Why do the majority of the health insurance robocalls I've been getting all seem to be coming from New Jersey?

Feeling so stuffy that I'm stacking DayQuil on top of my usual allergy meds.

Been trying this thing where I've been opting for vegetarian/vegan meals whenever I can get (or even make) one.

Besides all of the vegan farts, I'd say that it's going pretty well.

As someone who has spent an inordinate amount of time reading food sites instead of shitty real-life news, FoodHype just became my new favorite time waster. food-hype.glitch.me

Damn. Looks like the ol' portfolio has had a pretty rough week...

It's been pretty quiet around here. Has everyone gone back to using Twitter without telling me?

I know it's a pipe dream, but it'd be nice if Ubisoft could rerelease the Scott Pilgrim beat 'em up for Switch.

The only thing worse than telemarketers is telemarketers that leave 2 second voicemails.

Popped my AirPods in right as that ridiculous emergency alert test was triggered. 😖

Now that 1.0 is drawing near I need to finally get on and figure out what to do about the icon. The current one is a placeholder using some of the official Mastodon art, but it’s not really designed to work as an icon. I don’t quite trust myself to design anything good and cute enough to replace it.

So I’d have to find someone who can...

Excited to start playing with this thing.

How have we made it 2 whole years without someone making (or even announcing) a car stereo with an Apple W-series chip in it?

I'm starting to feel like the persistent Insta ads I'm getting for GERD pillows is a helpful algorithm just trying to warn me.

Just ended a conversation over the Walkie-Talkie Apple Watch app with "Love you, good buddy."

"Volkswagen detects when your tests are being run in a CI server, and makes them pass." github.com/auchenberg/volkswag

TBH, I think dark mode in Mojave looks like garbage. Don't @ me.

Venmo (a service I rarely use) was all hot to send me a debit card. So I said “Sure! I’ll take the pink one…”

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