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Sumana Harihareswara

Thinking of applying for the one-week @recursecenter experience, January 8-12? Today's the deadline:

New MetaFilter post: Boisebration Fiction and nonfiction by @jon_bois about class, feminism, aging, sports, politics, wonder, education, & art - and 17776 precursors/callbacks

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Filippo Valsorda‏ @FiloSottile

My favorite conference of the year, Real World Crypto, is coming up, and it’s in Zurich!

If you (broadly speaking) study crypto and wouldn’t attend because money, DM me something you made (a cryptopals solution, blog post, uni assignment…) and I’ll pay your registration.

New short blog post: the themes of networked identity, body violation, freedom inhering in being able to unplug/choose, in scifi by Newitz, Sugar, Wells, & Leckie

The programmer experience: redundancy edition in which I discover a useful resource re: Form 990 filings and learn to use the Arrow library for date-time manipulation

Tuesday, Dec. 5 in New York City: Free overdose prevention & reversal training. "You will become a Certified Opioid Overdose Responder and receive an Overdose Rescue Kit with naloxone"

Training offered monthly.

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Jack Aponte‏ @jackaponte

Love , progressive nonprofits and worker cooperatives? Apply to join the @PalanteTech team as a database developer!

I'm looking for someone who can do a small amount of social media marketing work in the next couple of weeks, mostly writing tweets. Facebook experience is helpful too. I will pay you :)

Thanks to Private Internet Access and an anonymous hero, we've launched our
largest match challenge! Spread the word and help us meet our goal!

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Chris Cooper‏ @ccooper

Interested in working on developer tooling in at @mozilla? Well, have I got a contract opportunity for you!

Freedom of the Press‏Verified account @FreedomofPress

Do you know a rad project manager? 😎 We're hiring! 🎉 Come work on @SecureDrop and other open-source technology projects that protect journalists and whistleblowers. Details here:

"1967's most annoying question for women in Catholic ministry" (new MeFi post about because-its-important.tumblr.c , found via @recursecenter)

yesterday, was trying to explain virtual environments/containers/VMs to a friend and said "they range from Inception-style fake computers to putting a blanket on the floor and pretending it's lava" & are probably.... more helpful