Some of the replies to this thread are demoralizing. Like politics, it's a game to disagree in black & white when the value is in uncovering the subtle grey bits.

Creative early user testing doesn't slow you down and uncovers critical info. This shouldn't be controversial!

You can learn a lot by jumping off a bridge, but there are better ways to learn about gravity, acceleration, wind resistance, kin…

‘“There are direct links between the political movements behind Brexit and Trump. We’ve got to recognise the bigger picture here. This is being co-ordinated across national borders by very wealthy people in a way we really haven’t seen before,” he added.’

I'm behind on my , but still writing it in public.

I decided to write a paranoid thriller about technology, democracy, and the rise of fascism. Cheery stuff. It's been difficult because the actual reality has overtaken it and been objectively worse a few times so far this month.

As is the nature of , it's a first draft, but you can check it out here:

I don't want to be skeptical of this model, but I am.

I desperately want to be proven wrong. I put in some money. Please join me if you can. Journalism and democracy need this.

We expect to see efforts to paint George Soros as being behind progressive movements from anti-semitic groups. It’s quite another thing to see it from one of the world’s largest corporations, and a social network that claims to want to bring people together. Over the last two years Facebook has gone from a worry about centralization and data gathering to a Trump collaborator, racist meme spreader, and being complicit in genocide in Myanmar. They don’t deserve any of our attention or business.

The Facebook story is so outrageous. But when I posted it over there, I was angrily told to provide an alternative. It’s both an addiction and a capture of modern life with no real alternative - there’s nothing else with billions of users.

It really is time to take them on, but I don’t see any plausible place for people to go. The fediverse certainly isn’t it - at least, not yet.

And at the same time, I know something will eventually displace it. I just wish I could see it coming.

I really need to find a high-skilled front-end engineer, preferably based in NYC, for a React-based project. It's incredibly difficult to find the right people - and FE engineering is such a tough skill to master. If anyone has any leads, I'd love to chat.

Also: Known 1.0 will be out pretty soon. Open source versioning is crazy to me - the project has existed since 2013. But there's a lot to come.

Starting another week on Unlock. It's been an adventure in learning more about blockchain, and - frankly - pushing code again after almost two years of not writing any. We're getting there, and the team is expanding, but we're still looking for more.

Ecstatic to be able to announce the Samsung NEXT Stack Zero Grant: an effort to help support teams doing non-profit work on , including , , and other areas.

Submissions welcome - please boost, I’d like to spread this through the . Reach out if you have any questions!

I'm participating in this year - in public. You can read my story as I go. And this year it's also on GitHub, so you can send bug reports and feature requests if you want. It's about data, and resources, and that's all I'm going to say.

The decentralized web throws up some ethical questions in a world where hate speech is on the rise. What are the implications for hate, and how can we design around them?

A fun thing that happened to me over on the birdsite is that Gab quote tweeted me and I had to deal with its delightful users for the rest of the day. I try to be empathy-first but I have real trouble understanding that mindset. It seems so fear orientated, so worried about power and control.

My post on the Mozilla Hacks blog was just published! "Identity for the Decentralized Web with IndieAuth"

If you're at #iiw today, I'll be at demo hour showing how this works!

A handy guide to Bay Area transit operators:

I’m a bit worried that the attacks on George Soros, the Clintons, Barack Obama and CNN are a precursor to something bigger. I hope they catch this person or group soon.

"BBC News - Tim Cook blasts 'weaponisation' of personal data and praises GDPR"

The President is now openly a nationalist. The stakes in this election are sky high. It’s not arbitrary. It’s not academic. Lives, and all of our futures, are at stake.

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