I miss the revolutionary spirit of the web. There's so much we need to change and to fix. It's clear to me that the status quo is hopelessly broken. These are the problems that I believe are important to work on. werd.io/2020/unlearning-disrup

Every month I round up the links I found particularly interesting. Here's my list for October. werd.io/2020/reading-watching-

I wrote up my thoughts on the 2020 California statewide ballot initiatives. If you have different opinions, I’d love to hear them! werd.io/2020/2020-california-b

This week we were evacuated from the fire. I wrote up some thoughts after the first 24 hours: werd.io/2020/dont-look-away

Every month I round up the books, streaming media, and articles I found particularly interesting. Here's my list for September. werd.io/2020/reading-watching-

Paid newsletters are booming - but nobody wants a clogged inbox. Here's how the web could support a better subscription ecosystem: werd.io/2020/we-still-need-to-

Are you a front-end engineer with a startup background? Are you US-based? Come work with me on helping the underserved reach financial stability: jobs.lever.co/forusall/3ae887c

Scrivener vs Ulysses / Novlr / Scrilys / etc / just Word or Google Docs. If you write fiction, what's your preference, and why?

Mozilla is a force for good, unique in the tech industry. Though it's a flawed organization, we need it, and it deserves our support. werd.io/2020/firefox-must-surv

Trying something new and running a quick survey about my blog. If you read my posts, I'd love a minute or two of your time:


If your team isn’t able to make meaningful progress without outsourcing its work, it’s the wrong team.

Some thoughts on building startups: werd.io/2020/you-gotta-build

Every month, I round up the apps, services, books, notable articles, and streaming media I've found particularly interesting. Here's my list for July. werd.io/2020/reading-watching-

Here are all the blogs I subscribe to as of this month. Who else should I be subscribing to? Who else do you find useful? werd.io/2020/blog-sources-july

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