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I guess I should do an , given the influx of new people.

I'm Eric, I live in Ohio (it's approximately as bad as it sounds), I throw computers at people for a living, and I have a varied set of interests:

* is a big one for me, I post about it over on @bhtooefr
* , including , , , and
* , ,
* I have opinions on politics. Not very left by Masto standards, off-the-scale left by US standards.

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Reminder: people complaining about "political correctness" are basically complaining that they can't be dicks to other human beings and get away with it.

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At this time twenty years ago, in far off 1998, I was completely mentally invested in delivering rich interactive multimedia experiences to people using 56k dialup connections and set top boxes in their living rooms.

Now you have smart TVs. I won, but at what cost? AT WHAT COST

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You'd think people who are obsessed with posting Bible verses would also understand the need to cite sources when they make such bold claims

and test #7, just as a quick check, from MastoFE this time. should be the last one.

testing a fifth time (the second test didn't work) with an incorrect, known, and unsupported-by-Mastodon filetype

testing again, with an incorrect, but known, file type

(Caption, because I forgot to do it on Brutaldon: Screenshot of a RISC OS machine running NetSurf, with a window open to Brutaldon in the background, and a window open to Emojipedia's article on the Pile of Poo emoji, showing that emoji are unrecognized Unicode characters.)

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If you ever ask someone "How's it going?" and they respond "It's going.", it's probably code for "I'm fucking miserable, but I don't want to talk about it."

Also, an interesting side note: apparently Brutaldon *really* does not like media being uploaded without an extension, it threw a 500 each time I tried. (Tagging @gcupc for that one...)

...and file extensions aren't the norm on RISC OS. I had to manually add one, which also meant that the fun party trick of dragging from the screenshot tool straight to the browser file upload form didn't work.

Well, that's a big 💩 - RISC OS doesn't seem to have any emoji support at all, even in Unicode-enabled applications like NetSurf. Some people (*cough* @techfury @katex *cough*) will be rather disappointed.

Although, I will say, contrary to the help file's documentation... they didn't get "the effect pretty accuratly" - movement is way too fast and the animations aren't right at all for it - I suspect they timed it on a much slower machine tbh. (I got it from for what it's worth.)

Oh no, I think @netkitty became !Kitten.!RunImage instead of KITTEN.EXE!

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