Making mandatory employee training in the form of thrill TV series is definitely unique thing. But frankly, not everyone likes the format.

Like me.

The feeling when you had to use the acronyms FMC and FCM in the same email, but they mean totally different things.

(好き糧にして 良きに計らえ)
(焦がし焦がれ この世に存れ)


♪ 焦存 / EZFG

Found yet another speech recognition library. Looks pretty good, but I doubt if my machine is powerful enough to run it.

Well, I don’t think these are enough to compete with Notion. Not sure when it will roll out more blocks.

Good that there’s an abundance of materials both internal and external to read on, but it still takes time and effort to understand all these.

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Feels like I won’t have much cash left after all these.

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There’s so many options in 401(k), and it takes a 90-minute course to talk about how to make a “best decision”.

在 MS 干了两年,从 GitHub 上看到 t- 开头的用户名都差点以为是实习生……(捂脸)

Sometimes it’s hard to come over to a new place and live a “local life” without a lot of decision making and a decent budget. *sigh*

毎夜 喉を掴む空気も未来も
幸せも 宇宙も 疑わなくていい

ジェヘナ / wotaku

there are people playing Smash Bros in a meeting room after work. 🤯


Will I get yet another badge on Tuesday? wkwk

First time getting a base pay higher than the number. 🎉

Yes, my most favorite artwork from this year's exhibition is definitely Title by Artist Name made in Year.

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