Wow.. No Man’s Sky is really different from the last time we fired it up!

Yesterday's flu shot is kicking my ass. My arm hurts and my whole body is stiff and achy. It seems like this isn't happening for anyone else in the family, though.

Spent hours downloading Fortnite and screwing with settings to get it to work okay on our older iMacs and the kids already gave it up and are back to a free low-poly and simplistic Roblox knockoff of Fortnite because it’s just as fun for them and a million times easier to play.

There might be a lesson here somewhere.

Who are the people in “family” photos on walls and stuff in TV shows? I assume a lot of them are stock photos, but are they ever the crew or the actor’s actual family? These are the things I wonder about.

When getting a call, I wish the tapping on the Apple Watch was synchronized with the vibrations of my phone. When the phone is in my pocket, the opposing vibrational patterns are downright unsettling.

BREAKING NEWS: I am getting literally nothing done.

Boy, I need a break from the dumpster fire of US politics...

*glances over at UK*

*sees this is fine dog*


I’m sure I’m missing something, but the building mechanic seems.. unnecessary?

Ok I played Fortnite and got 3rd place. I didn’t build anything, but I got to shoot some n00bs. Or something. I guess I should dance emote now?

Overheard: "Well this computer has more memory, so it'll play your videos smoother."

It's probably all BS - but how will I know if I don't hit CMD-R every 0.02 seconds?

How am I supposed to concentrate when there are all these news rumors of indictments or whatever that are supposed to drop "as early as today?"

Is there any sound more annoying than the sound of a video with a clapping crowd played through tiny cellphone speakers in a crowded coffee shop?

The phrase "cutting off the nose to spite the face" suddenly comes to mind.

I just overheard a guy who apparently got divorced awhile back and his ex-wife was granted half of his pension. He quit his job so his pension wouldn't get any bigger just to spite her.

And I'm sitting here thinking, "holy shit what's a pension?!"

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