I want to buy a 12,9” iPad Pro but it’s too expensive and I guess the new one is coming next year no?

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Today I launch a really special app. I've working with my father for some months on this. If you are a chef it may be interesting for you. kitchenorder.app/ Is you aren't I wrote a post that you may find interesting blog.bitomule.com/kitchenorder

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This week's post is "Dependency Injection in Swift with Protocols" and we are going to talk about DI patterns in Swift by using protocols.

I've started to run my blog on my own NAS and I'm writing about it. I'll write about IOS development and more things soon... blog.bitomule.com

I continue searching for THE cloud storage provider. I like that iCloud is integrated but not being able to share and control offline files is a blocking limit. I need good IOS integration, offline management (cloud by default, download when I want, recover space when I say so) and sharing. So far only box and dropbox business match this requirements. Am I missing something?

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Just a reminder that Mast is still on sale for a limited time only. Get it now before it's too late. 🙀


Selling all my ps4 driving goods. So sad. Feels like saying goodbye to a dream, but I don't have time for it on my life.

And I'm learning a lot about how all the build process works

We've been working really hard on cleaning our app and start splitting into modules due to the swift max arg bug. In a few months we've removed Carthage, created modules using pods and we're now working on interface pods + implementation projects. Feels like we're breaking the iOS limits.

Btw, twitter doesn’t have 2fa, only by sms. Shit

Spend half of my morning activating 2fa in many sites. The most painful change was facebook. Not because of 2fa, but because I wan’t to delete my facebook account and can’t because of all the people only available there.

I’m trying keep it app for iOS and it’s amazing, the best way to organize files, documents, notes... I’m using it to store learning videos in iCloud and it allows me to decide if I want to store them locally or remote.

Another week with the iPad pro and still using it as my main computer. The MacBook it's now the xcode machine. Twitter, omnifocus, even playgrounds are more comfortable for me on iPad.

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Keyboard in iPad is nice, but will be nicer to have modifiers like command + tap on favourite on safari to open on a new tap.

I´m ready to send my app to review, just need to do some new screenshots but I´m too lazy and frameit doesn´t work with notch iPhones :(

@jpeg hi, purchased mast today and it's pretty nice. The feature I miss the most is cloud timeline sincronization. I'd that on your roadmap?

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