Bluetooth must be the second most finicky technology related to computers, after printers

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I just shared an alpha of a project to facilitate working with Inform 7 (an interactive fiction DSL) on the command-line.

It's a thing that'll be useful to something like 12 people, but I hope those 12 will find it _really useful_.

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Any recommendations on a USB-C external SSD or enclosure?

Year progress: ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 37.0%

Hello, Mastodon! I'm starting a new job search!

I have a hilariously bizarre combination of formal education, personal interests, and work experience.

Feel free to share, boost, and reach out!

New blog post with some book reviews including the awesome Elemental Logic quartet (first book on sale today), plus some thoughts on how Wells's and Leckie's breaking-out-of-brainwashing soldiers-of-empire are in conversation with, like, "The West Wing"

[per the sale on "Fire Logic" ]

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Super sale! get FIRE LOGIC — first of Laurie J. Marks's series for $1.99:

cover photo of book:

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Is there any place besides Bandcamp to get high quality DRM-free digital music legitimately? Also not beatport.

(Nothing against those sites, I just mean stuff that's not on there - in general, but also very specifically the Béla Fleck album Crossing The Tracks)

I've been working on some Decentralized Social Networking Protocol stuff with a great team. We put out a whitepaper and are steaming along towards a spec, a proof-of-concept app, governance infrastructure, etc. I think we're at the point where public review starts to get more important. Take a look at the whitepaper ( and join the conversation at

me, comparing your product's features to your roadmap

[still is from "Speed" (1994)]

idea for a spontaneous session : "Chaos on Catnet" and "The Mitchells vs. The Machines" as realistic teen-centered cautionary tales about modern tech platforms

a feeling familiar to those of us in fandom

(still is from the British reality show "Money for Nothing" about refurbishing stuff people throw away)

"Rogue Gartner Employee Postulates Existence Of Hypothetical 'Fifth Quadrant'."

Because this ad aired AFTER the 1981 ruling from the 9th Circuit Court, but BEFORE the 1984 Supreme Court ruling in the Betamax case, which found that home taping for timeshifting is permitted!

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To relax, sometimes @leonardr and I watch old TV ads. And sometimes we find interesting stuff

like: here's a 1983 ad for Panasonic

39 seconds in, a notice: "Warning: a court held that taping copyrighted programs is infringement. They should not be taped"

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Q for a friend: what is the best recent book/guide/online course you know on web analytics suitable for medium-sized nonprofits (traffic is 1K-10K distinct visitors a week, site maintainer works 10 paid hr/week and has AP stats)?

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Years in the making, days in the drafting, I've finally done it: I dug into the full history of important features missing from iOS/Safari and made it (roughly) human-readable:

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There are some kids at school that A) are pretty good kids (objectively better than the kids my oldest hangs out with there by default) and B) play a lot of Magic: The Gathering.

My oldest *does* want to hang out with them more but he doesn't know how to play MTG nor does he have any cards.

He has a decent collection of Pokemon cards and plays that very well.

Where do I start?

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perhaps Lucia's assessment is the answer to this question from an old "Murder, She Wrote" that I also find hilarious

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in celebration of "Starting an Open Source 'Repair Shop'", the talk I'm delivering tomorrow

here's one of my favorite moments from the show, starring Lucia, the Repair Shop's art restorer

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