how fucks when you send smth you care and the other don't give a shit and talks about his/her life...losing points

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The carbon emissions of the richest 1% of the world are more than *double* the emissions of the poorest half of humanity.

Over-consumption of the elites is fueling #ClimateCrisis yet it's poor communities & young people who pay the price.


Discussing seriously with people that are Flying spaguetti beliebers is as stupid as to do it with muslims/christians/etc. Do not forget, stay productive

Si vuelvoo no es por el dinero, que estais obsesionados, es por lo que no se puede comprar con el

So cool programming with regaeton and metal, for those who will understand

It is a shame we do not know where the basic sustain of our lives comes from, but we will. 🌿

Really I don't know what is worse, UC3m or Aalborg University of WTF with guideliness. Fuck this ethereal

i wish like, locally the people organizing had more skills for organizing, and also had more effective leadership instead of approaching it in a very anarchist way that makes it so the leaders aren’t really “leaders”

I'll be streaming another update right now!
Covering more libre audio software releases!

Vamos a estudiar tanto y actuar que lo pagaremos entre todos

People complaining witout proposing solutions = toxic people to avoid urgently in your thoughts

If you're working with digital audio, and you're not sure how it works - I highly recommend this video by Xiph.Org - the creators of audio codecs like Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Opus and more:

The video explains and demonstrates how digital audio works, dismantles some common misconceptions about it and does so it a very beginner-friendly way.

PS: I've made Polish subtitles for it :)

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