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Bassam @bkurdali

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Welcome new followers! If you're not aware, I'm a member of the #GIMP team and a photo nerd.

I decided to smoosh those two things together to create a community based around photography+free software =

Please feel free to come join us so we can all be photo nerds together! :D

#photography #FreeSoftware #GIMP #darktable #RawTherapee #digikam

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hi guys i'm hoping to write another piece about mastodon, a sort of wrap-up for my experiment a few weeks ago where i tried to replace twitter with masto.

i'd love to to interview a bunch of you guys? looking for old users and new users alike

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following up with as many of you as i can but i have to log off now so i can eat. my email is if you want to reach out directly!

@leauxra when you start a new file you'll want to press that button in the top left and choose an animation layout - there are some nice youtubes for krita animation as well as open toonz

@leauxra free/Free and Open source: Krita (great paint program, has a simple but good animation capability), Pencil (a bit old now but works ok) and Open Toonz (very complicated, but huge). Proprietary are of course the program that used to be called flash, tv paint, toonboom.

Elephant's dream
Elephants dream
Elephants, dream!
object oriented:

@pavsaund @frd aaah thanks!!! yeah I love that track!

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@joule thanks! and if you think of things we can do better to market it, please let me know :)

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@bkurdali There's probably a better way to market this but.. Hey everyone! These folks are giving away #free movie making tools!

"...distributed collaboration—a love letter to free software and open culture that marks their convergence with digital filmmaking"

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Great people of #mastodon and the free #federation. Wires for Empathy by @bkurdali is a fantastic movie in the making done with Blender and other #freesoftware tools.

Check out the beautiful trailer and support it!

#b3d #gnu

Hello Fediverse!

We're doing a crazy animation made with libre tools and giving it all away CC/GPL (many are new tools we made for the film). Check out the new Wires for Empathy teaser! You can donate to support the work, and get your name in the credits! We're also looking for sponsors. You can also help us by spreading the word.

Shoutout to Blender, Krita, Gimp, Inkscape and Python

free software <3

@chrisoffner3d that's more true for (some) poor white Americans - and maybe for some minority groups too. I don't think poor black americans have as many illusions about their social status (hence the need for aggressive voter disenfranchisement)
I hope people are waking up though.

@chrisoffner3d limitations on wealth, income redistribution, and to some extent basic income are all political anathema (in the us at least)

@chrisoffner3d the ones reinforced by market forces (i.e. the ones that make rich people the most immediate profit with the least perceived risk)

@chrisoffner3d that article is great! Thanks for sharing it;
yeah, me too, though the problems have deeper roots than tech on its own