Pick one thing that you need to do and get it done so it’s off your mental to do list.


It’s supposed to be 94 in Palm Springs today and the guy who brought us room service this morning said “It’s going to be a nice day. Thank god summer is over!”

Hold up. How hot does Palm Springs get in the summer?

Did I do that right? I’m a Gen Xer, so IDK… 😬

No one:

Zappos: Sorry about your personal data. 😞 Here's a coupon for 10% off the next time* you choose to trust us with more of it.

* By "next time" we mean before the end of the year. 😄

Shout out to the little girl eating a whole ass Jersey Mike’s meatball sub while watching the Gangnam Style video on repeat in this Mediterranean restaurant.

I used to write off Beats as "some Monster Cable bullshit", but I really enjoy my Solo3 headphones. They pair easily with my iPhone, don't drop out like other BT headphones I've owned, last forever on a single charge, and feel comfortable on my gigantic head after wearing them for a few hours.

I wasn't aware of @selfcare until today, but gosh, I *really* like it.

Its companion site is a great resource that's jam packed with a lot of very useful jumping off points.


I’ve had everything bagel seasoning on four out of my last six meals and now my toilet looks like an Einstein Bros.

TIL about WordOps, a fork of EasyEngine, that allows you to self-host multiple sites on a single VPS via a command line interface. Looks pretty nice!


Going to meet a new dog tonight. Maybe the people who have him will let him come stay with us. 🤞

whyd i make this. nobody has used this meme in 3000 years

6–8 hours of travel on Halloween, across two time zones, just to hang out with a bunch of people who I've (mostly) seen half a dozen times in the past year in St. Louis? I'm good.

I still love , but I'm pretty relieved to be skipping out on this year.

Caught shit for having a man bun in my weekly team sync on Zoom. Now I'm going to make sure to have one every time I'm on a work related video call.

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