Today's read, turns out the mathematician Brouwer (topology, intuitionistic logic) had written a philosophical lament about society in his 20s, seems interesting

Today in or : The dispute between Browler and Hilbert over the validity of the law of excluded middle in logic:

Added some helpful bash one-liners that I use in this repo, get them while they are hot:

Developed this very simple webapp for creating lists of things with no Javascript. Super enjoyable to use IMO:


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Jordan Peterson's early life is basically the origin story of The Scarecrow from Batman according to his official biography 😂

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Wrote a new chapter of the Category Theory book - Orders.

This is just part one, part two is coming soon(ish).

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i recently saw someone describe a common cis attitude towards one's gender as "idk i just work here" and honestly? accurate.

led me to finding the term "gender-apathetic" and i think for the first time i've found a gender label that actually resonates with me on some level.

can't be bothered to do anything about it though

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As Michael Parenti put it: "these countries are not under-developed, they were over-exploited"

I came to the world for the facts, but it turns out I can only have pictures of facts. This is some shit.

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Today for #StudyBuddies we did portraits of some of the folks in the community. I went with a Parsnip!

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

Mathematics is a sham, it only works because people get really smart while learning it.

The most annoying thing about moving from Adobe Illustrator to Inkscape is that I forget the name of the latter ("Inkscape") and I have to google "open source vector editor" in order to find it and start it. Otherwise, great tool!

I created a Jekyll template/boilerplate that can be used for publishing books, for all you all tech-savvy writers out there.

Sample book:

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