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Jeff Auriemma

The first rule of Fight Club is Show more

The first rule of FED Club is: everything is broken in the browser you didn't test in


#javascript emoji fun Show more

Scientific notation sounds all formal, but I guarantee it went something like this:

> Professor, you forgot to reduce your numbers
"No... I meant for it to say 4.5 * 10 ^ 2. This notation is clearly, uh, more... scientific"

Being a parent isn't all high fives and smiles. There's a lot of responsibility you have. Snuggles, hugs, and tickle fights are part of the package. Don't start a family without preparing yourself for these burdens.

It doesn't have to be a whiteboard; paper and pencil work fine. Anything that gets you to physically interact with a static document that represents a dynamic interface.

You're sort of replaying the creative process in your own head. I've rarely done this without having formulated an essential question that was useful to my team, because people who write documents, specs, etc. are human beings. They miss things sometimes. They are relying on the team to contribute.

It's one thing to have a list of specs or requirements, it's quite another to dig into the minutiae and get into a detail-oriented view before you even write/start a user story

I find that whiteboards are really useful for writing things down that already exist in a google doc, just for my own retention. I find that it forces me to notice all the details and read things in a non-linear fashion

Knock knock, baby boomer
> who's there?
Your spouse's first name plus the last two digits of their birth year

“While people with certain innate characteristics—IQ, in the case of the chess study—may have an advantage when first learning a skill, that advantage gets smaller over time, and eventually the amount and the quality of practice take on a much larger role in determining how skilled a person becomes. … If you assume that people who are not innately gifted are never going to be good at something, then the children who don’t excel at something right away are encouraged to try something else.” 🤯🤩👏

1987: play Mario and collect 8-bit coins
2017: pay $120,000 and collect 8 bitcoins

> Looks at Yankee cap
> Looks at Giants cap
> Wears Yankee cap

Satoshi Nakamoto is Santa's alias. Bitcoin is an elaborate ruse designed to break the Elfish labor union through automation and privatization. Liquid capital is the only limiting factor, and now St. Nick has it :thinkhappy: