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And lastly:

Do I really need that item right now, or can I can buy it later so I have more time to consider the above?

Questions I ask myself before buying something

What’s the purpose of this item?

Do I really need for an item which serves that purpose? How would it benefit me?

Do I already own something that can be repurposed/fixed/made to serve the same purpose?

Can I borrow such thing from a friend who does not need it?

Who is selling this item and do I want to endorse them by buying it from them?

In what ways does the item make me dependent in therms of fixes, supplies, energy consumed etc. On whom?

You cannot wrap your head around reality ‘cause *it’s in it*.

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Look at that subtle coloring. The tasteful thickness. Oh my God. It even has a watermark

“The errors in religion are dangerous; those in philosophy only ridiculous”
❤️ David Hume (from his treatise of human nature)

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From this book I also learned about that poor guy who got Wittgenstein to be his PHD advisor. @OCRbot

Probably the greatest of all was the one between Ludwig and Carl Popper when Wittgenstein was emphasizing his argument using a flamed piece of wood. So epic that no one is exactly sure what had happened (and that there is a whole book about it).

The ultimate conclusion that you can reach when comparing their viewpoints is that causality is not a law, nor a meta law, but a belief which every thinking being must hold to some extend.

Reading David Hume’s Treatise.

I find it fascinating how similar it is to the Critique of Pure Reason, though the backgrounds of the two authors are so different.

Kant and Hume embody the religious and scientific schools in philosophy, Kant seeing belief as a transformative force and Hume seeing it as a peculiarly of the human character.

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Finally got around to adding some depth to the background of this It turned out great, although I did not bother to make a draft.

In other news, working on linocuts outside at the summer is cool - the heat makes the material very easy to carve.

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