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"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." - Jane Goodall

The fantastic #PublicCode video is now available in a 4th language: Portuguese! Show it to your friends and colleagues from #Portugal, #Brazil, #Angola... to explain them, why Public Money → Public Code! #fsfe #FreeSoftware
iTWire - German govt opts for open-source cloud solution from #Nextcloud -

"Es gibt zu viel von allem". Interessante Sicht auf die Lage der Weltwirtschaft indem selbst zeitlich begrenzte Monopolrechte aka "geistiges Eigentum" sehr schon erwähnt werden.

Victor Hugo's thoughts on copyright in the 1870's, according to Wikipedia one of the greatest and best-known French writers. Today we would probably call it , , ,...

Used my recovery day to do a little geek tinkering, and now my calendar and contact list are being served up to my phone via nextcloud rather than Google.

I like to post about this stuff not just because it interests me, but I feel like people need to hear that these sorts of privacy enhancing shenanigans are possible for less technical users.

I'm not an IT person. At best I'm an enthusiast that can read documentation. I got it done, maybe you can too.


“A developed country is not when the poor have cars. It is when the rich use public transportation.” Gustavo Petro, socialist candidate for Colombian presidency

Deutsche Bundesbehörden zahlen zwischen 43,5 Millionen Euro (2015) und knapp 74 Millionen Euro (2017) für Softwarelizenzen allein an Microsoft. Dazu kommen sicher noch ein paar weitere proprietäre Softwareprodukte. Was man mit dem Geld alles erreichen könnte, wenn man es stattdessen in Freie Software Angebote von lokalen Unternehmen investieren würde.

A few years ago I tried a Android app where you could send a message to all users of the same app next to you (radius of a few kilometers), if one of them re-shared it the same happened again, and so on. On a map you could see how far your message spread. I think this was a quite interesting concept and wonder if this app still exists. Do you know what I'm talking about?

"Eine so umfassende Eingriffs- und Kontrollbefugnis in die Lebensweise und Privatsphäre habe keine deutsche Behörde seit 1945 besessen" - Wenn uns das nicht beunruhigt, was dann?

The "Simple Mobile Tools" apps are really nice. I use many of them and really recommend to have a look at them.

Decentralize your world.

There is of course #mastodon as federated social media.

There is good old #email as federated postbox (as long as not everyone uses GMail).

There is #peertube as a federated video platform.

There is #Riot / as federated group messaging.

There is #XMPP for federated 1on1 messaging.

And there is #nextcloud as federated cloud storage.

In theory most services are already federated. We only miss more users :)

#federation #selfhosted #privacy

Is there a easy way to print from Android on a network printer without using any "cloud print service".

I left a comment explaining why GitLab could be improved by an order of magnitude or so by having federations support

Really nice, KDE Connect comes with Nautilus integration. I hope they are also working on making it a bit more modular. I don't want to install so many KDE stuff just to use KDE Connect on a non-KDE desktop.

removes from search autocomplete in anti-piracy effort - the article state "But, while Kodi is legal software, it remains a space that enables piracy, akin to platforms like BitTorrent."... Yes, like any general purpose computer. 🙄