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I guess I should do an , given the influx of new people.

I'm Eric, I live in Ohio (it's approximately as bad as it sounds), I throw computers at people for a living, and I have a varied set of interests:

* is a big one for me, I post about it over on @bhtooefr
* , including , , , and
* , ,
* I have opinions on politics. Not very left by Masto standards, off-the-scale left by US standards.

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Something that I think we're missing in modern mobile stuff is something like Pocket PC's Today screen or BlackBerry OS 4/5/6's Today theme home screen. There's something about the task-oriented nature of this UI that I think we've lost in app-centric modern designs.

You can fill an Android phone's home screen with widgets to get some of the same capability, but it's not quite the same.

Sources: (I don't think RIM actually shipped a today theme for BB 6, but this third-party BB 6 theme is basically what the stock today theme on my Curve 9300 with BB 5 looked like)

wait, I've got a better one

balls are stored in the jorts

Aww, cute. (3-cylinder radial engine, using VW aircooled cylinders, with similar weight to "half VW" (literally half of a VW engine) 2-cylinder aero engines.)

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just saw a massive twitter thread about how mastodon is bad because it's hard to build a brand or an audience on here and hahaha bitch exactly

Honestly, though, I almost feel like this hierarchical addressing to get within one (relatively small) grid square, where presumably mail handling systems could know who a user is, may actually work better than current hierarchical amateur radio BBS addressing systems (more compact, addresses all BBSes that know a user instead of just one)?

The idea is for Part 15 mesh networking, but really, amateur radio would be a good way to try it out, anyway...

(Note that delivery wouldn't necessarily be assured (assurance would swamp the channel I fear).)

And, let's say I'm somewhere else - say, KansasFest, an Apple II conference in Kansas City, MO, at EM29ra. I could set my mail host at home to forward any messages for bhtooefr@EN80sb to bhtooefr.EN80sb@EM29ra, let's say, and receive my messages there. (Delivery could take longer than the conference duration, though, especially if layer 1 is Part 15 RF.)

Idea: decentralized wireless e-mail system using Maidenhead locators as the host part of the address

So, you could just e-mail bhtooefr@EN80sb, and the system would immediately know the direction that the message needs to go, even if it didn't know a route directly to EN80sb. Fixed stations could relay the message, and mobile stations could cache and repeat it to fixed stations along the path.

Once it's actually in EN80sb, it can bounce the message around until it reaches a host that knows me.

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Also I'm not sure if all Pleroma users know, but you can use Mastodon mobile clients like Tusky or Twidere just fine with Pleroma, just pretend your pleroma instance were a mastodon one.

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potassium-nickel-iron batteries, the most edgy chemistry of all

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@ajroach42 @coryw @bhtooefr @djsundog @ewankeep no no no, we have it all wrong! It's a do-gooder stealing to redistribute to the poor! A modern day Robin Hood... A Ramen Hood, if you will

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@bhtooefr @ajroach42 /if/ you have a semi, in which case there are far more lucrative loads to be carrying than $100k of hot maruchan ramen bricks

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Also, HOLY SHIT, that's one hell of a nice way to allow applications, Mastodon (I'm not kidding; it's not fully automated "authorize this app", but also simple and allows even TUI applications to have a nice registration process.)

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