I don't understand why anyone still voluntarily posts on Medium. The fact that they make readers create an account in order to access content posted on their servers at no cost reflects their hostility toward the web as a democratic publishing platform.

People who can spend more than 2 minutes on LinkedIn without having to take a shower afterwards: what's your secret?

React 16.9 is here and I am unreasonably excited for the async act test utility

Currently finishing up an article on writing HTML and CSS so that you don't have to go back and fix stuff you already did. Will post a link as soon as it's done!

Slack is down, so let's take a moment to reflect on the fact that your team leader can pay Slack a few bucks for the ability to read your private messages and your communications are stored in plaintext on Slack's databases.

You know that feeling when it's late and you really want avocado toast, so you go to make some and ask your significant other if they want some too and they say no and you're simultaneously happy that you have the option to eat an extra serving of avocado toast and sad that someone you care about won't be experiencing avocado toast this evening? Yeah? But then you remember that you're a Millennial and you feel both weird and empowered that you're living up to the avocado toast stereotype?

I've been using Gmail ever since 2005 or so. It took quite a while to get everything set up outside the Googlesphere but I learned a lot in the process!

Just finished migrating my personal email, contacts, and calendars away from google!

@bignimbus What does it mean to an email flow not to suck? Is that even possible?


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