yeah I'm gonna leave this account, instance, and my alt behind

@slimekat nm I got the split screen containing update. it's good!!

Let's try again, this time with feeling:

I may need an emergency commission made for me from today until Monday mid-day (CEST), I need it by 14.00 the latest.

It is banners and header for my Twitch channel.

My already commissioned artist has run in to some trouble, and may refund

My budget is $200.

If you are an artist and have time to help me within this timeframe, please send me a link to your previous work so I have a few to look at tomorrow.

One morning, you wake up only to find that all photographs of you have a cat where you used to be. You show them to your friends, and they shrug indifferently, saying "yeah, that is a photo of you, what's the big deal?"

kin stuff 

Consider the following:
*Being* a slimegirl!

Show thread tooting from the other instance cuz i'm uploading on a.s: yes you may!

also what sara jeong said about the whiteness of mastodon is hell of real

eugen isn't the only person who put work into masto but he is gonna be the only person who gets paid for it~

i feel bad but i am going to have to block a lot of the francophones because a) i don't speak french and b) i also don't like french and c) it's dominating the PTL in lieu (heh) of me being able to use it

my introduction post is wildly different every time so that's why i feel okay making a jillion of em

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