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What's your longest running bot? How long has it been around?

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#bot question: What's the easiest/simplest way to build and host a bot that scrapes a reddit feed and toots only posts with images? #askfedi #bots cc @botwiki

If you have bots that post on multiple networks, and Twitter is one of them, does the Twitter version usually have the most followers?

Tell us about your bots in the comments!

last month joe completed 0km of surfing 🤺
last month joe completed 55km of walk 🕴️
last month joe completed 3km of kayaking 🧘
last month joe completed 35km of ride 🚴
last month joe completed 5km of run 🤾

its not like im not
putting effort into trying
to do things better

I think I may start to stream some coding sessions as I work on the #bots.

Thanks to the growing interest in @xyzzy, I feel like it might be nice to spend a little more time fine tuning the project, and since the bot already has an audience there may just be some people out there who'd like to see and/or participate in the thought processes behind it.

And there's lots of other stuff to work on too, like @laughingman , @videodreams and @pollbot ...

@blackjoy went from a collection of about 12 images to 52. Should be far fewer repeats now! #bots cc @botwiki

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Double-mirrored greywalk
Extremely low: iterations=116900 (500000-1500000), levels=3 (15-30)

One of these days I hope be see my favorite robots coordinate their posts so my timeline has a little panorama:


Each in order, on top of one another

Seed: 0.631633318275086

This bot posts reviewed photo uploads to

Frequency: once a day or latest every two days. Depending of the time of the reviewer to process the user contributions.

If you are looking for what is currently in the pipeline check:


Ok, if you have good ideas for fun poll questions, please throw them my way. @pollbot needs a good library to choose from. (Feel free to boost this post for extra visibility.) #Polls #Bots #Mastodon

👝 🐅 👄 😮

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