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Two great things about RSS readers:

1) Disconnects you from The Algorithm.

2) No comment thread arblegarble.

What you see isn't moderated by advertiser revenue, platform bias, or user outrage.

Seriously, get yourself one.

Me: "I'm not going to buy shit on Prime Day. Jeff Bezos has enough of my fucking money."

Also me: *watches my Washington Post subscription renew*

Installing the requirements for this tool through `pip3` is _still going_. I'm in no hurry, but DAMN...

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Y'all... I had *no* idea how long it'd take to install TensorFlow on my personal machine.

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Installing TensorFlow so I can (attempt to) text-to-speech a few EPUBs that I haven't gotten around to reading yet and aren't available as audiobooks. 🀞🏻

The podcast I do with some of my friends (WPwatercooler) recently spun up a Discord where we can hang out and chat.

Even if you don't listen to the show, it's a good place with nice people β€” but it'd be a whole lot nicer if you were there... πŸ˜‰

Not to get all Xzibit here, but keep a backup of your backups, y'all!

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Got an OS level warning that an external HDD was somehow hosed to the point where it won't allow any further writes to the drive. 😬

Hope I can keep everything stable enough to `rsync` a few hundred GB to one of my servers overnight. πŸ˜…

cw: snake 

The war with our gopher just took an interesting turn. This friendly little creature showed up yesterday, lounging on the concrete by our pool:

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Clearly, I need to stop letting my `~/Downloads/` folder become my everything bucket.

Also, I probably need to stop using Reading List in Safari like bookmarks. 😬

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Did a little digital spring cleaning this week and took one of my machine's `~/Downloads/` folder from 884 files and folders to 3. 🧹

The war is a losing one, and will likely continue to be, because I refuse to kill a living thing.

Still, how many castor pellets and sonic spikes can one deploy before our adorable little yard destroyer gets the message?

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Currently fighting a losing war with a gopher in our yard.

My current vibe is rolling up to the grocery store curbside pickup area cranking Death Grips.

My Aether keycaps showed up last month, and my bobagums (62g) got here last week. Now, all I need is my Rama Kara to show up and I can get to work building my next keeb.

Feeling pretty good about springing forward this weekend.

The solar flare just hit, all your digital lifetime's work is gone.

mastodon is a federated decentralized homogenous stream-of-consciousness posting platform where a toot can say "ass pee" and be mutated into countless formations over a 24 hour period, during which a debate about the effectiveness of FOSS can simmer in the replies, before being discovered on an instance's "featured" page, followed by a conan the barbarian quote bot with 7 followers, whose last post was november of 2018

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