TIL that HEIC files are often 50% smaller than JPG. I had no idea it was that good.

Scheming. I’ll not be taking questions at this time. (Because my ideas might be dumb and I don’t want you know.)

I'm still kind of happy with myself for getting a page on indiestorygeek.com that took over 2 seconds to generate down to around 0.3 seconds yesterday.

Okay , you made me do this... I'm not proud of it.. (well, maybe a little), but now we can get at the velocity that's been under our noses all this time: gist.github.com/BigZaphod/e55d

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Why the hell is DragGesture.Value’s internal velocity property not public in ?! It’s there - I can see it when I print the gesture value - BUT I CAN’T USE IT WITHOUT GETTING FREAKY WITH A MIRROR OR SOMETHING. wtf?

Saw someone typo “Ma Marvel” instead of “Ms Marvel” and I feel like they may have accidentally invented the perfect show.

I am so freakin’ tired but still haven’t been able to sleep well for the last week and a half or so. Still getting brain zaps and am frequently sound sensitive. This cymbalta withdrawal is hell.

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Since I've been asked a few times about this, and for those wondering what will happen. In the end, visibility and recognition is the most important thing. With everyone working together, it should be easy to reach so many more people and keep it sustained by sales alone! ❤️

Specifically, though, I *think* Task.isCancelled can’t become true except at await points… right?

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Actually I suppose if the task was cancelled before my async function was even called, but the caller didn’t check for Task.isCancelled, then maybe it *could* be cancelled from the very beginning. 🤔

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In concurrency, Task.isCancelled can never change until *after* an “await,” right? So if I have an async function that does a few things before it’s first “await” there’s no way the task could have been canceled until at least *after* the first “await”, right?

Day 3 of intermittent fasting and it's not been a big deal so far - although I'm feeling the loss of my PopTart this morning. I wants my cherry flavored precious!

In I want to make something change every X seconds so I can use a timer like this example:


This seems to work but won't the timer get reset/recreated every time this view struct gets recreated by SwiftUI? Shouldn't the timer be a StateObject?

Not sure when this changed, but when stuff is out for delivery using Amazon's own delivery service, they now tell you how many stops it'll be before it gets delivered and show a location marker of the truck (or at least the last stop) that updates every 20 seconds or so. Neat!

The lack of a defined architecture to use when making apps is sort of freeing, but it also seems to result in me writing and then rewriting and moving and rearranging and futzing over and over and over just because there's no explicit guidance from the framework.

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Drone footage looking down into a volcanic eruption from above

Anyway, this all might be ever-so-slightly incorrect but the gist seems to be that straight up not eating is what our bodies were designed for - periods of feast and famine, basically. Some days the hunt goes well.. some days not so much.

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