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Jeff Auriemma

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What I meant to say was that the first two digits after 3 in hex are 24.

If you forgot to celebrate Pi Day, don't worry! March 24th is Hexadecimal Pi Day, because the first three digits of Pi expressed in base 16 are 3.24.

a phone that is only headphone jacks

> Makes oatmeal
> Needs cinnamon
> Grab shaker
> Put lots of cinnamon up in there
> Mmm smells smoky like a BBQ
> Wait
> Look at shaker
> It's cumin

What is the Roman numeral for pi?

(70s FP voice)

Won't you take me to
Won't you take me to

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This is one of my favorite pictures of our cat, Pepper.

"Shoveling snow is great exercise"
- Stalin

Confession: I have trust issues with apps that claim to be able to test regular expressions in %{language}

5. You create software for users who are notoriously unpredictable. Chances are you're pretty good at compensating for unintuitive user behavior. Why not apply that good sense to yourself? You are, without a doubt, the most important and frequent "user" of your attention span. But you're not the only one.
Your colleagues are the rest of the user base. Don't forget to optimize for those "use cases," as well.

4. If you find yourself blaming colleagues for interrupting your Very Important Flow, that's a sign that your process might be too brittle. Adjust accordingly.

3. Stop doing architecture, engineering, and coding in the same sitting. Dust off your preferred note-taking thing, whether it's a text editor, whiteboard, or paper. Jot down your thoughts. It doesn't have to be legible or intelligible to anyone except yourself. It's like saving your progress in a video game, or showing your work in math class. Plan what you're doing, plan how you'll do it, and do it before you start on that commit.

2. Your brain's working memory is awfully unreliable. As your task grows in complexity, your brain's capacity to complete that task in one sitting diminishes. Accept it. Don't rely on an unpredictable environment. Plan on it the same way you plan for edge cases in your code.