I ported the bone widget addon to blender 2.8 (the UI had to be moved to the 3D View properties from the toolbar)

@willdelphia hi Will! Long time no chat! How are you? How is Jerica(sp?)?

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There's a new episode of @librelounge out where we interview Karen Sandler about herself and her work as Software Freedom Conservancy's executive director librelounge.org/episodes/episo

Can I also just take a moment to say... WOW! Karen Sandler is our first guest on Libre Lounge! Karen co-hosted Free as in Freedom and that show is an obvious direct inspiration for Libre Lounge; it's *amazing* to me that she's our first guest!

Hope you like the episode! I think it's our best yet!

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#Krita is a popular open source painting and drawing application for Windows, Mac and Linux.

You can download Krita from the official site:


You can follow them on Mastodon here:


You can also follow their PeerTube account here:


#AlternativesAtoZ #Art #Painting #Drawing #Graphics #GraphicsEditors

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Okay since I don't seem to have enough energy for the serious things I have to do, time to start this thread on "Hawkeish Names", and how they could help extensions to ActivityStreams (the vocab used by ActivityPub) and other projects, allowing decentralized terminology with some collaboration without requiring a central authority to "ok" a term or requiring being able to maintain a namespace.

Thread below, I'll eventually turn it into a blogpost or ActivityPub issue.

just finished new faculty orientation at hampshire and it was kinda great?

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I ought to say some things about json-ld, because I think a lot of people aren't familiar with the details of it.

- You can play with json-ld live here: json-ld.org/playground/
- JSON-LD lets you have extensions but map them to local "compacted" shorthands, while still allowing to expand out into unambiguous form.
- JSON-LD does allow converting to a RDF graph, but it's not required. (It is interesting, though.)

(cotd ...)

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Can I emphasize one more time how cool Blokada is?
You don't know it but your phone is *full* of trackers. It's not better than the web. I thought that we don't have any tools to deal with it - after all, it's not a browser. But turns out there are!
Blokada works as a VPN but locally. It has a blacklist (which you can change) and it just blocks all connections to trackers or ads. It works wonderfully.

Of course Google wouldn't let it in the Play Store.

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In the 90s-era demo scene, rendering a 3D object was called "vector" and rendering a 3D object made of translucent polygons was called "glenz vector." I never thought to wonder what "glenz" meant until recently. It turns out to derive from "gläns," Swedish for "glitter"!

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speaking of throat singing brought into different genres of music, mongolian throat singing rap goes fucking hard as hell youtube.com/watch?v=el93MIxAf-

there are some seriously nice people in the free software world

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hi i'm a friendly former mastodev; Western MA Sanctuary activist; hobby poet; queer shitposting furry; jack of all trades creative-type; and grad student studying Library & Information Science. Most notable thing I've made is sailingroughwaters.com which is a website about coping skills for the mental stress of dealing with daily racism/sexism/homophobia/ableism etc. with a focus on being accessible in all senses of the word.

Also check out Better Everyday on stipes.co

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