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@Elizafox Nah, that would cut down on the places they can do weird shit in.
More Republicans have been caught in lewd acts in public restrooms than any LGBT individual could aspire to.
Heck, probably more than the entire community could aspire to.

Geriatric Old Perverts

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tired: gender neutral restrooms
wired: closing public restrooms and just encouraging everyone to wear Depends


Actually I am pretty sure Republicans would do that.

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You know how Windows groups taskbar buttons when the taskbar becomes crowded?

What if your timeline could do the same thing for high volume tooters?


Digging through my Keyboard Layout Editor gists, and found this thing that I kinda like (although I'm not sure about Home and End being in the Fn layer):

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#infosec, friendly reminder Show more

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Can Your Word Processor Keep Up With your 100 WPM Typist?

It can i you have WordPerfect!

PC Magazine, Sep 18, 1984

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lubrication is permitted but only as a performance enhancer, not if it materially affects the output of calculation

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i propose that from now, "bare metal" will mean only hosting in entirely mechanical environments

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Mastodev take Show more

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gopher does not need any scripting.

scripting is why the web is terrible.

no amount of "what if web, but ____?" is going to make the web not terrible.

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It’s not Friday, but you guys. Look! It’s @textfiles!

Courtroom? I think you mean pleadspace.

DriveSavers? I think you mean undeletespace.

The gym? I think you mean secretespace.

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A mud hut? I think you mean obsoletespace.

Wall Street? I think you mean greedspace.

A restroom? I think you mean peedspace.

A bakery? I think you mean kneadspace.