We’ve been trying to buy a house. It’s very difficult to pick good options, especially in a London where commute duration is so variable depending on how far you are from the station.

Spending the weekend getting Toucan Authenticator ready for the iOS 13 release soon 😍

Here’s how you can change the language for an individual app in iOS 13!

When the engineers realised that their ‘key product differentiator’ was blocked by a security feature it should have been the end of that particular differentiator. Safari security features are there to be embraced and supported, not worked around and resented.

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Consent in software is difficult. Clearly Zoom crossed a line by a) installing this web server without asking and b) not removing the web server when uninstalling the app.

The problem is that I don’t see how you can ever communicate to most end-users the implications of running a web server in this way, I suspect most would not even care and would resent even being asked during installation.

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I had never heard of Zoom until they were all over the media for running an exploitable web server in the background to side-step Safari security processes. That same week I was invited to a meeting on Zoom… Not the best timing haha 😜

Version 1.9 of Toucan 2-factor Authenticator is available on the App Store. iPad bug = crushed 💪🏼 itunes.apple.com/us/app/toucan

Is this cool and good?

So hyped for UICollectionViewDiffableDataSource actually, will make a lot of things faster, easier and less error prone. SwiftUI will be king though given time.

500 centuries later and it finally occurred to me that I can remove the relevant gesture recognisers on a UITextView if I want to disable text selection, but keep link tapping.

I’m quite hyped for WWDC on Monday. Excited to see what new things they have in store for us.

The brexit omnishambles is hopefully nearing its conclusion now. Any new Tory leader will be equally as handicapped as May, a new election is likely the only way out.

This weekend I had the wonderful pleasure of getting married to @bsx ! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Can people stop using Facebook already? What have they brought us?
• Election meddling
• Monitoring across the Internet
• An assault to the open web
• A data mining operation hitherto unseen
• An increase in anti-vaxxers, and therefore measles
• A ‘privacy’ focused VPN that literally sends all your web traffic directly to them, which they then bribed impressionable teenagers to use

Thanks for the measles.

I like to take the KonMari approach to software development. If any code or feature doesn’t bring me joy then I thank it for its service before immediately deleting it.

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