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1/ Why does it matter that Viktor Orbán’s close friend and ally, MEP József Szájer was caught having an orgy with 20+ men? Very simple. While he was enjoying himself in LGBT-friendly Brussels, he made life for LGBT people in Hungary miserable by rewriting the constitution. THREAD

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We don't talk about this enough: There is a real chance Bobi Wine will be killed during this election campaign. That would be a tragedy for his family, the elections & Uganda. No one should have to take these risks just to stand in an election. twitter.com/HEBobiwine/status/

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Now look at how the price of power from renewables has changed.

In the last 10 years power from new wind power plants became 70% cheaper.
Power from new solar got 89% cheaper! From $359 per MWh to $40.

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US-bikers are hard-core (the real bikers. Not the sissies with motors)

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'Siri, please visualize the priorities of mobility policy-makers in the USA'

Yes, that is actually a bike path!
Yes, those are actually 8 lanes for car drivers!

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Now that it’s confirmed: József Szájer, the MEP busted during a gay gangbang, is not only a close ally of PM Orbán, he personally re-wrote Hungary's constitution to include the following line: "Hungary shall protect the institution of marriage as the union of a man & a woman..." twitter.com/panyiszabolcs/stat

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im märz um staatshilfen ansuchen und im november 1300 hektar land um 30 mio. euro kaufen genau mein humor

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Trump paid 3 millions for that recount, right? That guy knows how to invest his money (or more precisely: the money of his donors)

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BREAKING: The Wisconsin partial recount of the state’s most heavily Democratic counties, Dane and Milwaukee Counties, has concluded. In total, the results changed by 87 votes in Biden’s favor. abcn.ws/37ybQuf

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I think the reason why he never says by name who actually did the voter fraud (he only says that his opponent did benefit) is that then this person/organisation could successfully sue him for libel

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Biden can only enter the White House as President if he can prove that his ridiculous “80,000,000 votes” were not fraudulently or illegally obtained. When you see what happened in Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia & Milwaukee, massive voter fraud, he’s got a big unsolvable problem!

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More on vaccines. I'm going to get boring and geeky on this (no apologies) on the 10 year thing. Vaccines "normally take 10 years". This is being use as a reason to be fearful (ie rushed job). I'm a clinical trials doc. I can tell you most of that time is spent doing...1/n

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The @UtahDPS@twitter.com helicopter was assisting the @UtahDWR@twitter.com in counting bighorn sheep in remote southern Utah Wednesday when the crew encountered something entirely 'out of this world'...


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“Ultimately, I want to have machines that can think like a physicist.”

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We are welcoming the US once again to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change!

Wir freuen uns, die USA bald wieder im Pariser Klimaabkommen begrüßen zu können! (vdb)


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Es kommt offenbar kein Kommentar zu Birgit Hebein mehr ohne das Wort „schwierig“ aus. Hier eine Auswahl an Adjektiven, die man lesen würde, wäre sie ein Mann: beharrlich, energisch, durchsetzungsstark, hartnäckig, standhaft, eigenwillig, unkonventionell, unorthodox, unangepasst.

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