I made pie 

Bavarian cream pie with graham cracker and cocoa crust. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans!

Anyone know if Apple M1 Macs will be able to run existing homebrew binaries via Rosetta 2?

An overlooked result of the US election: a huge defeat for the caps lock key


We still have so much to do, but this is a good start.

Idk seems like Nate Silver did a bang-up job. Nice work Nate!

I was recently a guest on Rubber Ducking - if you're interested in , , , or internationalization/localization from a USA perspective, give it a listen! rubberducking.fm/episodes/24

My third child was born last week. We are all doing well here at home base. Baby is amazing, I couldn't be more full of love and gratitude

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Recipe: 15 minutes prep, 45 minutes total

Me: 2 hours

I’ll be recording an episode of Rubber Ducking with Chris and Spencer as a guest this morning. It’s my first podcast appearance, wish me luck 🙂 rubberducking.fm/

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