Neat: A Seattle based company pays it's employees a $20 per hour bonus for contributing to open source projects outside of work time.

Fully distributed teams is an organizational pattern that more big tech companies should experiment with. I'd guess it works a lot better than being a remote singleton (my current situation)

CMV: Adeline Software had the best game intro logo & jingle of all time.

Anyone have suggestions for remote-friendly brainstorming tools? Something like meets Google Docs?

I often fall into a related trap: instead of spending time on a real world hobby (eg. playing an instrument, food preparation, fitness, seeing live shows), I squander the time away, writing software to optimize the hobby.

Software should help us thrive in the real world, not suck us deeper into more software.


Imagine a "Humane" regenerative attention economy where our devices aren't about screen time at all, but more like a GPS-- always routing us towards more life, more connection, more common ground. The point of a GPS isn't to keep us fiddling, it's to get us to our destination.



Tune in for the noise-packed talk by me and Live coding a synth for Chrome and Android from the same audio code - featuring and as well!



This is incredible. A guy took a fertilized chicken egg out of its shell, incubated it in a clear plastic cup, and filmed the whole thing.

It never occurred to me that this was possible.

Day 3: 🤯


Reusable rockets is an example of thinking from first principles, not of irrationality. Le sigh

GoT is a fascinating look at how the medium (and popularity?) affects the message. How would have GRRM have written the last episode if it was a chapter in a the original book series?

What I have so far is about 5% of the list from Asimov’s Chronology of Science and Discovery. Or is there already such a spreadsheet/dataset out there?

Attempting to unbundle some of the many ideas in Radical Markets and find the worthy nuggets.

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