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This could go doubly so if there's some sort of fair mechanism for judging when an accident is a "racing incident" (nobody deemed at fault), when it's "avoidable contact" (a party deemed at fault, and therefore needing to serve a racing penalty, but not necessarily malicious), and when it's something malicious, and fining a malicious player in-game (and not charging the victim for repairs).

Just an idea to toss out there.

However, as far as I'm aware, almost no sims have a concept of persistent damage. You crash out of a race, exit back to the menu, and your car's as good as new. (The sole exception I'm aware of is Real Racing 3, where damage does accelerate the need to do regular maintenance.)

What if damage fully persisted, and had a realistic in-game cost (and time!) to repair?

As long as griefers are a small percentage of the game's population, this means that many griefers will put themselves out of play.

3. What Microsoft/Turn 10 recently did with Forza, which is ban some heavier cars that were popular with griefers from online play (yeah, I don't see that working).

I'm going to propose a fourth method: taking advantage of the damage models of some newer sims.

Realistic damage models can help with immersion in the sim - it makes limping the car back to the pits for repairs, especially in a longer race where it may be worth it, more realistic.

So, one huge problem in is griefing, especially in public lobby servers. Assholes are gonna be assholes, and it just takes one asshole to ruin everyone's race.

I've heard of three ways to fight this, really.

1. Ban the offender after it happens. This is... not so effective.

2. iRacing's model of a reputation-based ladder system. Get into a lot of crashes, and you'll lose reputation, and be matched against weaker drivers and be blocked from higher-spec .

Also, if you don't want this to happen to you... don't grab the monitor by the soundbar when moving it on a VESA arm. Pretty sure that's how I broke the mounts on mine.

TBH, this is janky as fuck.

(Starting in 2014, the Dell soundbars slide into slots on the bottom of the monitor. The rear part of those slots had cracked off, so the speaker kept falling off. However, if the cable was pulled up, it'd be held in line, with the load carried by the front part instead. So, I looped the cable around some thumbscrews on my VESA mount and ziptied it. Rock solid.)

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log vorbis, the audio format specifically designed for Twin Peaks

And here's how it looks in a few different browsers.

* Vivaldi 1.15.1147.42, 2018 (yes, I know, it's actually Chrome, but it's not Chrome proper)
* Lynx 2.8.8rel.2, 2014
* Netscape 2.02, 1995
* Opera 2.12, 1997
* Internet Explorer 1.5, 1996

Also, that Google Chrome IS EVIL! badge is something I totally stole (and modified) from Nathan Lineback's IE is Evil page:

I think my homepage is now sufficiently Web 1.0:

It's fully valid HTML 5, and it's mostly valid HTML 2.0:

* W3C's validator doesn't like <html lang="en">, although RFC 2070 made that valid (it doesn't like it in HTML 3.2 either, though)
* I'm using some HTML 5 semantic tags that are invalid (but ignored by any HTML 2.0 browser)
* Apparently width and height attributes of IMG tags weren't actually part of HTML 2.0 yet

The blog will... still be a project to work on.

Best practice for Web 1.0 was to keep your images at... what, 560 px wide or less, right? Or was 600 OK? (I honestly forget the best practices here. Assume 640x480 minimum, as that's the sane assumption everyone made.)

I know banner ads stuck to 468x60, though...

One thing about switching from Gmail to Fastmail... not having the Important filter means that I'm actually unsubscribing from a lot of these bulk messages, because now they actually get in my way.

(I'd still prefer to have it, but...)

...yeah, this just makes me want to unsubscribe more, Redbubble.

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USA today: haha we owned GDPR, suck it europeans
internet users: holy shit..... we want more of this

Right now, this is just a skeleton project, but I decided that my best bet will be to write a Web 1.0 theme for WordPress, rather than bring my blog into a static generator. That way, I can use my existing infrastructure (including the neat WordPress to Gopher script that someone wrote).

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RT Because of , USA Today decided to run a separate version of their website for EU users, which has all the tracking scripts and ads removed. The site seemed very fast, so I did a performance audit. How fast the internet could be without all the junk! 🙄
5.2MB → 500KB