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I guess I should do an , given the influx of new people.

I'm Eric, I live in Ohio (it's approximately as bad as it sounds), I throw computers at people for a living, and I have a varied set of interests:

* is a big one for me, I post about it over on @bhtooefr
* , including , , , and
* , ,
* I have opinions on politics. Not very left by Masto standards, off-the-scale left by US standards.

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You know, I'm actually kinda annoyed how Pleroma just shows posts in the HTL that are replies to followers only posts that I can't see.

I mean, I know that some of this is a side effect of the current Fediverse permissions model being utterly broken (replies are visible to a different subset of users than the post they're replying to), but still, figure out whether I can actually see the context before putting it in timelines, maybe?

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this is a very interesting talk about #RISCV, 128 bits used as object IDs across the network maybe even crosses into #plan9 territory a bit

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its?? not that old??? why u talkin about it like it runs windows 95

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fucked up how there are websites heavier in size than entire operating systems like win95

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"Apple says it's working with sunglass makers to ship new kinds of sunglasses that support Face ID."

Yeah, that's clearly the answer here. Don't improve the phone, instead try to get everyone to adapt to new types of sunglasses. Courage.

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@Jirikiha When they do the same for the inventor of USB-C, they'll lower the coffin and then everyone will stand around doing nothing for a few minutes, before someone realises they were meant to lower it into a *different*, identical-looking, hole for the service to proceed.

tired: solving the Y2038 bug by going to 64-bit time_t
wired: solving the Y2038 bug by declaring the end of the universe, and the creation of a new universe in which it is January 1, 1970 again

Europe Breaks Solar Records Amidst Summer Heatwave:

A choice quote: "Fortunately, solar was on hand to deliver the power that these technologies could not deliver and as such solar kept the power grid stable and delivering for Europe’s consumers."

Oh, and that is also assuming square pixels. (Important, because many digitizations of 480i are explicitly not square pixels, at 720x480, for historical reasons and compatibility with varying video standards.)

You know, I wonder how much the move from 480i 4:3 to 1080p 16:9 as the "default video format" has hurt things, as far as people's ability to be independent of large media hosts like YouTube.

At the same 60 Hz field rate, that's 13.5x more data (assuming the same compression ratio), which is quite a lot!

And, for how many decades was 480i enough for everyone? But now we consider it a travesty if content is 480p...

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youtube's troubleshooting instructions are pretty shameless
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One more auth system that will give you nightmares...

This JavaScript code powers a 1,500 user intranet application.

The longer you look at it the more insane it gets.

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@bhtooefr This feels like that one bit in CSI when they have two people on one keyboard to make the hacking go faster.

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i just realized that vehicles are not too complicated to build and i think my life expectancy just lowered by ~45 years

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