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"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." - Jane Goodall

You want to break with old habits? Getting used to use a new search engine, online translator, etc. can be really hard. I just learned about , a nice and extension which allows you to block certain URLs or forward them. You can set up rules like "forward to" or "forward to". Now every time your bad habit kicks in, your browser will remind you what you really want to do. 😀

The FSFE Netherlands team is meeting in Utrecht to look back at past events from T-Dose 2017 and to look forward to 2018, including FOSDEM as well as everything else. We meet in Kranenburg Praktijkonderwijs, Tamboersdijk 9, 3582 TZ, Utrecht from 10:30-11.00 as part of day of NLLGG Dutch Linux user group meeting. !fellowship - #event #fsfe #FreeSoftware

Inspired by a discussion with @peter I wrote a small program last night to regularly parse the RSS feed of my blog and post the articles to

Monologue of the Algorithm: how Facebook turns users data into its profit

Does Facebook identify and manipulate our feelings? Is it able to recognize our personality type, habits, interests, political views, wages? Does it use all the information in order to reach us with personalized ads or sponsored content? You bet!..

Using Free Software is not only an investment in independence and a sustainable IT infrastructure but also in you local economy.

Barcelona migrates to Free Software. The plan is to start with the applications until the last remaining proprietary software is the operating system which will then be replaced by GNU/Linux.

starts to release as Free Software under the MIT license. Great start, I hope the rest will follow... Nevertheless I'm happy with my . ;)

Just read about xmpp-cloud-auth which enables and to authenticate against a . Sounds quite nice.

First new year resolution almost completed: Add two factor authentication to all my online profiles, whenever it is supported.

2008: "Includes support for Windows, Mac, and Linux"

Oh wow, how convenient! I really appreciate talented developers who write good cross-platform code and accomodate to users of multiple operating systems!

2018: "Includes support for Windows, Mac, and Linux"

Oh great, another fucking Electron app 🙄

What are your new year's resolutions? Perhaps contributing to one of your favorite free software projects? ;)

Here's one way to start contributing to GNOME in 2018:

We have to be careful not to end up in a situation like about 16 years ago when websites were optimized for certain browsers. These days it is not Internet but . Now it's the time to act if you care about a free and open web. Refuse to use Google Chrome!

Sounds like a useful tool for developers of mobile apps: "We therefore propose OSSPolice, a scalable and fully-automated tool for mobile app developers to quickly analyze their apps and identify free software license violations as well as usage of known vulnerable versions of OSS."

"Wir haben diese Freiheiten aber aus guten Gründen bewahrt. Sie sind Keimzelle für Kreativität und Fortschritt." -

We wish everyone from the fediverse a happy new year! May the (software) freedom be with you... To all the people who love to use, study, share and improve #FreeSoftware aka #OpenSource #FOSS #FLOSS
Do you want your public administration to benefit from !FreeSoftware as well? Ask your friends and family to sign the Public Money #PublicCode open letter: #fsfe #FreeSoftware

End of year thought: Many people and organizations who care about privacy and free/decentralized networks are neither on nor on but on . How does this makes sense?

One of my biggest mistake was to use my main email address on all my license headers. I use the same address for XMPP and I get now a lot of XMPP spam. Something which actually surprises me. I really love XMPP but I consider it far away from mainstream. Wondering that it is a worthwhile target for spam.

Ist es ein wirklicher Schutz, Ihre Kinder überall erreichen oder gar orten zu können? Oder gibt es Ihnen nur ein besseres Gefühl?

Federated GitLab? Yes, please…

I run my own GitLab. You run your own GitLab. Your GitLab sends my GitLab a pull request.

How cool would that be?

If you’d like to see that, take a moment to upvote issue #4013: