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Don't think I ever did an post, so I may as well get to it now, right?

Name's Jason. He/him. I live in , CA with my wife Sarah and a pack of small dogs.

I like films, , consuming and creating podcasts, memes, , and democratic socialism.


The feeling that washes over you when you learn that your nephew (who wasn't even born when you got married) just got his first cell phone.


After resolving the `libgcc-8-dev` error that I was receiving yesterday, I'm updating my box (RasPi 3) from 4.4.x to 11.0.x. 😅 Wish me luck!

Who is the best newscaster and why is it Lakshmi Singh?

I was tempted to buy a couple foam balls and DIY a solution. But foam balls appear to have been marked up on Amazon after sellers realized what folks were buying them for.

So my options were:

* Pay $400 (!!) for two Kaotica Eyeballs.
* Pay $80 (!) for two foam balls and do a little weekend project.
* Pay $50 for two knock-offs and wait 4–6 weeks for them to show up.

TBH, I think I made the right choice.

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Bought a couple knockoff Kaotica Eyeballs from AliExpress to help cut down on mic bleed when Sarah and her cohost record their podcast in person.

How do they work? I'll let you know when they show up in 45 days. 😄

Managed to get my feed reader banned from Apartment Therapy while trying to add its feed *and* get full articles. 😅

And, since I self-host my feed reader, I now have to complete CAPTCHAs every time I want to visit AT from my home network. 🙃

Anyone find it weird (and slightly annoying) that `pandoc` doesn't turn OPML files containing `htmlUrl` or `xmlUrl` into a list of links by default?

I set up a install and got it working with NetNewsWire. 🎉

Unfortunately, ~80% of the sites I had in my OPML file (that I've been importing into feed readers for 15+ years now) are either absolute ghost towns or have pivoted to being annoying overposters.

So, if you're inclined, send me some recommendations of and feeds that you like to follow. I'd prefer if you didn't just link your own and move on tho. 😄 Share something fun with me!

I have things that I _ought to_ be doing, so now is the perfect time to pull my out of a doom box to fuck around with it, right?

"Lord Finchley" by Hilaire Belloc

Lord Finchley tried to mend the Electric Light
Himself. It struck him dead: And serve him right!
It is the business of the wealthy man
To give employment to the artisan.

I feel like I fucked up when I got reading glasses a couple weeks ago.

I've never had a pair before, and I was told that I might want to consider bifocals. That way, I wouldn't have to take my glasses off every time that I walked away from my desk.

But no. I waved that suggestion off and got monofocal lenses instead. Now, forgetting to take my glasses off when I go into the other room turns me into Mr. Magoo.

The actual date for the end of the world is July 5, 1998. ↯92NOV

Could really use one of those two week bursts of manic energy that I appear to have inherited from my dad right about now.

Sarah borrowed my 2020 M1 Air to AirPlay a bunch of movies from a virtual film festival to our TV because her phone was being weird about doing it.

She used it, non-stop, for almost 6 hours. I just checked and that didn’t even manage to take 30% off of the battery. 🤯

Spending my Sunday setting up a @yunohost home server on a spare RasPi3.

P.S. It's not that I *want* to ignore what's going on rn. It's just all so overwhelming. 😞

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Speaking of, if any of y'all still use Gmail, this script (after some training) filters lower priority emails (sales notices, political fundraising, etc.) to a secondary label and sends you a daily summary.

It's made my main email account (which I've given out freely for 18 years) so much nicer to use.

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