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You gotta admit “trunk” would be a very on brand name for Mastodon’s default git branch

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tip of the day: Alt+t will swap the last two arguments on the current

Homemade deep dish pizza 

Another successful batch (Gino’s style Chicago deep dish)

Homemade macarons 

Attempt 2/2: Lemon zest macarons

If riots are what it takes to end the violence and destruction that perpetuates our unjust system, then so be it.

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Sure, riots are violent and destructive. But they're not nearly as violent or destructive as keeping things the way they are in this country. So much of the carnage that keeps the American status quo intact is not visible to those with enough privilege. Riots are nothing compared to our systemic injustice. If you insist on commenting on the former, do not be silent on the latter. Black lives matter.

Drinking beer and then espresso is the bourgeois four loko

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“I think I’m losing my kid skin and getting my grown up skin” - 5 year old

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“I think you’re eating too much avocado toast, daddy”

Apparently my kid is either a boomer or a CNBC commentator

My two-year-old calls chopstick “chip-chocks”

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