And if you are that very experienced with using CLI, but all this seems interesting to you and you want to try it out, head over and install the full Ubuntu ( - this is a great OS and in addition it has a terminal emulator where all this stuff would work as well.

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Finally, if you have some GUI app that you want to use, you can install a minimal graphical environment which you can start and quit on-demand from the console (like a separate app)

Because I am a Haskell fan, I installed xmonad. Did it by following this tutorial, (there are many other great tips there).

Another window manager is dwm (recommended by @parasurv) haven't installed it, but their philosophy page looks nice

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If you have more than two things running at a time it's slightly more complicated because you have to do "jobs" and then "fg 1", "fg 2" etc.

I'd maybe use virtual consoles in this case (in the same way that I always keep two apps per environment/desktop when I use GUI, so I can circle all with Alt + Tab

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For multitasking, I use unix job control I run one "main" program which I suspend to run something else and then get back to it. Here is how I use it:

1 Fire vim and start editing a file e.g. with "vim"

2 Suspend (minimize) vim with Ctrl + Z

3 Run the other script e.g. open Lynx to check some word definition which I do with "dd word" (check the custom scripts).

4 Close Lynx when you are done with Ctrl + C

5 Go back to vim with "fg"

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I sometimes like to use lynx for browsing - lynx is a command-line browser that does not support JS images but it works fine if you want to check a word definition or some other small piece of info. I wrote a few small scripts that search results from Wikipedia and GoDuckGo in Lynx, I have them here:

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I use git and vim for all of my writing - articles, tutorials, code, novels - both of which are essentially CLI applications, so there weren't anything to get used to on that front:

- vim is awesome, as I explain in this post:

- git is awesome too as it allows you to preview your changes when you are editing and go back to previous versions of the text.

Otherwise, I use Jekyl for publishing and host my stuff on Github

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One thing that they forgot to include the Wizard was changing the console font, something that you can do with the following command.

For some reason it's not applied on startup in the first console, but it is applied in the virtual consoles, so I just switch to a virtual console on startup.

Virtual consoles are like desktops/workspaces that you can switch between using Ctrl+Alt + F2, Ctrl+Alt + F3 etc.

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I installed newest Ubuntu without a GUI using this page
Installation is extremely user-friendly, you just choose "Command Line install" from the menu and go through the wizard, which guides you through wi-fi, keyboard input, users etc.

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Decided to switch the laptop that I use for writing to a fully command-line environment (no GUI) and it's been great so far <3. Working on the command-line is a huge productivity booster. Getting rid of the UI is an even bigger one. Some things take time getting used to, but I was able to get used to it in a day or two and it's totally worth it.

Thread for sharing more info about my setup.

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heavenfolk dangle / their dull ghosts and trash baubles / over our sunsets

#mastoart #art #illustration #poem #poetry #haiku

If you can survive one moment, you can survive all of them.

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The study, ‘No pattern separation in the human hippocampus’, argues that the lack of pattern separation in memory coding is a key difference compared to other species, which has profound implications that could explain cognitive abilities uniquely developed in humans, such as our power of generalization and of creative thought.

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And to think that we live in the best of all possible worlds, I mean, imagine what the rest of them look like.

Reading about the Lindy effect ( a principle that states that the older something is, the more likely is for it to last still longer, and wondering whether there is a formal proof for it...

A good book - The Fabric of Reality by David Deutch. Quantum mechanics, theory of computation, evolution, epistemology all in one package.

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If I ever write a writing tutorial, it will begin with "If you consider reading a writing tutorial, consisting of anything but some basic technicalities, then just don't write and instead wait for the time when you wouldn't need such tutorial."

*Notice the abundance of adjectives (that every writing tutorial teaches you to use less of).

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Unpopular opinion: Art and writing tutorials that teach you how to find your audience, and say that commitment is the most important thing about art and that if you write/draw every day you would create great stuff etc. are fake, stupid and self-serving and they are part of the reason why 99% of all art is boring, mediocre and useless.

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