"It’s hard to imagine a food having a greater impact than the potato"

Christopher Columbus and the potato that changed the world

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Conservative doctrine:

1. Personhood begins at conception

2. Personhood ends at birth

3. Personhood can be renewed through the formation of limited liability corporations

3. a) Provisional personhood is assigned to imaginary people victimized in conspiracy theories

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This is a very good roundup of some challenges facing Mastodon moderation.


Top of my list for what to do to avoid dogpiling: whitelisting users. Basically a way for an admin to say: don't allow any new reports for a specific user for a day or two. That way the dogpiliers can waste their time and energy without the mods wasting theirs.

We thought we were buying one of those Ottoman/coffee table things but we were really buying a kitty thunderdome

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Thanks for saving Obamacare, McCain. Fuck you for almost everything else, especially ushering in the era of idiot Fox News politicians with Palin.


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