On the freedom of being fully-vaccinated in a world where my country has been hoarding vaccines: werd.io/2021/vaccinated

Some thoughts on hustle culture, and why it leads to superficial, stupid products: werd.io/2021/disrespect-for-th

On freedom of the press, context over source accreditation, and whistleblowers: werd.io/2021/press-freedom-day

Every month I round up the media and notable articles I found particularly interesting. Here's my list for April. werd.io/2021/reading-watching-

"It’s weird to me that this is coming from a company that literally wrote the book on culture. I’ve always thought of Basecamp as being the yardstick for how to run a great company. This blog post completely blew that out of the water." werd.io/2021/the-dei-rollback

Some thoughts on the resurgence of the decentralized web, and why I'm excited about it. werd.io/2021/the-return-of-the

Every month I round up the books, media, and notable articles that I found interesting. This is my list for March. werd.io/2021/reading-watching-

Thoughts on RMS’s reinstatement to the FSF board:

“A world where software is enshrined to, and co-owned by, its community is not one where socially-oblivious developers making apologies for child rape could be venerated. [...] After all, a software community that does not welcome anyone other than affluent, white men cannot be genuinely considered “free”.”


I'm looking for US-based Ruby on Rails engineers for a full-time, remote position working on my team at a startup dedicated to helping regular people save for retirement using the assets, tools, and advice normally reserved for the 1%. Salary is $155K-170K depending on experience, + equity + proactive 401(k) contribution.

Is this you? Is this someone you know? I'd love to have a conversation.

I wrote some thoughts on what a good life looks like:

"It’s a universal but largely unspoken need: I want to be my full, weird, unbridled self, and I want to be accepted and loved for it. I want the people around me to be accepted and loved for who they are. I want the injustices of the past - the intentional and unconscious choices communities have made for centuries - to be named and redressed, so that everyone can be themselves."


Is this you? Is it someone you know? Let's talk.

For now, no recruiters or contracting firms, please.

You can also apply directly: jobs.lever.co/forusall/81878d2

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I'm looking for a really strong Ruby on Rails engineer who's both a great communicator and architect to join my team at ForUsAll. We're helping regular people build a safer retirement using the advice, tools, and assets normally reserved for the wealthy.

We're based in the SF Bay Area, but you can be anywhere in the US. We've got some neat benefits and you'd be working on making the world a bit more equal. (There's also some cool stuff I can't talk about quite yet.)

I wrote some thoughts about how independent internet businesses might be funded in the light of Indie VC's demise. Bottom line: I think it's time to fully embrace the counterculture. werd.io/2021/funding-independe

Every month, I round up the books, streaming media, and notable articles I found interesting. Here's my list for February, 2021. werd.io/2021/what-i-read-and-w

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