If you write CSS it's worth participating in this annual survey on the State of CSS

I really like this idea of writing CSS defensively and trying to anticipate situations when our code could break ishadeed.com/article/the-just-

Stretches for developers by @stolinski@twitter.com on @syntaxfm@twitter.com couldn't have come at a better time! I'm looking forward to incorporating these tips in my stretching routine. syntax.fm/show/293/hasty-treat

I'm planning to dive into @typescript@twitter.com with @reactjs@twitter.com soon so this episode of @JSPartyFM@twitter.com was a welcome surprise on my feed changelog.com/jsparty/149

It's always a good time for an intro to web accessibility. The new @LadybugPodcast@twitter.com is a good listen! ladybug.dev/episodes/web-acces

I got a good laugh out of this 90s alternative festival line-up generator monkeon.co.uk/90sfestivalgener via @BoingBoing@twitter.com

I worked a little job filtering app w/a prompt from @frontendmentor@twitter.com -- always a great source for ways to practice frontend skills github.com/bobmatyas/fm-filter

This is a neat experiment looking at how to make web-based comments more friendly for users of all types comica11y.humaan.com/

This a worthwhile read from @smashingmag@twitter.com on using some more advanced GraphQL features with @GatsbyJS@twitter.com The use of tags, categories, and pagination for a blog is useful for sure smashingmagazine.com/2020/09/a

This new tool from @themarkup@twitter.com for discovering how many trackers and ad networks are present on websites themarkup.org/blacklight

I enjoyed having the chance to complete this layout challenge from @frontendmentor@twitter.com bobmatyas.github.io/fm-fylo-la

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We're starting to get excited! Read about our first batch of speakers for the first WP Accessibility Day: wpaccessibilityday.org/announc

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A good reminder to write CSS defensively and to do your best to anticipate possible issues by @shadeed9@twitter.com ishadeed.com/article/the-just-

The podcast (@CodeNewbies@twitter.com) newbie always has interesting guests and motivation for those getting started in tech. I really enjoyed this conversation on the importance of learning codenewbie.org/podcast/why-you

I listened to this podcast thinking it would be a trip down memory lane only to learn that folks still use IRC. A lot of the conversation about the "old internet" vs the "new internet" resonated with me dev.to/devdiscuss/s2-e3-the-hi

An interesting look at one aspect of performance in ReactJS vs Vanilla JavaScript. Also talks about gains with Preact. Worth a read for sure! css-tricks.com/radeventlistene

Oooh this looks like a really great use of @Github@twitter.com Actions to optimize images. I'm looking forward to trying this! css-tricks.com/optimize-images

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When I hear people say “People with disabilities don’t use our web site”

Most often I tell them “that’s likely because people with disabilities can’t use your web site.”

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