the problem with right click downloading NFTs is i have never seen an NFT that is actually worth taking up space on my hard drive

Bad idea to embed PHPickerViewController in a tab bar controller?


I’ve been trying out different Kombuchas over the last week. This is my favorite so far. A nice smooth blueberry with a hint of basil.

Next week FediDB will enter public beta.

Can't wait to share the ActivityPub Guide and Developer Tools 😎

MNT is restarting development of Spacedeck, a web-based realtime visual collaboration tool originally started by Martin Guether and me in 2011: (now open-source software). The new version is now in early beta. You can ask me for the invite code if interested in beta testing the hosted version.

This cute dog is a monster. He can open doors and has developed a habit of bursting into the room when you’re sleeping. When I (lovingly) told him he’s a monster, he struck this pose. This is why he always wins and we are very tired.

First try at some homemade miso soup. Shown in one of the lacquerware bowls that we got in Narai while hiking the Nakasendo trail.

Announcing your intentions to potentially kill your product in 3 years is certainly one way to ensure no new business. 🤦‍♂️

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