Eisenhower: ok lads let’s pick where to land in France

Churchill: I know the perfect place so that we can finally defeat William

Eisenhower: you mean Hitler?

Churchill: uh yeah lol ofc Hitler

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I’ve been listening to the History of England podcast. I’m on the Angevin Empire, about which I knew almost nothing before listening. The irony of choosing Normandy as the target for D-Day feels like it’s a little too poetic to be a coincidence

Ever see a good toot, follow the account, then you see “RT @someone@twitter.com blah blah” and feel personally betrayed?

“I’m the same as daddy except I’m just younger”

- six-year-old, to three-year-old

Personal faves in no order:


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When cooking, remember to factor in an extra 30 minutes for the time it takes to scroll through the author's life story before getting to the freakin' recipe

New headshot 

Fun fact: I was holding a baby while taking this photo

I’m convinced Apartment Therapy is 10% helpful tips, 89% paid content, and 1% earnest and well-meaning advice from people who are completely out of touch with reality

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Am I strange for thinking this is completely overboard? I would imagine 99999 out of 100000 do not change up their living room wall art monthly but I could be way off

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