Wars (past) 

Now here's a Civil War memorial I can get behind. Brooklyn, New York. I stood in this spot on Sept. 11, 2001, and could see the towers burning, through the arch and under the inscription "TO THE DEFENDERS OF THE UNION 1861-1865." (Maybe they should add 1974, 2001, and 2017 to that.) mastodon.social/media/nRmFKzeZ

So @bmt did the reverse commute, transiting from Miramar to Brooklyn for a few days, and am now sitting in the Brooklyn Public Library main branch for the first time in over 15 years. Much is the same; the chairs aren't as comfortable; but the cafe food is distinctly improved (catered by "Four & Twenty Blackbirds" pie bakers). Lots of electric outlets for patrons' pooters. Oh, and they even still have some books!

While the valiant franc-tireurs at Mammouth.Cafe work to restore their Mastodon instance, I'll retreat to the safehouse at Mastodon.Social and do the following:

So there was this Dutch somnambulist in upstate New York who went to sleep around 1760 and slept for 20 years, doing pushups and situps in his sleep the whole time. When he woke up the villagers saw his new muscles and gave him a new nickname.

What, you never heard of Ripped Van Winkle?

I'm my "main" account between . From now on I'll be mostly @bmt@mammouth.cafe. See you there!

the future is already here

it just hasn't federated to your instance yet

Readers of may enjoy the (linked) human interest story. It's a saccharine "aww how cute" glurg-fest, but the payoff is the identification of the book involved. (Hint: It ain't Disney.) huffingtonpost.com/entry/littl

This would be a great time in history for everybody to watch Costa-Gavras's 1969 movie "Z"

Does anyone publish of (not just a list with stats, but info like "this one is especially for musicians" or "this one has a lot of lefty activism talk" etc).

Eagerly awaiting the debut of the new TV series "J.A.G. Star Trek: Deep Space 12(b)(6)."

More : @earthquake to find out what's going on underground;
@dsn_status (unofficial NASA Deep Space Network) to find out what's going on out there.

You blue blistering Bashibazouks! If Mastodon had , I would be recommending @Haddock_FR, @Haddock_es, and (especially for me, since I'm trying to learn Dutch) @Haddock_NL, for international Hergéesque epithetic effluvia.

Congratulations to the head of the new minority government, PM Tim Farron, and I hope he can find some common ground very soon with President Pence^WRyan^WHatch

Today I learned that bovines have a navigational instinct similar to that of migratory birds. Or, in other words: TIL the cows come home

Looks like the Tories' plan for a massive majority turned into Teresa Meh

Can I please have an Orange Crush to go with Chef Comey's ORANGE TOAST?

According to the Korean Sin Ch'ae-ho (1880-1936), politics is an unstable conflict between classes and individuals imbricated in multiple subject positions. Does this discourse explain why this morning I can't find two socks that match?

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