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"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." - Jane Goodall

This Tuesday I gave a talk about the history and philosophy of at the HTW . Here you can find a quick summary and of course the slides (de)

The Call for Participation for the #Decentralized Internet & #Privacy devroom at #fosdem2019 was published 🎉 It would be great to receive proposals from a diversity of people.

Please boost widely !

Jedesmal wenn ich in unterwegs bin, sehe ich so viele freundliche Menschen, schöne Städte & Landschaften. Lasst euch euer schönes Land nicht von rechten Hetzern kaputt machen die außer Hass nichts zu bieten haben. Ihr habt was besseres verdient.

Auf Wiedersehen Dresden! Es war sehr schön hier mit vielen spannenden Diskussionen zu an der HTW. Danke auch an @schmittlauch für dir gute Organisation!

„Ein Gewinn für Alle: Freie Software & Freies Wissen als Beruf“
Heute findet in #Dresden die 1. Veranstaltung der Ringvorlesung statt. Ich bin gespannt, was die Reihe so bringen wird und freue mich auf @bjoern's Einleitung in Freie Software & Open Source 🤗

celebrates it's two year anniversary. It is really impressive what all the people together with @Gargron achieved. Not only with Mastodon as such but also the underlaying technology and the rich ecosystem of apps and tool around it. Thanks to all the people who made it happen! I'm sure the free, decentralized and open web has a bright future!

The #Nextcloud News app is looking for more developers and a new maintainer. The main part is written in #JavaScript. Join us on Github if you are interested You can find open issues to get started and open pull request where we appreciate any help to test and review them. No matter if you fix a bug, help reviewing or add a cool new feature, we are happy to help you to get started as good as possible.

Bist du dir noch nicht sicher wen du bei der Anstehenden Landtagswahl in wählen willst? Vielleicht gibt dir der Digital-o-Mat ein paar Anhaltspunkte

Interesting read on why joined TL;DR Microsoft is in a transition from a product company to a service company. With Azure they earn a lot of money these days with people running Free Software on their cloud platform. Which means that the threat of software patent interferes with the growth of their services business these days.

Wow, when I heard the rumors last week I bet that this will not going to happen. But now really surprised me by joining the Open Invention Network . This also means that they have to stop using against !

Feeling lost on Mastodon? Wondering what all of those timelines and options mean?

I did a video presentation about Mastodon for Michigan!/usr/group (

Here's the video if you're interested:

Bist du dir noch nicht sicher wen du bei der Anstehenden Landtagswahl in wählen willst? Vielleicht gibt dir der Digital-o-Mat ein paar Anhaltspunkte

Do you want to discuss , , , topics but not necessarily on a mailing lists? Maybe the Discourse instance run by is something you want to try? Help us to evaluate if this is a useful service for our community

« Now Is the Time to Start Planning for the Post-Android World by @glynmoody. We need a free software mobile operating system. Is it eelo? »

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