Here's how I try and operate as a manager. I'd love to hear any ideas or feedback you might have.

Every month, I round up the apps, services, books, notable articles, and streaming media I've found particularly interesting. Here's my list for June.

How something as innocuous as a coffee app can help the police surveil and harass activists:

"All of us are immigrants. All of us belong. All of us survive through kindness and ingenuity, despite the forces of militarism, hate, and intolerance. The only constant is change. The only savior is love."

Every month, I publish the apps, streaming media, and notable articles I found particularly interesting. Here's my list for May.

I wrote a piece about why I don't want to open up yet. Recklessly opening the economy will cause more damage than carefully protecting human life - which is what we should be worried about to begin with.

"The news touches all of society. And all of it is in the hands of two wealthy tech companies."

This is definitely a "down coffee and crave pizza" kind of day. Trying not to do either.

I check in on this roughly every six months. This feels like a good time to revisit it.

I could really use your advice. It'll only take a couple of minutes, I promise:

Every month I round up the apps, services, streaming media, and articles I found particularly interesting. Here's my list for April.

I've been building a new project from scratch lately, in my spare time. Coding in 2020 is a really different kind of experience.

Answers to my four questions (+ the stretch five) for yesterday. Living in a pandemic is surreal - but it's becoming less so over time.

I'm offering free startup feedback to anyone who's unlocked my site using Unlock Protocol.

An update on my personal side project about recording life under quarantine.

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