info request re changing name and gender marker in the uk, boost please! 

hello!!! i am attempting a big project and would appreciate some input. i'm trying to cover the process of changing your name and gender marker with as many UK organisations as possible so if you've done this with for example, a bank/card provider, insurance company, utilities provider or on your vehicle log book, or anything else you can think of, and you can decribe the process to me, i would LOVE that! [cont. below]

Have just spent the past two hours trying, without success, to figure out (a) why Manjaro ARM shipped a bunch of xdg autostart files that don't work and can't ever have worked, and (b) why systemd is paying attention to them despite the documented opt-in for xdg autostart files not being used as far as I can tell.

How's *your* Saturday night, fediverse?

The Conversational Collective is looking for speakers who would like to showcase their conversational technology work in 2021:
• designers
• developers
• marketers
• engineers
• hardware experts
• researchers
• linguists
• entrepreneurs
• project managers
• voice actors
• machine learning specialists
• and the many more who are innovating in this space
CFP closes November 30th. More details here

I’m told that many Germans are stockpiling cheese and sausages in anticipation of a COVID lockdown — planning, in other words, for a Wurst-Käse scenario and are good responses that kind of rhyme with by @`mariafarrell ... on thinking or declaring that it is ok, worthy, loving to flout the rules "for family"
there are some words you can say to kind of bypass other people's ability to reason and form judgments, and one of them is "family"
[I'm thinking about a piece I read that said "uncomfortable" is another, which rhymes with ]

Said today during a work call:

"Are you in Merge Town?"
"No, I'm in Figuring Out Why I Can't Merge Yet Town."
"Well, that's close!"
"Yeah, it's right next to it, but I don't know the path to get there yet."

New blogpost -
Parenting for Liberation | CoLET

....maybe an antidote to all the mainstream media moaning about having to spend your life with your own offspring rather than pawning them off to the imperialist/capitalist state to turn them into willing agents of neocolonial oppression and climate destruction.

Every job has _core work_ and it also has _care work_. Core work can be done safely without much consideration. Care work requires consideration to be performed safely.

Sometimes work we think of as core work others need to be done as care work.

When teams distribute care work in a way that preserves or generates trust, they cultivate psychological safety.

"Sometimes Sumana and I play a game where we figure out how early in human history a given story could have been set." When is the earliest that the 2006 film "Stranger Than Fiction" could have been plausibly set?

This morning a black poodle in a Hawaiian shirt wandered into my office and licked me #signs #portents

I didn't have a chance to save the chat before the call ended; what additional links did people want in ?

I just tossed some notes up at for - anyone who was there and remembers or saved the chat, remind me what links I ought to add?

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In about three hours I'll present a few Python tips, and chat about my strange career, to a PyLadies meetup and you can swing by if you like

tech question - git hosting "frontends" 

i wonder what the minimal setup is for sharing git repos from your own server. yes i know about gitlab, forgefed, etc, but is there anything at the simpler end of the space that's floss and easy to install? i'm interested to hear about things with basically any featureset, partially because i'm interested in thinking about what features are truly essential for what cases.

At work we are porting an old Wordpress site to a static site builder. There was a plugin that littered our post content with a bunch of custom tags, that needed to be removed. I actually ended up having some fun with pyparsing figuring out how to do it. But I hope nobody ever needs this code:

boost from birdsite, worker exploitation 

boosting @`ElizabethN
Not only is it not a paid position, students paid *them* for the "opportunity"

This may be the most important thing we've ever done at Lambda School: Introducing Lambda School Fellows.

Bring an engineer onto your team for four weeks *at no cost to your company.*

We onboard them quickly and show you how much (and fast) they ship.

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boost from birdsite, NYC 

boosting Queens Community Board 3
Do you prefer working from home?

Maybe you'd prefer a flexible schedule that allows you to mix remote and office work?

wants to help NYC prepare for the future:

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Any of y'all have recommendations for guided yoga videos/course that focus on noticing and relieving physical tension being held throughout the body?


- For "people who do yoga but don't _do_ yoga"
- Slowly flowing through poses and holding them.
- Includes a way to practice small sequences (like, 3~5m total) independent of doing a longer 30~60m session.

#HealthLog #PracticeLog

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