Something I only could have found out when monitoring the request history of a web server.

Expanse, a Palo Alto Networks company, searches across the global IPv4 space multiple times per day to identify customers' presences on the Internet. If you would like to be excluded from our scans, please send IP addresses/domains to: [...]

For some bizarre reason, I moved from C++ to C#. Although the grammar seemed to be stuck at C# 7.3, but at least still easier to write than C++.

Cloudflare 的 GeoIP 真的是挫,所有中国 IP 都只能给个 CN,省市级数据完全没有。还得用额外的数据库去查。



然后 Cloudflare 的 GeoIP 库一点也不准 orz

Over 48 hours from the last request received on the server. I’ll suspend it for now until someone come back and check what happened.

If there’s nothing going on throughout May, I might just put it out as it is in June.

Well, I guess it wasn’t made so attractive or interesting anyway.


—— Henceforth / Orangestar



my company hired stenographers for captioning an internal meeting.

(and confirmed for sure) not all articles are translated equally, and some articles are machine translated into something very wrong and confusing.

E.g., “Windows 10 May 2020 Update” becomes “Windows might update (the year) 2020”.

If Windows can really update 2020, please at least make it better.



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Google Chrome「长按 Command + Q 来退出」这个设计其实挺好的,可以防止一些大型应用不小心误触就退出,重启又要花不少时间。这两天接连几次不小心退出 IDE 了……

Getting an affordable and decent standing desk in Canada is hard. By far price and feature-wise Autonomous is the best choice. But they couldn't ship until 3 weeks after I placed my order. Other options are either not up to my requirement or a few hundred bucks more expensive that this.

I ordered a 179x76cm one with programmable controller at about $620+ after tax. Haven't been able to find another one that can ship over to my place with similar price and features.

Geez, getting started in working on a sophisticated Windows program is really kinda overwhelming for me. Especially when they're working on those new Windows technologies (WCOS, Win 10 X, etc.), and you have almost zero experience with Windows internals whatsoever.

Really got a lot to learn. Really.



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When you try to be a polyglot, but failed miserably.

When your company is just too big that one morale event in a country collides with another one in a different country, and you had to make a choice between them.

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