GitHub - swagkarna/Rafel-Rat: -------> RAFEL<------ Android Rat Written in Java With WebPanel For Controlling Victims -

GitHub - r3curs1v3-pr0xy/vajra: Vajra is a highly customizable target and scope based automated web hacking framework to automate boring recon tasks and same scans for multiple target during web applications penetration testing. -

GitHub - qeeqbox/chameleon: Customizable honeypots for monitoring network traffic, bots activities and username\password credentials (DNS, HTTP Proxy, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, POP3, IMAP, STMP, RDP, VNC, SMB, SOCKS5, Redis, TELNET, Postgres and MySQL) -

GitHub - nccgroup/pybeacon: A collection of scripts for dealing with Cobalt Strike beacons in Python -

GitHub - Narasimha1997/fake-sms: A simple command line tool using which you can skip phone number based SMS verification by using a temporary phone number that acts like a proxy. -

Plugin kodi - about:blank

GitHub - koutto/web-brutator: Fast Modular Web Interfaces Bruteforcer -

GitHub - souravbaghz/RadareEye: A tool made for specially scanning nearby devices[BLE, Bluetooth & Wifi] and execute our given command on our system when the target device comes in-between range. -

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