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So I'm hoping to teach about Mastodon / decentralization and how to make a Mastodon bot next week for my A2Z class. Any recommendations for resources / readings?

I kind of want an iPad redesign that has no physical buttons at all. No volume buttons, no sleep wake. You tap or pick it u to wake it up. Swipe down from the top to “lock” and the screen turns off after a second. No “right” way to hold it. No “wrong” way to hold it.

Seriously I don’t understand how they even made the Spider-Man game.

The kids are watching a YouTuber play the ps4 Spider-Man game and holy crap it’s gorgeous. How?!

The expressiveness of Memoji is super impressive, though.

Submitting a small Twitterrific update, so I had to spend some time back in Objective-C land after working with Swift exclusively for a few weeks.

The more I use Swift, the less sense Objective-C makes.

I don't really like Mojave's dark theme. Everything feels super hard to read and then there's absolutely glaring shocks when you run across a white page/screen/email.

Parents: "Never ever take candy from strangers!"

Parents on October 31: "Come on let's go knock on doors and take candy from strangers. It'll be fun!"

I find my lack of new Apple hardware disturbing.

Does Interface Builder have some way to replace a view with a totally different view while keeping all of the constraints intact?

One of my bathroom floor tiles has a huge crack in it this morning that no one can remember seeing last night. Is that a thing? Can they just... crack on their own like that?

BREAKING: My Apple Watch has not even shipped yet. 😥

Just came across someone in Clash Royale with what seemed to be not only the exact same deck as me, but the same strategy as well. That was funky! We both spent the battle using the “lol” emote because we kept doing the same stuff at the same time. 😂

Currently cannot decide if today's code is pretty awesome or dangerously clever.

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