Recruiters: I'm happy you're emailing me, but please tell me how you found me. Otherwise it comes off as a bit unsettling.

Here is my impression of Americans:

"Are you an American?"

Boost if you agree this is ON POINT !!!

Pro tip: don't read /r/linux late at night. Most of it is boilerplate alt-right butthurt at reasonable Codes of Conduct, but some of those folks are going full-blown Alex Jones with conspiracy theories about Linus Torvalds falling victim to "SJW" blackmail. It's hilariously bad reading, and I can't stop.

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I am so tired of Dre showing off his MD on Facebook. We get it, you're a doctor, that's great, but you're still D.R.E.

Every day I pass MacroSoft on the road and I imagine life in this bizarro-world Microsoft under their visionary, yet profoundly unsuccessful founder named Bull Girts

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I would like a FEMA Presidential Alert when the last remnants of Johnny Johnny Yes Papa are deleted and the internet is safe again

For an exhaustive, up-to-date list of IRC users in the , simply toot something positive about Slack

"I love it when you call me, Big Papa"
- Moses, to the burning bush

There's like 10 things that are seriously problematic about the way they chose to make this graphic

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if (/hello\sthere/i.test(message)) {

Elevator pitch: a chat bot that monitors your channels for "hello there" and responds with "GENERAL KENOBI"

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