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"Many small people who in many small places do many small things that can alter the face of the world"... Always try to be one of this many small people. and all the other stuff which makes the world a better place.

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"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." - Jane Goodall

Happy that my Nextcloud is back in my basement. That's the place where it belongs. Always remember, there is no cloud, just other people's computer.

There are already many awesome Nextcloud apps out there. Do you want to be the developer of the next great app? Join the app development contest and win 500€, a Nextcloud mug and a free trip to our conference.

First-ever Gitea pull request from a remote instance!!! 🎉🥳

I've been waiting for this moment for months now!

The code hasn't been pushed to yet since it's incredibly messy, but I'll clean it up tomorrow and also submit a draft pull request to upstream Gitea.

(Technical implementation information:

By the way. If you are part of an underrepresented group then you can apply for travel support to attend the Nextcloud Conference. is an inclusive and diverse space where we collaborate and develop world class software.

via @Karlitschek + hashtag 😉

Is it possible to update the Firmware and Bios on recent Tuxedo notebooks via LVFS? cc @tuxedocomputers

Lust darauf, Digitalisierung und IT in Schleswig-Holstein voranzubringen?

Für das #zitsh suche ich eine neue Kollegin oder einen neuen Kollegen für die Referatsleitung „Standard IT-Funktionalitäten und Dienste“:

(Hybrides Arbeiten und Standort an der Kieler Förde inklusive :-)

Last week many Nextclouders met at our office in Berlin. It was a lot of fun to see all the colleagues again!

It was the first time that the whole Sales Engineering team met together in one place, which was really nice!

Spontaneously the team organized a hacking section to setup a whole Nextcloud Hub cluster together. 🙂

Gemeinsam mit der OSB Alliance, Open Knowledge Foundation
DE, Wikimedia DE, Vitako, und D64 fordert die @fsfe, digitale Souveränität im Bundeshaushalt 2022 zu berücksichtigen und bereits angekündigte Initiativen für Softwarefreiheit umzusetzen.

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Together with the OSB Alliance, Open Knowledge Foundation
DE, Wikimedia DE, Vitako, and D64, the @fsfe demands to include digital sovereignty in the 2022 federal budget and implement already announced initiatives for .

On the way to Berlin to meet my colleagues and friends from (@ ICE 690 ➜ Berlin Gesundbrunnen)

Die „Bits & Bäume“-Konferenz startet in die zweite Runde – Wir brauchen Sie!

EU Parlament beschließt Verbot fest verbauter Akkus. Zudem soll bis 2026 eine Recyclingquote von 90% erreicht werden.... Endlich! Defekte Akkus waren seit Jahren bei mir der Hauptgrund warum zahlreiche Geräte ausgetauscht werden mussten.

I have to work a lot with boards. Is there a which let me easily watch and edit my boards on Github?

I switched my working laptop to and I have to admit that I already felt in love. You can see and feel that they try to build a product ready for day-to-day use and not just a collection of great Free Software. It's are just all the small details which sum up to a great user experience especially in the combination with .

Wie führen unterschiedliche Herangehensweisen an Software zu unterschiedlichen Gesellschaftsmodellen? Software ist immateriell, aber ihre Ergebnisse sind es oft nicht. Die Entscheidungen darüber, welche Art von Software wir verwenden, haben Auswirkungen auf das reale Leben. Es gibt eine Art von Software, die dem Gemeinwohl zugute kommt, und das ist Freie Software.

How do different practices in software lead to different models of society? Software is intangible, but its results often are not. The decisions we make about what type of software we use have real-life effects. There is a type of software that benefits the common good, and that is Free Software.

Thoughts about reading

When I was a child I got interested in reading, books, politics, science and the world because all this topics where present in my home. Every morning a newspaper arrived at our home and was lying on the table, accessible for everyone. Every month additional magazines my parents subscribed to arrived and if I walked into the home office of my parents I found shelves of books about various topics.
This way I started to read the newspaper, the magazines got interested in various topics and started to read books.
I wonder if we lose these natural way of discovering all this stuff these days? My daily newspaper is a online subscription I read on my smartphone or tablet, same is true for the magazines I subscribed to. Regarding books, more and more books are ebooks which only exists in my ebook reader or as ebub file in a folder of my computer.

Freie Software in Schleswig-Holstein - "Open Source bietet uns da einfach mehr Flexibilität. Gleichzeitig gelten all die Vorteile, die Open Source immer hat: Souveränität, Datensicherheit und Datenschutz.", sagt Digitalminister Jan Philipp Albrecht

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