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We're improving Tutanota rapidly:
* Encrypted calendar (beta) ✅
* DKIM for custom domains ✅
* U2F support for Firefox ✅

Now, we're working hard on getting the calendar ready to leave beta, add fingerprint unlock to the apps, add FIDO U2F support to the apps, enable conversation view and more. Check here for details:

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Looking for good (in terms of privacy) reminder/to do app, must be universal (iOS and Android), preferably open source - any suggestions to check?

People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.

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Fediverse, I have a request.
If you know a woman that is:
-from Ethiopia, Sudan or South Sudan
-Tech savvy
-Has an interest in Digital Safety and Security

Can you have them reach out to me? (DM if you need an email addy instead) We’ve a Safe Sister Digital Safety Fellowship specifically for them, and applications are open until September 28 and I’d like to send them information.

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