Posted a long thread over on Twitter (for reach) about the creation of a public media equivalent to Facebook and Twitter. I think it's one of the most important things we can be doing.

The EU just passed some really destructive clauses in its privacy directive. They're catastrophic for the internet as we know it. Still, I argue in this piece that it's not a complete disaster - it's just time for something new.

Bad news for the European branches of the decentralized web. Not only did and the pass EU Parliament, the Commission introduced new anti-terrorist proposals that would need you to be available 24/7 to police your network for "terrorist content".

It's time to make your voice heard in Brussels. Start with subscribing and following -- the reps for digital rights groups in the EU.

I'm going to name my first-born Scam Likely.

It's time to get out of the way of artists making money on the internet. Silos want to be the way they speak to their fans - but that's bad for everyone.

Which institution can I transfer my 401(k) to that will divest me from:

1. Arms
2. Fossil fuels
3. Modern imperialism
4. Slavery?

Billions are invested in these funds and we have next to no control.

I’m looking for a talented front-end engineer in NYC. Is that you?

A lot changed for me last week due to those very positive DNA test results, and I'm still figuring it out. I have a lot of thoughts, and not a lot of order. So. If you have a moment, what would *you* do if you were me? This form is completely anonymous; your honest feedback is both welcome and appreciated. Thank you.

Reviving my newsletter, The Outmap, which lives somewhere between speculative fiction and tech analysis. Still time to sign up to get the next edition:

The Octopus Literary Salon in Oakland is a beautiful space, and the kind of place I want to both support and inhabit. No Brookstone Modern atmosphere here. If you're in the Bay, where are your favorite places to hang out that are full of art, creativity, social justice, and non-corporate sentiment?

I agree with this. And I think overall, it's time to promote business models that create competitive ecosystems rather than zero sum monopolies.

"If you are not vocally political in the current era, your inaction is tacit support for the current regime and its bigoted value system. End of story. I know I'm not alone. But I also know there's work to be done."

I wrote a piece about funding startups outside Northern California - and how different kinds of funding may make for healthier ecosystems. Shoutout to the Zebra movement for leading the way.

My perspective has shifted a little today. I’ve gone from someone worried he was going to blip out of existence to someone .. much less worried about that. Choosing life now that life is an option. Today is a good day.

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