This was a really great discussion on mental health for software developers with a special focus on folks new to the industry -- highly recommended!

In celebration of and removing comments from their site, I’d ask why it took soooo long? They were certainly aware of how bad it was This blog addressed the problem almost 10 years ago!

Looks like and are finally getting rid of the cesspool known as their comments section. Their justification seems to have more to do with money than anything else

This is a good refresher from on the difference between links and buttons in HTML. Choosing the wrong element can have big impacts on accessibility


Think cameras you place in intimate locations in your home should be ? We do.

We’re calling on to protect customers by requiring , so only people with access are authorized account users.

Sign the petition:


Since starting to read fiction daily, I’ve realized that “Don’t judge a book by its cover” — although often a metaphor — is not helpful advice. How on earth would I choose what book to read at the library if I didn’t factor in the cover design?

This times 1000000


I cannot spend all my free time/weekends coding. It would drive me insane.

I love the work I do, but coding isn’t my life. Some people love spending all their free time on it, but that’s not me and I’m okay with it.

Don’t feel guilty for having other hobbies ☺️



57% of JavaScript execution time on the web is third-party code 🤯 Learn how to optimize loading it, for a better user-experience:


This was an informative discussion on the marketing on the web. The importance of A/B testing was a key takeaway for me. I hadn’t heard before, looking forward to checking out other episodes

By all definitions, I’m not a gamer. I play the occasional game — usually a minimum of 10 years after they were released — but I really don’t understand the hype over Journey on PS3.

This episode of is a good intro to accessibility and related tools and a nice reminder for folks who have some familiarity with the topic. I’m always glad to be reminded how far semantic HTML can take us!

I’ll definitely be using some of these examples in the future. This post has some great examples of styling form controls

This is an interesting article on how reducing page weight can reduce CO2 emissions. Yet another reason to prioritize performance and judicious use of JavaScript/CSS frameworks

I was thinking of doing something like this on an upcoming project, now I have a good starting point via


You can use CSS variables for a lot of things - like applying themes in your application.

If you want to learn more, wrote this handy article on how to create a themes engine using CSS variables and React Context.


This is a good overview of the evolution of CSS over the years. It had been a while since I thought about making rounded corners without border-radius

This new podcast seems really great! The first episode I listened to had a very deep discussion on how folks deal with change in the industry.

I had some time to complete one of the layout challenges from I always love using their challenges to experiment w/things I haven't used before. This time it was CSS Custom Properties and switch toggles


The latest iOS & Android updates make the option to opt-out of location tracking very pronounced, & users are acting on it.

"Since the launch of iOS 13 last fall, the amount of background location data that marketers collect has dropped by 68%."


This “Jeopardy” style episode of was a fun and nerdy soundtrack to working out today. Trying to answer the questions is a fun way to test your knowledge!

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