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What would an internet that is an intersectional feminist space, community-centred, pluralist, and genuinely representative look like?

An internet that is a tool for both individual and collective liberation, creativity, connectivity, and growth?

bit.ly/3jOmSlo in a 🧵

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is complicit in war crimes.

Banning ads is clearly not enough

* @meta @twitter @YouTube @tiktok_us: Freeze Russia govt accounts, state media & disinfo networks!

* @Android & @apple: remove RT News app!


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This is extremely all-over-the-place, which gives everyone something to both agree with and be mad about. A perfect example of the Substack -4🔥 format. Is “misinformation” an inadequate frame for describing polarization and crisis of trust? Why, yes. slowboring.com/p/misinformatio

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Mozilla & Meta together propose a standard for multiparty computation and ad attribution, a competing standard to Apple’s PPACA/Google’s Attribution Conversion.

Ad attribution is the first tentative step. A next? Local profiling you can’t easily disable. blog.mozilla.org/en/mozilla/pr

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@WillOremus @RSButner @WeAreNew_Public The way I currently think about it: belfercenter.org/publication/c
Essentially 'bridging-based ranking'.
Basically infer societal divisions (e.g. like @UsePolis), and reward content that decreases the extent of those divisions.
(also, ideally let impacted population decide collectively)

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firefox is working on its own replacement for FLoC with facebook so that advertisers can track you in a "privacy safe way", because clearly this is what users want nowadays blog.mozilla.org/en/mozilla/pr

What gambling firms don’t want you to know – and how they keep you hooked: From brain hacks to darks nudges and near misses – betting companies employ an arsenal of clever tricks to tempt punters into spending more money. Here’s how …

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"U.S. legislators should study the Digital Services Act because it could inform whatever rules they write, and they should also study it because some of its rules will likely become the rules here."


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My take on Psych of Misinformation (15min vid)

Repetition, consistency w prior beliefs, source cues = more belief regardless of truth

Lack of reasoning, lack of literacy = more belief in falsehoods specifically

Crowdsourcing & accuracy nudges can help


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You’ve seen the reports No10 is binning lockdown party messages - now look at the £534k PR bid to destroy text encryption and weaken your privacy.

The government’s got democracy arse-backwards. People need privacy - governments must be transparent.


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We are working on a small part of a solution with the concept of a Sovereign Tech Fund (sovereigntechfund.de/), to distribute public funds to OS developers.

However, this is a larger structural issue, and companies need to provide their share of the support.

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Doing by starting with safe data makes a lot of hard problems go away, and avoids violating users'

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This is an extremely bad take. Why should whistleblowers be alone? Keep in mind the exorbitant legal fees, the loss of healthcare, the loss of friends, support networks and employment opportunities.

I would hope anyone finding themselves in this position receives this support. twitter.com/markscott82/status

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Consent is broken. Efforts to refine digital consent have not succeeded. Today we launch The Limits to Digital Consent report with the New Design Congress. Read how consent has failed:

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Interesting to see Frances Haugen's views on encryption, which are more nuanced than a lot of people are suggesting after presumably not reading this piece. She says she is generally pro-encryption but realizes it will make harder to do integrity work. telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/10/2

Cross-checking Facebook: Five Lies Revealed by Frances Haugen - Ranking Digital Rights: The Facebook Files offer us a rare opportunity to cross-check the company’s public commitments against its actual practices—and our own research findings of the pas...

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I have accepted the invitation to brief the Facebook Oversight Board about what I learned while working there. Facebook has lied to the board repeatedly, and I am looking forward to sharing the truth with them.

‘Welcome to the party’: five past tech whistleblowers on the pitfalls of speaking out: Frances Haugen, the Facebook whistleblower, joined a growing list of Silicon Valley former employees to call out company policies

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