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Jeff Auriemma

This one was looking for pic-a-nic baskets near our car today

What do they do with illegally parked tow trucks? :thaenkin:

Orange Tic-Tacs
Serving size: 1 fist

My new hobby is using an old library card to open locked doors from the outside.

Which is great, because my three-year-old's new hobby happens to be locking doors from the inside, walking outside the room and then closing them.

Tired: wide ruled
Wired: thicc ruled
Inspired: no ruled, no masters

Wide ruled > College ruled

Down with elitist notebooks

Nice duvet you got there. It'd be a shame if something were to... cover it

This is why Marx is still relevant today

Unfortunately, the Netherlands Antilles is no longer a country, which means the top-level domain .an is no longer available, which means my hours-long dream to change my email address to will not be realized.

Today my team will release a new version of our core product. To my knowledge, it is the first mass-market, commercial web application that implements a voice user interface as the primary input method using only HTML5 web browser APIs. I am very excited to see how users respond.

"I'm not whining," whined the preschooler

I did it. I finally aliased `git add` as `git dad`.

Next step is making `git dad` a legit command that disables the `--help` flag

@bignimbus @danielhglus Congratulations for using the hashtags: for the first time! Here's a medal; you've earned it, champ! 🥇

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This growler says 5.1% ABV but I think it's considerably more than that