup. Just a reminder that there is a price to pay for these wonderful libraries.

Spent some time on IRC helping a person install on Ubuntu 20.04. We've now added a CI build to cover this going forwards. builds.sr.ht/~mediagoblin/medi

Welcoming @shtrom on board as a MediaGoblin committer. He's been running and contributing to the project for many years!

“What’s in a package” 📦
👉🏼 hpc.guix.info/blog/2021/09/wha

This blog post was inspired by the sweat I put into packaging #PyTorch for #Guix and by a desire to understand what #pip & #CONDA were doing and to explain what’s at stake.

#infosec #ReproducibleBuilds #ReproducibleScience
Cc: @reproducible_builds

Good news for everybody using #tryton #erp: Tryton and (almost) all of its modules are in #guix now! So you now can have a fully reproducible installation of you organization/corporate software.

"Almost all" since I left away one package which's dependencues are to hard to package.

#reproduciblebuilds #odoo #erpnext

Shout out to @dressupgeekout for the gorgeous artwork she provided for our 0.12.0 release. Thanks!

Spent the evening working on some troubleshooting and updates for @ITProAssoc's online systems. Their @tendenci platform is humming along very smoothly

Triaging some issues on the @shareabouts issue trackers just because. Shareabouts is brilliant tool for map-based crowd-sourced data collection - we've been working with it for many years. Thanks @mjumbewu! github.com/openplans/shareabou

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