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What do you guys use to cross-post on Twitter?

In an attempt to further disconnect from social media, I decided to start curating a personal newsletter where to aggregate thoughts on technology, privacy and surveillance and share material and updates on my projects. You can subscribe here:

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Yes, Electron sounds like a security nightmare (besides turning even tiny utilities into big bloatware), but writing native GUIs is so frustrating that I can't blame those going for it.

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It's been one year since I last used Mastodon and pondering a potential comeback. Abandoning Twitter seems impossible, but I'm committed to continue scaling back my use of it. At the same time, I'm considering starting a personal newsletter as a different vehicle to keep folks up to date with my work. What do you think?

Alright, so... few days in, is the excitement for Mastodon still going?

What other communities are making moves to here? Any ideas?

Or is it called Unicode art these days?

The real advantage of these 500 characters will be for ASCII art.

We are all aggregating on one Mastodon instance. I hope we'll be able to migrate accounts.

@cynicalsecurity When are you setting up a Cabal Mastodon?

Every time I see some broken Unicode character I feel like I'm getting pwned and I close the tab instinctively.

I don't get it. You guys are self-verifying yourselves with this thing ✅?