Magellan’s ship was Victoria. Drake’s was the Golden Hind. Well played, sir!

Surprisingly, the second circumnavigation of the globe was done 60 years after Magellan by Sir Francis Drake. Maybe a second moon landing many decades later has a precedent?

Best real name ever, and by far: Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim.

Unsurprisingly, the quality of the Medium mobile web experience is... medium.

Looks like "Paste and Go", an oft used shortcut in iOS browsers, has been renamed differently in Chrome and Safari for iOS. Which is better?

A sobering essay and convincing argument. Reminder: it's usually more complicated than you think.

“Unlike militaries in authoritarian regimes, the American military does not decide to go to war or to kill people.”

Pleased to report that despite the demise of Make magazine, the Portland Mini Maker Faire is alive and well, and running at an impressive scale. Meanwhile Seattle appears to have skipped 2019. Anyone know of efforts to bring it back next year?

Fascinated by the "rocks as verbs" lens and the idea that geological processes and inanimate objects that can serve as protagonists for stories woven through deep time. Great, almost poetic talk by Marcia Bjornerud.

Pretty impressed by's tech demo today at . Nice to see an elegant solution to a well defined problem. Especially excited by multiplayer and audio immersion possibilities, both co-present and remote.


Someone asked me: How old is Hinduism?

This is a common question. You might think it would be straightforward, the age of a religion, but you'd be wrong. The answer really depends on definitions and what you want to know.



This is super cheesy but actually covers the arguments more deeply than 99.x% of commentary.


Another year, another ! If you get this message and happen to be in Portland this weekend, let’s meet up. DMs open!

“A resurrected Franklin wouldn’t have a news job inside The Washington Post; he’d have an anonymous Twitter account with a huge following that he’d use to routinely troll political opponents.”

I wish the latest iA Writer could still sync with Dropbox :(

iCloud works well in practice but an Apple-only solution kills it for me.

Do you do interesting research on physical interfaces? Apply for an unrestricted research gift from Google!

It wasn't at all about Chrome's dominance. Instead, a general optimism about the web's sunny future was fueled by the emergence of mobile. Apple had just doubled down on the mobile web, and Chrome for Android launched shortly thereafter.

One of my favorite times at Google.

Through dumb luck, I joined the Chrome DevRel team at the start of 2011 and left at the end of 2012. The team was incredible, and there was a real sense that we were all working toward a better web.


Usage Share of Internet Browsers 1996 - 2019 (via


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