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Today I will be giving a brief talk about Datashards to the CCG. Dial in info here:

More on Datashards: (AWESOME new logo thanks to @mray!)

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I'm nervous that a bunch of stuff is going to be adopted on the fediverse that breaks the underlying paradigm while still not providing the protection we need soon enough.

But I'm also worried that I can't manage to explain my alternative proposal fast enough. :(

I feel like that about a number of things right now; prioritizing is hard. But I guess this really probably is fairly urgent right now.

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There's a new episode of @librelounge out where we interview Ludovic Courtès about Guix! Functional programming? Functional package managers? Distros? Reproducibility? It has all the cool things!

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Vox is on strike today- they're trying to unionize! ✊

As a result, consuming media today from Vox, The Verge, or Polygon constitutes breaking a picket line.

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:sm64_a: :sm64_s::sm64_c::sm64_a::sm64_b::sm64_p::sm64_l::sm64_z: ❤️

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cautiously optimistic that PT is going to help my achilles tendinitis this time (in addition to giving me better balance and stronger hips)

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Hello friends, I have decided to abandon this account - you can now find me here: @mooncube

The reason is that I no longer feel comfortable with this alias and its ableistic nuances, as discussed here:

It was a tough call because I lose all my followers and posts, but its worth it. Follow my new acc if you want to see more of my work, and please boost for visibility if you can. Thank you, love you all. ❤️

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copyleft conf just clarified that sponsors are not endorsements including of things like proprietary software so fyi to folks like @wolftune who said they'd like to hear that

I ported the bone widget addon to blender 2.8 (the UI had to be moved to the 3D View properties from the toolbar)

@willdelphia hi Will! Long time no chat! How are you? How is Jerica(sp?)?

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There's a new episode of @librelounge out where we interview Karen Sandler about herself and her work as Software Freedom Conservancy's executive director

Can I also just take a moment to say... WOW! Karen Sandler is our first guest on Libre Lounge! Karen co-hosted Free as in Freedom and that show is an obvious direct inspiration for Libre Lounge; it's *amazing* to me that she's our first guest!

Hope you like the episode! I think it's our best yet!

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Okay since I don't seem to have enough energy for the serious things I have to do, time to start this thread on "Hawkeish Names", and how they could help extensions to ActivityStreams (the vocab used by ActivityPub) and other projects, allowing decentralized terminology with some collaboration without requiring a central authority to "ok" a term or requiring being able to maintain a namespace.

Thread below, I'll eventually turn it into a blogpost or ActivityPub issue.

just finished new faculty orientation at hampshire and it was kinda great?

western mass-todon 

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I ought to say some things about json-ld, because I think a lot of people aren't familiar with the details of it.

- You can play with json-ld live here:
- JSON-LD lets you have extensions but map them to local "compacted" shorthands, while still allowing to expand out into unambiguous form.
- JSON-LD does allow converting to a RDF graph, but it's not required. (It is interesting, though.)

(cotd ...)

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