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FYI: I'll probably be posting quite a bit about the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which is starting in 12h45m.

I'll make every attempt to both apply a CW of lm24 purely for the sake of spoilers, and a hashtag of to every relevant toot, but some may slip through.

If this bothers you, you may want to mute me. (I'll likely keep all of this in one thread, so at least the CW should stick.)

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FYI, if you're following me for discussion of retro technology, you'll probably want to follow me over at @bhtooefr, as I've moved my retro posting over there. is a cozy little Pleroma instance run by @dr1ft, and when I saw the domain name, I had to sign up.

Mild musing about CWs: I wonder how long before we see obnoxious eBay listing title-style CWs, for things that the poster thinks are important to read, but wants to CW.

(Not a subtoot, but brought about by some discourse in my HTL.)

bhtooefr boosted is a pleroma instance running on a 550mhz AMD K6-2 instance, minimum uptime guaranteed apparently

Random idea: VVT-normalized aircraft engine.

OK, this basically means size the engine for your desired power at the service ceiling, and then use VVT to retard the intake camshaft and keep it down at that power level below the service ceiling, throwing away that power at lower altitudes.

However, it also means you can increase the compression ratio beyond what would cause detonation with optimum valve timing at lower altitudes, and improve efficiency everywhere...

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other software: simple "layers" window


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@rjl20 (A fifth symbol is the first symbol in my first IDing word, and is part of the ID word that I would use to log on with, for why I ask. My transmissions would obviously omit fifth symbols.)

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@thegibson accidental aix warlock; I can coax .NET code into running on AS/400s

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Who here is a wizard?

What magicks do you have?

@rjl20 What is your policy for humans ID'd by a fifth-symbol containing word?

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@Gargron I think instance selection is a huge roadblock.

Keep laughing, but: dynamically generated instances as a default sign up, including a dynamically generated cute name and logo. Once the person count hits Dunbar's number, a new instance automatically spins up.

Pooling new people together gives them the opportunity to meet each other and create their own culture.

Of course this would just be a default option for someone who doesn't already have a specific instance in mind.

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Dungeons & Dragons is in the business of selling fantasy. Not the stuff with the magic and monsters -- the part where you *actually believe* that you and several other likeminded adults will be able to coordinate your schedules on a regular basis.

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@pocketghosts this exists actually! select alway show media as sensitive and it will at least in web, never load images until you reveal them

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it'd be cool if web mastodon had a 'hide all images until i load them' kind of thing, to save mobile data,

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if i was elon musk, i would have a different model lineup.

i would launch the model L, then the model G, then the model B, then the model T and the model Q.

and then republicans would find out they got trolled.

it would be great.