Why is software created using taxpayers’ money not released as Free Software?

* Tax savings: Similar applications don't have to be programmed from scratch every time.

* Collaboration: Major projects can share expertise and costs.

* Serving the public: Applications paid by the public should be available for everyone.

* Fostering innovation: With transparent processes, others don't have to reinvent the wheel.

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"So the solution has to be to build ethically and to meet a user's need in the most direct way possible. Build something that people really want, and do it ethically, while not making the ethics the differentiator. You'll capture some early adopters through the ethics of your work, but you'll get the bulk of your customers by serving their self-interest." werd.io/2019/doing-well-while-

A statement on today's social media summit, and how my code is being used to spread white supremacy. werd.io/2019/trumps-social-med

Every month I list a round-up of the books and notable articles I've read. Here's my list for June. werd.io/2019/heres-what-i-read

Every month, I publish a round-up of the books and notable articles I've read. Here's my list for May. If you read just one book, pick up Evicted. werd.io/2019/heres-what-i-read

If you're at Blockchain Week in NYC next week, we're running an NFT token meetup. And you can actually buy tickets on the Ethereum blockchain.

Click here to RSVP with your wallet-enabled browser: tickets.unlock-protocol.com/ev

I'd love to see you there.

It's been about a year since I did this, and it's been incredibly useful to me in the past. Could you give me some honest feedback? It'll take you 2 minutes or less, and it's completely anonymous.


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PSA for them many residents of the Bay Area who care about design: you’ve got until this Monday to see one of the best collections of Ray and Charles Eames ever assembled at the @oaklandmuseumca@twitter.com! museumca.org/exhibit/world-cha

If I were Bezos, I’d be carefully instructing my team never to mess with customer VMs or services and having my lawyers rip the Enquirer apart in the courts
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So it turns out that the National Enquirer’s entire internet presence is hosted on servers owned by... Amazon. If I was Jeff Bezos then right now I’d be sitting in a cool 60s chair with a cat and laughing like a deranged polar bear. twitter.com/ryanh…

I could have titled this, "moving forwards, not looking back". I wrote a piece on coping with failure.


Thinking about how much I appreciate @Gargron for building and continuing to work on this platform. Working on something like this is a big undertaking, and sometimes thankless. So: thank you. It's meaningful work and I'm glad there are developers like you in the world.

The alt-right is disgusted with platforms like Patreon, and is trying to create its own decentralized alternatives. It's doomed to fail - and Patreon etc are in the right. Here's why.


Here’s what I’ve been working on lately, as part of the Unlock team: a decentralized, permissionless protocol for creators to get paid for their work on the web. link.medium.com/nWzQlSj8LT

Companies are realizing that, yes, they do need to own their own websites after all. But they're still having conversations on social media, which are subject to the same issues. I believe we'll see more self-hosted discussion communities this year. werd.io/2019/indie-communities

Each year, the Nieman Lab solicit predictions for the future of journalism. Mine is a call to action for publishers to help build the internet they need: niemanlab.org/2019/01/the-plat

I've decided to go dark on all social media, including Mastodon, for the rest of 2018. Here's why I'm doing it - and how to stay in touch with me.


Some of the replies to this thread are demoralizing. Like politics, it's a game to disagree in black & white when the value is in uncovering the subtle grey bits.

Creative early user testing doesn't slow you down and uncovers critical info. This shouldn't be controversial!

You can learn a lot by jumping off a bridge, but there are better ways to learn about gravity, acceleration, wind resistance, kin…

‘“There are direct links between the political movements behind Brexit and Trump. We’ve got to recognise the bigger picture here. This is being co-ordinated across national borders by very wealthy people in a way we really haven’t seen before,” he added.’ theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/n

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