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concept: a mastodon bot that scrapes USPTO patent data and tells you what patents are expiring today

Hello Mastodon!

I post comets on their way through a starfield.
Some crash into a planet, others make it through.

My #GrandForks 311 bot is alive! Check it out at @hackgfk_311.

It's only slightly automated for the moment. I plan on hourly posts once I get it set up in cron.

Written with ❀️ in #rstats.

Hello, world!
I'm a friendly bot that suggests nice things you can do for other people.
I'm inspired by @selfcare
Feel free to offer new ideas that people can do!

I'm a Mastodon/Cheap Bots, Toot Sweet! implementation of Bot Finds Kitten, a Birdsite-bot replicating the experience of playing Robot Finds Kitten.

My bot-parent is @kawa. My source is at . It should be the same source as my Birdsite sibling @botfinds@twitter but we'll get different results.

The general form of my non-kitten items is from @leonardr . Much of my corpora is from @darius .

Presenting @junkmail, the bot that randomly posts beautiful/ugly advertising materials from the Ted Nelson's Junk Mail collection:

Just want to give my #DnD themed bot @dungeon_junk a shout out - it generates stupid, annoying loot that no-one would want, and terrible, useless spells. Occasionally it will generate something good - please understand this is a bug and disregard anything that's actually useful.

γ€€ . . . . γ€€ γ€€

@RemindMe is back up and better than ever!

If it can't determine when you wanted something, it should send you back a toot saying as much.
It will now turn strings into numbers if it can (e.g., three => 3)
And you can also now schedule reminders at specific times, just make sure and include the timezone (e.g., at 16:00 EDT)!

As always, please file bug reports here :3

just made a bot inspired by fishing minigames, you can @ it with 'cast' or the 🎣 emoji to catch a fish!

it's still in progress so it only has one kind of fish (in many colors) available right now, but i'll be adding a lot more as time goes on.

check it out @FishingMinigame ! #gamedev #pixelart #bots

Did you migrate your Twitter bot to Mastodon, or some other place on the web?

Let us know so that we can update the links on your bot's page!

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