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Jeff Auriemma

Added "sneezing on Mac keyboard while biting my own tongue" to my LinkedIn skills

There's actually an emoji for the face you make when you log into LinkedIn:



Hey everybody look who's got 280 characters on birdsite now

What do I think about absolute zero? Meh. Not bad, not great, just 0K

🏈 2017 guide to football telecasts 🏈

Booze and drug ads: 👌🏻
Domestic abusers on the field: 👏🏻
Gambling website commercials: 👍🏻
Kneeling: 😱


How do you pronounce "gif?"

1️⃣ gif
2️⃣ jif
3️⃣ Jeff

I'm in love with the new, text-only CNN site

👏🏻 No videos, no autoplay
👏🏻 Blazing fast, data-friendly
👏🏻 Accessible

Working on a new website that shows with 99% certainty whether or not the user's information was accessed as part of the Experian breach