Some recent 3D prints on my new Prusa i3 MK3. The last one is a map of Hawaii that includes the sea floor and is filled with water approximately to the actual sea level.

Second weekend in a row where I start feeling sick on Friday. LAME.

I keep waiting for the "Apple" of 3D printers, but if they're out there at all, they're probably in the $5k price range which is.. a lot of $k above my price range.

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I have a Monoprice Select Plus right now which, I believe, is just a knockoff (or repackage?) of a WanHao Duplicator i3 Plus which is itself probably a knockoff of something else.

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Considering ordering a PRUSA I3 MK3 kit as my next 3D printer. I think it'd be fun to build it myself (and it's cheaper in kit form). On the other hand, I have no idea if it'd be a calibration nightmare.

Watching the swearing-in of the new congress. It's about as exciting as you'd expect.

Doctor Who 

The kids are currently running around the house shouting “exterminate!!” instead of getting ready for bed.

Santa hats are a little scary, but my human put it on me so it must be okay. Maybe.

Oh man I'm wasting so much time on the Javascript meta game right now.

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VSCode has settings for this stuff itself, but having set up that editorconfig thing is kind of neat. I guess. Maybe.

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The syntax it uses for declaring functions is a bit odd to me, though:

function name (has, a, space, before, the, args) { }

It's also way picky about not having more than one consecutive newline.

Trailing spaces on lines was another rule I apparently had violated by accident, but I fixed that by discovering (and installing the associated VSCode package) and setting it up to trim those sorts of things.

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Trying out the 'standard' Javascript linter thingy since I don't need to actually configure it and it rejects unnecessary semicolons. It was already surprisingly close to the style I was using on this project, so not much had to change.

Just realized I was using semicolons in all of my Javascript code. Like an animal.

I'm sure there's no possible way this will bite me in the ass later.

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For example, a library I'm using didn't do a thing the way I wanted. No problem - just patch in the way I wanted it to work by replacing the functions on the object's prototype... Swizzling ftw.

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Javascript is often horrifying, but it's also sort of refreshing to work in a dynamic language again.

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