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"All around us we see signs that patriarchal capitalism and exploitative business models place profit over privacy, and efficiency over agency. They pit individuals against the collective. At their core, they are hierarchical and exclusionary." 💪

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A bunch of friends built a site you can obsessively refresh to watch the AK/AZ/GA/NC/NV/PA results come in batch by batch: alex.github.io/nyt-2020-electi you're welcome / I'm sorry

(also it only refreshes every ~5 mins so you don't need to refresh more often than that)

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It’s not hard for democracy to collapse. All you have to do is nothing. Find out the six things you can do to save the election @representus. @representus
youtu.be/ERQlaJ_czHU Represent.Us/lets-save-democra

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Congratulations, @geminiimatt! He’s featured in this year's WIRED25, a profile of 25 innovators using tech to make things better for all of us. wired.com/story/wired25-2020-p

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If WeChat and TikTok are singularly dangerous to national security because they come from China, where do they think just about every piece of computing and consumer electronics hardware comes from?

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“Don’t worry, if the US bans encrypted communications apps we’ll just host the services from other countries.”

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How do you screw up response to Chinese software that carries a genuine risk of propaganda and social manipulation so much that almost every major cybersecurity commentator in the US who has spent their career dealing with Chinese gov cyberattacks publicly facepalms? 🤦🏻‍♀️Just, how?

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"As Europeans, we would like to express.. support for ...RFE/RL and OTF...urge the US Congress’ foreign affairs committees to act urgently &decisively to maintain the fully nonpartisan, independent nature of USAGM’s journalism networks and open technology fund." @OpenTechFund twitter.com/defenddemocracy/st

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The @eff has awarded the✨OTF Community✨with a Pioneer Award, which recognizes leaders extending freedom and innovation on the electronic frontier.
Congrats to every one of you fighting for internet freedom and human rights! We couldn't be more proud.

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* The Open Technology Fund Community

OTF has fostered a global community and provided support—both monetary and in-kind—to more than 400 projects that seek to combat censorship and repressive surveillance.


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Each year, @eff gives out its , "recognizing leaders on the electronic frontier who are extending freedom and innovation in the realm of information technology." I was enormously privileged to receive one in 2007 and it is one of my most treasured honors.


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1/5 Friends, thanks for so many beautiful notes inspired by seeing my original concept of featured in the film . As surveillance capitalism disfigures our lives and politics, let’s bring this urgent discussion to our families & communities

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I had some time during vacation to put together a data memo on how I use to detect coordination online and investigate potential disinformation campaigns. I use original data from a Facebook CIB takedown and the Qanon Instagram community.


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My latest, on U.S. propaganda and ’s newest threat to

“Perhaps the biggest concern for activists is that the could become a megaphone for ’s authoritarian white supremacy and nationalism.” truthout.org/articles/trumps-t

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This is amazing. Epic had a lawsuit all ready to go. Baited Apple to remove the app; files this antitrust stuff straight away. twitter.com/FortniteGame/statu

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🇹🇼How did democratic combat ?

🧼Soap, hand sanitizer, & plenty of trust.

📢Amplified social innovation truly is fast, fair & fun!

📺Watch my interview with @Bbcworld & learn more about the 👉 covid19.mohw.gov.tw/en/.

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6/ Lastly, money: civic society orgs compete for funding - there's no getting around it. But they're only going to share tech, staff, thinking and insight on a massive scale if we can find ways of changing that dynamic. We *have* to create cooperative funding models.

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Couldn't have put it better myself. Check out some recent work from @carljackmiller and I for @ISDglobal on the big picture roadmap for civil society's defence against disinfo and online manipulation ⬇️

isdglobal.org/isd-publications twitter.com/carljackmiller/sta

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