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FYI: I've decided to try out for my carposting, so if you're following me for that, I'm over there at @bhtooefr

At this time, I'm maintaining my presence here, though. (I'll see how the multiple-instance life goes.)

As far as politics that are affected by cars... that depends on the context, really - if it's about urbanization (where I think cars have little or no place), it'll probably be here, if it's about emissions and safety, it'll probably be there, I guess?

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@cpsdqs hotter take: "if you have an infinitely scrolling page, don't"

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This idea isn't fully fleshed out - there's some obvious problems, such as the old "part-time to avoid regulation" scam.

(Of course, I'd be all for mandating a shorter work week to reduce the usefulness of that, and removing the concept of being exempt from overtime. Also, overtime shouldn't count towards the 333% total.)

Idea for a law: employers must ensure that their monthly wages are at least 333% of the monthly rent of the lowest-priced HUD MPS-compliant unit within a 3 mile radius of the workplace, excluding any properties owned by the employer. (Substitue your country's standards for public-subsidized housing quality, and 5 km for 3 mi, if you're not in the US.)

This way, there's an incentive for an employer to ensure that their workers can afford to live nearby, while avoiding company towns.

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Friendly reminder that Facebook also owns Instagram and WhatsApp.

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Coolest thing at Baselworld this year, the Urwerk AMC

It's a mechanical watch that is set, regulated, and wound by an actual honest to god atomic clock

It is hella cool

Also worth noting, for magazines in print in 2018, is Juiced.GS, here:

An magazine that's continuously been in print since 1996. (By that point, the Apple II was thoroughly obsolete, but couldn't be called retro yet.)

And, by "in print", I mean in /print/. They don't even make an electronic edition (although they do make sample issue PDFs, and topical compilation PDFs).

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This is fractally quaint:

It's a review of a magazine.

That has type-in programs.

In 2018.

Protip for all the newbies to the - use hashtags.

Mastodon is optimized for searching for hashtags, not full text (by default, full text search only works for messages that you sent, favorited, or boosted, and many Mastodon instances don't even have support for that), so people can find your messages more easily if they have topical hashtags.

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What you should not forget is that: public posts are public, private posts may still be public if sent to dishonest servers, DMs are not protected by encryption and rely on both involved instance's honesty.
If you allow everyone to follow you your data may get mined just as on the commercial platforms.
If you have a commercial bot (in disguise) in your followers, it will see and mine those toots.
Just being a federation is no silver bullet to the privacy issue. But ou aren't the product anymore.

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@bhtooefr @natecull I mean, they called it the "Internet Hate Machine" back in 2008, back when (you could think?) 4chan was more naïve and "innocent" in its teenage edginess - now look at it!

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This (very long) Twitter thread about how the seeds of the dark online culture of today were sown in the GW Bush era online forums of the early 2000s is super interesting

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@bhtooefr Sorta!

But with less of a focus on "we make a thing for you" and way more of a focus on "we teach you how to make your own things."

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an interesting thing to observe with the new CDA § 230 changes is that it may be legally risky to allow sex workers to use your instance at all

will we see tumblr and twitter start to close accounts belonging to sex workers?