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I attended the 2019 journal launch of Knowledge Makers, an Indigenous student research network at TRU. KM embodies the power of human scale, intimacy, care. Each student gave a speech, and presented their first copy to a family member or supporter. Many spoke of a new sense of self-worth and connection because of their journey.

Previous years here: knowledgemakers.trubox.ca

"More and more I love it of them, the being in them, the mixing in them, the repeating in them, the deciding the kind of them every one is who has human being."

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Has it really been nearly two years since I quoted Stein's The Making of Americans?

"I want readers so strangers must do it. Mostly no one knowing me can like it that I love it that every one is of a kind of men and women, that always I am looking and comparing and classifying of them, always I am seeing their repeating. Always more and more I love repeating, it may be irritating to hear from them but always more and more I love it of them."

"I love it and now I will write it. This is now a history of my love of it. I hear it and I love it and I write it. They repeat it. They live it and I see it and I hear it. They live it and I hear it and I see it and I love it and now and always I will write it. There many kinds of men and women and I know it. They repeat it and I hear it and I love it. This is now a history of the way they do it. This is now a history of the way I love it." – Gertrude Stein, The Making of Americans, 1934

@psychemedia - Hey Tony, there has been a LOT of meta discussion on stuff like this... I am probably the wrong person to ask, as I haven't been trying so hard to figure it out. Safe to say Mastodon is in something of a raw state, with some exposed pieces. Features seem to evolve fairly quickly.

You know I dig your manifestos.

This piece by Amy Collier is troubling in so many ways: redpincushion.us/blog/i-cant-c

I've had a copy of We Make The Road By Walking on my table for a week but I can't even find the courage to read it.

My friend has been learning more about Lyons. Dug into archives for proposals and plans for parks. Interviews with people who worked with him. Found 20 hours of taped interviews with Lyons and is getting them digitized.

For all his accomplishments, it wasn’t easy. He had to fight with resource companies and others in the government. He was thought of as a troublemaker.

My friend in a fine writer, and is thinking of turning this into a book. I hope she does.

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Spent offline weekend with friends who moved into an older home with a rustic large yard a couple years ago. They found an old notebook that describes the development of the yard, along with logs of the gardening, etc. My friend eventually figured out that the house belonged to C.P. Lyons, who enjoyed prominence as the author of BC botany books, and as “Forest Engineer”for BC Parks, doing planning for places like Wells Grey and Manning Park.


I've been down lately. I should keep perspective. Tonight I was invited to friends' home, fed an exquisite meal, and then spent the night jamming on weird riffs and goofy pop hits. I mostly played drums on an electro drum kit that travels well. This wasn't our best song tonight but we surprised ourselves and grinning as we faked our way through: abject.ca/you-may-be-right/

Fun friends that feed me amazing food, drink beer with me, and play hot jams. mastodon.social/media/21082

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and to show I'm not always thinking on serious things... a 1 minute silly from a few years ago (I hope it will make you smile) youtube.com/watch?v=QHMlG9ebfd

Reading: Kliph Nesteroff's The Comedians.

According to legend, the "Bloody Mary" was invented by comic George Jessel as a hangover cure, named after the girlfriend of another comic Ted Healy.

When Healy learned this reading a Walter Winchell column, he fired close-range gunshots at Jessel.

Ted Healy is remembered best for his then-sidekicks, who he insulted, poked, slapped, kicked. The three of them were his stooges. Eventually, they got wise and went solo. mastodon.social/media/17080

Waking up to newly arrived winter could feel like another bummer. But a musical gift from the brilliant @lauraritchie modulates the key. I'm listening to Bach Cello Suites and warming up with a convivial book. mastodon.social/media/16117

It's remarkable what a conversation with an emotionally manipulative person does to me. There are the nasty feelings stirred up in the moment, fending off disguised attacks and struggling to remain calm. But the really yucky stuff is in the aftermath, compulsively picking through the wreckage, replaying verbal exchanges, uncovering the lies. And then, the self-recrimination, wondering how many traps I stepped into, and seeing missteps that will undoubtedly be used against me in the future.


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