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Fellow nerds: I'm starting to work on a project that involves highlighting weird and fun WP plugins.

If you have a favorite that you'd like to share, take a few seconds and let me know about it!

Just closed both of the plugins that I had up in the repo and set their GitHub pages to archived.

It was either that or let people install software that had, due to service closures and core improvements, become effectively useless.

End of an era, or something.

demystify and dismantle the foundational myths that prop up the unjust systems of deez nuts

I just added Spotify's Trip Hop playlist to my library. This officially raised my "washed" levels a whole 30%:

(86%) ■■■■■■■■□□

*kicks hornet's nest*

Free dumb idea: Pine, but rewritten in Rust.

Listening to Thievery Corporation's "The Mirror Conspiracy" because apparently I want to pretend that I'm working in a W lobby circa 2002.

Me, switching back to my 60% keyboard after spending the past month on a tenkeyless:

P.S. I know that MP3s are already iPhone friendly, but my preferred audiobook app on iOS (Bound) doesn't seem to like the way the chapters in "Little Brother" are all split up.

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Wow. As soon as I sent that toot, a jock busted through our front door, ran into my office, and gave me a wedgie. 😮

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Recompiling ffmpeg with AAC support on my personal machine so I can use m4b-tool to make iPhone friendly audiobooks out of Doctorow's "Little Brother" Kickstarter rewards.

That thing where your wife is walking on the treadmill to the beat of the song you're listening to on your headphones and you can kind of hear her doing it.

My betting strategy:

1. Always bet on the Tacos.
2. Always bet against the Firefighters.
3. Always bet on the Shoe Thieves.
4. Bet on the underdogs for every other game.
5. Max your bets (with Snake Oil) as much as you can.
6. ...
7. Profit!

Stay 72° and Infinite, my friends.

Best possible outcome from Oracle v Google is I'm never able to write code ever again and I just stop using computers.

How is David Lee Roth's "Crazy from the Heat" not available as an audiobook? Dude _loves_ the sound of his own voice...

If you're getting Hacktoberfest-related garbage GitHub pull requests today or throughout this month please reply to this post with links to the PRs and your thoughts

Infinite Detail has got me listening to 90’s jungle. No regrets.

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