A reminder that you don’t become the richest person on the planet by being stupid, but also not by being ethical or kind.

Contrarian opinion: market corrections that take the worst of the greed and self-centeredness out of tech are a really good thing.

I've taken to listening to BBC Radio 2 in my car via TuneIn, and I'm noticing how alien (and sometimes funny) the idioms and place names are for me now. All that used to be home, and now it's a universe away.

Freedom from centralization does not, and should not, mean freedom from legislation.

Accidentally booked a trip that runs over the one year anniversary of Ma's death. Which feels like progress in a way? To do that accidentally? It was sad to realize I'd done it, but also, I think she'd be happy that we're getting on with it.

If a project is only welcoming to a narrow demographic of people, it is not open.

Today is a lot. You are valuable; take care of yourself. Give yourself the space you need to breathe. You are not alone.

I would like to read more blogs by people who are not cis white men.

First person to attend the Met Gala dressed as three raccoons in a trenchcoat wins

Every month I round up books and links I found interesting. Here's my list for April, 2022. werd.io/2022/reading-watching-

Y’all, I’m in a really good place, literally and figuratively. What a week.

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