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I'm thinking some of it may just be, investigate the mainstream parties (and historically important parties) in at least most countries, and what their hot-button issues are. Then, assign each party views on the *NON*-hot-button issues for their country, to try to line things up?

It'd take careful construction of the questions, though, to make sure that context is preserved through the answers.

I'm wondering how to architect one of those political positioning quizzes to actually work properly with global politics.

A lot of these are American-centric or at least Western-centric, focusing on American hot-button issues, some of which really aren't issues in some other countries. Conversely, they don't tend to cover how an American's viewpoint might align with foreign parties.

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Observed: Working Payphone. Outskirts of Abilene, TX, USA

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Here's what @comcast removed from their Net Neutrality page. They no longer promise to:

-Not throttle back the speed at which content comes to you
-Not prioritize Internet traffic or create paid fast lanes
-Make internet accessible to low income families

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Another thing:

Spaces and organizations often have unspoken/non-codified codes of conduct, this is fairly normal.

But when you explicitly mention that you don't have a code of conduct, you are signalling something, and not a good thing at that.

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whenever I see a space or a organization declaring that they don't have a code of conduct, all I see is:

"We have shitty people among us and they are our friends and we don't have have enough of a spine to stand up to them and tell them to fuck off."


"We are shitty people that want free license to be shitty to other people."

take your pick

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I'm not saying that we should expect everyone to pass everyone else's traffic without getting paid. The peering vs transit dichotomy is probably here to stay. The thing I'd like to see go away is the giant consumer ISP. They can and should be replaced with community and municipal networks.

Cellphone carriers can and should also be replaced this way. There is no reason at all why cell towers shouldn't be operated by local governments and co-ops.

Something that's always annoyed me... Chromium-based browsers on Windows do a shit job of kerning on some fonts. Amusing, given that this is an engine by the company that brought us the keming/k e r n i n g easter egg. Meanwhile, it looks fine on other platforms.

Using a third-party FreeType engine, though? (MacType in my case.) The kerning is actually right!

Why do I suddenly suspect that Chromium is somehow using FreeType metrics for kerning, but letting ClearType do the actual rendering...

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@Gargron @bea When people boast that their meeting will not have a code of conduct, I'm sorely tempted to interrupt that meeting with an air horn and demand Szechuan sauce.

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Damn, the ginger chai tea latte stuff I got smells *amazing* when I make it.

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try some full stack programming on this...
2 ENTER ENTER ENTER ✕ ✕ ✕ ✕ ✕ ✕ ✕

just don't try 2.02 LN eˣ

#rpn #hpcalculator #hp35 #javascriptemulator

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Seeing how hard it is to have everyone to agree on even the most basic standards, like which side of the road should people drive on or what scale is the most appropriate for measuring temperature, the fact that I never have to worry over which sense I should turn my screws feels like an incredibly underrated human achievement.

Fun fact: having three PCMCIA stacks installed on Windows 98 is a good way to have a bad time.

Oh god. Yeah, no, it'll need hand-design to even translate the design to *VGA*, and I don't think it'll scale down that far.