Snapthread for iPad is looking so good that I think I’m gonna increase the price. If you want to export videos greater than 30 seconds long, grab Premium for $2.99 now before it goes up a dollar or two.

Me: We need to wash your hands.
Charlie, 3: Maybe someday…

(this tweet brought to you by my grilled cheese sandwich with Gouda, apple slices, caramelized onions and bacon)

I could eat grilled cheese sandwiches every day. I’d probably vary them, from “classic” to fancy, with a variety of cheeses and other ingredients. But…yeah. I probably wouldn’t live that long though.

The existence of this *should* be an enormous embarrassment to Apple. Question is: is it?


PSA: Unshaky is a simple Mac utility that solves most MacBook keyboard problems by


To brighten your day, here’s Penny, trying to figure out how to propel herself across the carpet.

After listening to the latest Under the Radar (“The Five Stages of Developing a New App”), I realized I’ve been oscillating between productivity and despair while finishing up this Snapthread update. The iPad interface is looking decent though.

Ok, after seeing pictures of them for weeks, I had to try one for myself. And…y’all, the broccoli breakfast sandwich is the Real Deal. Seriously, it’s so good. cc:,

We’ve been going through a bunch of old boxes in our garage trying to get rid of stuff and it’s a real drag, but I press on with the hope that I will one day be reunited with my long lost iPod Socks. 😍

In Sago Mini farm, he figured out that if he put the chickens at the top of the coop, they’ll drop eggs. He’s been grabbing objects from all over and making a big rainbow tower.

I just got him a new coloring book app and he’s already figured it out. His favorite games right now are Toca Nature and Sago Mini Farm.

I’m absolutely blown away by how well my 3-year-old can use an iPad. He can rearrange apps, find videos and photos in an iMessage conversation from the info tab, scroll and zoom around Maps, and play tons of games, some using multitouch.

I decided to reformat the drive on my 2011 MBP and reinstall Snow Leopard from disc just for kicks. It was…fun? Like, everything is super pretty and there was a really neat welcome video before set-up. I miss this.

I don’t know what’s scarier, the giant storm that’s supposed to hit us tonight, or this confusing UIStackView situation I’ve gotten myself into.

Related: MagSafe is great unless your battery is dead and unable to charge, in which case if you bump it slightly, your laptop shuts down.

I’m looking to sell my 2011 15” MacBook Pro but the battery is dead as a doornail—won’t charge. Should I replace the battery for $85 or try to sell as is? I was really hoping to get $400 for it.

Anyone have any advice for designing delightful empty states? Best practices?

I want a speaker for the nursery that I can use to play an Apple Music playlist of lullabies. What’s my best option? Echo Dot?

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