Pinned toot is up and running if any wants to clone or take their CBDQ babies off Twitter, or make a new Mastobot with no muss and no fuss. Also lmk if you're ok having your source linked as an example on the front page!

Made aware of a name collision issue for boys with the same username on different servers using the same posting frequency. Aiming for a resolution this weekend.

Going to be pushing potentially platform-breaking changes to , replacing svg2png with headless Chromium. Sorry not sorry in advance.

realized I would normally do this with a live image and since this is a VPS I don't know how I would so we're just creating a swapfile and hoping for the best. No downtime, hoping it still helps but will monitor the situation.

Update/warning: realized I forgot to create a swap partition on the server, which likely contributes to SQL falling over in recent weeks as its mmaps have been failing. May be some downtime while I correct this, but it should give improved stability going forward.

Apologies to all users for extended outage past couple days. mysql service fell over and I didn't notice. Many thanks to @serindelaunay for letting me know. Resolved for now, will investigate root cause for later.

I actually got out of bed more than 5 minutes before I have to start work, for once (because Amanda made me) so I'm gonna go get one of those "bagel" things I've heard so much about.

joke's on me: it doesn't work in their interactive sandbox, but it DOES work in an actual API call. Still not great, but at least it's not A Disaster.

This simply does not work and I love it when documentation exists that lies to you. It's my favorite thing.

Put in two apartment applications. One more showing Monday evening. Soon I will be out of hell, I hope.

Going to see a place in like 30 min I want to get, but have to be a "stronger candidate" than an existing applicant. Should've worn a suit jacket like yesterday's viewings.

What if the first apartment I looked at is the best one I'll see. Ah, my opposite-of-fear-of-commitment strikes again.

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Would you like to play Noughts and Crosses?
Code: 57T
Options: 1‚2‚3‚4‚5‚6‚7‚8‚9

Ring of Elysium [Tencent's free-to-play Battle Royale Game] 

Next big CBTS issue is to finish replacing PhantomJS with Puppeteer. After that it's Pleroma support. After that it's digging into regex hell deep in Tracery's guts.

CBTS dev/admin 

CBTS dev/admin 

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