Hi @amici thanks for liking my book, do you want to share some impressions with me?

Starting to think of fame and success as a toxic concepts, propelling people to think too highly of themselves, providing excuses for them to "treat themselves" and indulge in bad habits, and in general to become worse people.

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translator's note: no, i have never heard the word "teenager" before, why do you ask

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For a few years, I have been working on this weird book/collection of articles about time and causality and I am still not sure if anyone would make something out of it. Check it out (and give me some feedback please). Boosts will be appreciated too.


Noone will ever know if this guy was the greatest genius that ever lived, or insane.

This list is a good illustration on how book lists are stupid - remove the US-centric books, remove the books that are there just because they are important historically, remove the books noone cares about and only a handful would remain.


I don't have any problem with Jeff Bezos going in space, the only thing I dislike is that he came back.

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thesis: picking up chicks in a dungeon
antithesis: fucking the monsters
synthesis: fucking the monsterchicks in a dungeon

Loving the variety of options that offers for editing bezie curves, symmetric and non-symmetric, corners, straight lines, new points, it's all there in the menu above, much easier to work with than the adobe equivalent

The clearest sign that they do not feel content with themselves is their desire to convert others to be like them.

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therapists want only one thing and its fucking discussing

I assume that people who say that Karl Marx didn't have a job are all writing monumental 1000-page studies as a hobby.

Word of the day: antinomy - an undecidable conflict between two thesis, none of which is true, simply because the question has no answer. This is due to

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“We live in a world where captains get arrested for saving people’s lives on the sea; where a person downloading scientific articles faces 35 years in jail; where people risk charges for bringing contraceptives to those who otherwise couldn’t get them. Folks are getting in trouble for giving food to the poor, medicine to the sick, water to the thirsty, shelter to the homeless.”


Systematic learning (the way it’s done at schools) doesn’t work - the principal method of learning is being exposed to some new info which you connect to what you already know in a creative way, educational institutions always try to do the creative work for you and that’s why the process is bound to fail. Learning is always spontaneous and almost always comes from unserious and unusual channels.

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"“Name the colors, blind the eye” is an old Zen saying, illustrating that the intellect’s habitual ways of branding and labeling creates a terrible experiential loss by displacing the vibrant, living reality with a steady stream of labels. It is the same way with space, which is solely the conceptual mind’s way of clearing its throat, of pausing between identified symbols."

That’s quite an interesting thing to consider while having coffee under the morning sun. Also, good morning.

All that is required for this enlightenment is freedom; and particularly the least harmful of all that may be called freedom, namely, the freedom for man to make public use of his reason in all matters. But I hear people clamor on all sides: Don’t argue! The officer says: Don’t argue, drill! The tax collector: Don’t argue, pay! The pastor: Don’t argue, believe!

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