Pinned toot is up and running if any wants to clone or take their CBDQ babies off Twitter, or make a new Mastobot with no muss and no fuss. Also lmk if you're ok having your source linked as an example on the front page!

Apologies to all users for extended outage past couple days. mysql service fell over and I didn't notice. Many thanks to @serindelaunay for letting me know. Resolved for now, will investigate root cause for later.

I actually got out of bed more than 5 minutes before I have to start work, for once (because Amanda made me) so I'm gonna go get one of those "bagel" things I've heard so much about.

joke's on me: it doesn't work in their interactive sandbox, but it DOES work in an actual API call. Still not great, but at least it's not A Disaster.

This simply does not work and I love it when documentation exists that lies to you. It's my favorite thing.

Put in two apartment applications. One more showing Monday evening. Soon I will be out of hell, I hope.

Going to see a place in like 30 min I want to get, but have to be a "stronger candidate" than an existing applicant. Should've worn a suit jacket like yesterday's viewings.

What if the first apartment I looked at is the best one I'll see. Ah, my opposite-of-fear-of-commitment strikes again.

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Next big CBTS issue is to finish replacing PhantomJS with Puppeteer. After that it's Pleroma support. After that it's digging into regex hell deep in Tracery's guts.

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Brooklyn weather update: the sun came out just in time to go down.

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Itonically I had heard near-universal praise of Hollow Knight and ignored it. Heard some criticism from folks whose opinions I respect and what they criticized sounded Good Actually to me so I played it.

I've spent a lot of time with Hollow Knight this week (beat it tonight, going back in for more) and if you don't mind cartoon bugs and are OK with some challenge (platforming a bit easier than Ori and the Blind Forest; combat way easier than Salt and Sanctuary) you should spend some time with it, too.

thinking I might convert my old D70 into a full-spectrum/IR camera since it's apparently really easy to disassemble and idc if I break it at this point.

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