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I guess I should do an , given the influx of new people.

I'm Eric, I live in Ohio (it's approximately as bad as it sounds), I throw computers at people for a living, and I have a varied set of interests:

* is a big one for me, I post about it over on @bhtooefr
* , including , , , and
* , ,
* I have opinions on politics. Not very left by Masto standards, off-the-scale left by US standards.

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this is a really good video about how ads are invading our life and it's getting harder and harder to recognize them
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An important inspirational message I look to in hard times.

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Brutalist web design will never fade, because it is "progressive-ready". I can drop it in reader mode or override with local style *very easily*. That's amazing interactive design! No javascript required!

I wonder how much the backlash against Apple's "unapologetically plastic" iPhone 5C impacted the popularity of plastics on Android phones...

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Not a fan of sliders, or miss *real* Palm OS? That's cool, have a Centro - although it's 21.4 mm taller (modern technology could shrink that...), it's the same width as a credit card. (I actually daily drove a Centro for about a year.)

Reminder that once upon a time, you could get a smolphone - half a millimeter wider, and 1.6 mm shorter than a credit card - meant to be your primary phone, and even having a keyboard for actual productivity.

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1988: "The computer only does what you tell it to."
1998: "The computer only does what Microsoft and/or a script kiddie with winnuke tells it to."
2008: "The computer only does what Google tells it to."
2018: "The computer only renders arbitrary web pages."

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When I was a kid learning programming I was repeatedly told the computer will only do what I tell it to do.

*Looks at Windows 10 with multiple Electron apps installed* :blobthinkingeyes:

(The biggest downside would be... actual "van life", you can sometimes stealth camp, whereas this thing, everyone knows what it is. But, if you're only doing it part-time, I suspect it's far more sustainable to tow something like this behind an efficient car, than drive a van around everywhere.)

But, also, if one wanted to do the whole "van life" thing without an actual van... I feel like this would be a bit too tight.

But, I do wonder if modern construction methods and modern materials could be used to basically take that late 1950s/early 1960s Hi-Lo design, and radically attack its weight while maintaining the amenities of a small camper van, maybe even with a decent amount of battery storage (instead of propane) and rooftop solar.

Now, the Wooden Widget Slidavan is basically a take on the Hi-Lo concept, but taken to more minimalist extremes:

300 kg empty, now we're getting somewhere!

...but it only sleeps two. (Although, really, given how Hi-Lo's bunks worked, you could probably add mountings for a bunk for two more...)

TBH, I feel like this is kinda the closest to what I want? (Also, realistically, sleeping 4 would be a non-priority for my own use.)

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