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This may be the strongest optical illusion I’ve ever seen.

After being Apple user for so many years, I'm switching from iOS/iPhone to /e/ on 3+ next week. I have already moved from iMac and Mac Mini to Debian and Threadripper-based PC and from AppleTV to Raspberry PI 4B. One last step to be Apple-free is planned for December: MacBook Air will be replaced with TUXEDO Pulse 14. What a relief :blobcatcoffee:

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This summer, Tutanota faced constant DDoS attacks. Instead of turning their back on us, our community united to fight the good fight with us. An incredible number of upgrades & extensive donations have enabled us to employ our 14th team member: Jonas! 😍🥳

"Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy." -- Joseph Campbell (1904–1987)

"Some thinkers are foxes—they know many small things—and some are hedgehogs—they know one big thing" Isaiah Berlin

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Remember, Remember !
The 5th of November,
The gunpowder treason and plot,
I see no reason,
Why gunpowder trason,
Should ever be forgot !

youtube-dl 2020.09.20
convert -depth 8 yt_dl1.png rgb:yt_dl1.part
convert -depth 8 yt_dl2.png rgb:yt_dl2.part
cat yt_dl1.part yt_dl2.part > yt_dl-2020.9.20.tar.gz

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I was pretty fed up with the behavior of 'df', so I wrote my own diskfree tool.

It's called 'duf', it's written in , and you can get it here:

On ArchLinux, you can simply install 'duf' from the AUR.

relocating to a new apartment: 90% complete
the moment the number of your things unpacked > the number of cartoon boxes still laying around :blobcatcoffee:

Reading thRough the R manual on the fRiday evening while listening to the Radio

I love the interoperability between Julia and other languages: get data from eeglab, process them with and visualize using and . And everything within single org-mode document. Marvelous!

using list-faces-display to get this particular helm face..

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