Mass data collection is not just about targeted ads.

"We’re talking about subliminal cues, psychological microtargeting, real time rewards & punishments, algorithmic recommendation tools & engineered social comparison dynamics." – Shoshana Zuboff

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Oh yeah, I'm so glad when my students just got the best mark!!! I feel proud of both!!😍

Si ves algo que está mal dilo. Si ves algo que está bien, dilo

I think I'm the kind of person to see solutions within problems. And I have no problem at all to be the first in doing it so.

Time to say fuck to leaving my land. Time to build up a company, or two.

I'm thinking about "muting" people who do not help life neither then, me

You are dead inside, bip bop machine. You are the stopness of doing things right. Yoou are dead to me pues BigBluebutton, si lo recomienda Richard Stallman...voy a probarlo a ver si es mejor que Jitsy

When everything ends, I'm not gonna wait for the ones who fucked it up. You are advised.

Marcos, mi flatmate, es un calzonazos, macho. Habia que decirlo

Joder con mi flatmate que no para de cascar en tol puto dia

When I finish my master thesis, first thing to do is play with my cat, sunbathing, and a whole day reading. That's the thing I wish the most right now.

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