Detail from a new piece I'm working on, where Timbuktu gives way to the Sahara. This is a zoom on the canal that feeds from the Niger River to the South.

It's damned hard to find a typeface that works as text on an abstract style of information design. I'm almost better off handwriting it, or using a character set I don't understand.

ifSAR orthorectified radar intensity image (ORI) of the Noatak river in Alaska.

TFW you and your coworkers keep shouting down the earnest Canadian who keeps putting on Country and singing along.

He relents and plays Tupac.

Before the council meeting, I spoke with City Administrator Howard Lazarus about his proposal to take additional public comment for the record in front of Ann Arbor City Council meetings. Members of the public would get 500 characters to express themselves in written format to be shared in the record.

As I've been able to see from Mastodon, there's a lot more that you can write in 500 characters than in 140. You do need a limit; perhaps 1000 would be better; but I like the idea.

Finest muffins and bagels in all the land, etc etc . . .

I made an instance previewer, so you can see the local/federated feeds of an instance without signing up:

Apologies to everyone I had to leave out! (your instances are great too)

From Witches to Dolphins, These Are the Communities That Make Mastodon Great

It's a little surprising to me that articles like these never use the opportunity to mention "Europa Report".

"Watch out! We're going to find alien squids!"

The federated timeline is a fabulous tower of babel. I look forward to improving my French and Mandarin.

Like a planet beginning to generate its own gravity and collect moons, here comes the mastodon zeitgeist:

Per @sarasomewhere - I'm currently listening to Jon Bellion's "The Human Condition" . . .

. . . because my coworker is blasting Floyd. Sometimes silence isn't possible . . .

A friend is getting hitched in SF in August.

I haven't set foot in California in 11 years. Did it break off into the Pacific yet? Is flannel acceptable there?

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