Inclined to agree with this...
WordPress Should Support Featured Images for Categories, Users, and More – WP Tavern

I published a simple papertoy the other day. Been getting into building these paper models recently, and this is the first one I have designed myself.

I designed the model in Blender then unfolded the mesh in a Mac app called Unfolder. Then I edited the flattened shape in Sketch adding colours, and decorations.

Just installed the Tusky app so I can follow Mastodon more easily on my phone. Now to find some interesting people to follow.

Hi - I've been on here a couple of days but haven't introduced myself.

I am a web developer who loves making creative things online.

I make and sell WordPress themes at

and I have a free animation web app

I am very into videogames (making and playing)

and I am currently learning to create 3d art in Blender with a sort of a plan to create short cartoons at some stage in the future.


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