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On December 19, a day before their new terms of service took effect, @instagram shut down our page without warning, explanation, or justification. Here’s our full statement—and how to continue following our efforts:

Please circulate this. Thank you.

Who is to blame? - Anselm Jappe

"A short essay contesting the notion that the current economic crisis is the result of "greed" or irresponsible speculation by evil bankers or investment firms, asserting instead that it is an effect of a generalized crisis of value production caused by the falling rate of profit--an immanent law of capitalist production--[...]"

"Derrière son grand leader François Fillon, toute la droite française se mobilise, comme d'une seule voix, pour faire entendre son projet de dépassement du travail"

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Trois nouveaux décrets permettent le fichage massif des militants, de leur santé psy, de leurs activités en ligne.

Ils sont l'autre versant de la #PPLSecuriteGlobale

Nous les contesterons ce samedi, dans la rue, et en justice, devant le Conseil d'État.

Mobilisations contre les « violences policières » : Plutôt que de dire que la police fonctionne mal, disons au contraire qu’elle fonctionne admirablement au regard de ce qui est attendu d’elle : protéger l’État, le système capitaliste, le racisme structurel et le patriarcat.

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A reminder not to let the rich people fool you into thinking that the only reason why taking a break or taking care of yourself is permissible is because it makes you a better worker for them afterward

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In 2020, the world collectively spent approximately $1.8 trillion on its militaries. If that much money was spent on food, welfare, healthcare, and infrastructure, I doubt there would be much reason left for everyone to keep fighting.

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