Let Kashmir decide! - sign the petition please
United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres: People's Party Demand UN Act to Free Kashmir

In order to help research on treatments, some of us at /e/ are giving some CPU cycles to the distributed computing Folding@Home project!
Install Folding@home and join the /e/ team (number: 251916)!

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A graphics designer filmed his son and then added various special effects. Simply amazing!

This is why not everything you see on the internet is real.

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**Trump offers to mediate between India and Pakistan on Kashmir**

"The move signals a shift in the long-standing US policy that the decades-old Kashmir issue must be solved bilaterally."


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Here's a cool extension to help others bypass censorship online snowflake.torproject.org/ - it is made by the Trade-Free and super well known Tor Project. Just install and you'll help others. Volunteer power ;) - and trade-free!

If the @linuxfoundation (transformed in recent years) does not bother you, then you're probably not a #gnu #linux user but someone who just >talks about< GNU/Linux and knows it runs on some phones and servers

At this point this is just a medium sized text message chat room w ppl that don’t know each other 🤣
And I’m okay with that 😌

But also spread the word 👶🏿

Loki sees a bird that he wants to murder very much :blobcatdevil:

🎵a dream is a wish your heart makes🎵


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