is there a mastodon instance that's only for capybara content

What are your favourite nonprofits doing work on equity in tech that aren't just Anita borg or lesbians who warcimes

So what's the done thing for an old fart like me to make everything a wee bit bigger in X11?

I have a Lenovo X1 gen2 with the unreadable resolution:
2560x1440, 96x96 dpi.

I've already cranked the xterm font size via .XResources but I'd like to just run everything at 110% or 120%.

I have a suspicion the easiest solution is "buy a new laptop with lower resolution and bigger screen".

I'm running awesome WM on OpenBSD.

Suggesting to run gnome? That's a paddlin'.

#LazyWeb #AskingForAFriend

Part three of the Situation Normal author commentary covers one of my favorite topics: designing space aliens!

Any one familiar with #ffmpeg want to take a crack at this question?

Given how long it’s gone without any bites, I’m guessing the answer is going to be “it’s complicated/impossible” or something, but it seems like it really should be possible.

Maybe @lynne knows?

Does anybody have an example "software #maintenance" contact for free software?

#PyInstaller continuous development is still in need of funding. Selling "maintenance" might be a solution.

@fsfe @eff

#floss #foss #opensource #business

suggestion for folks with connections to US today (uspol) 


Just stating the obvious here: if you manage people in America, or with links to America, especially if the are Black or Brown, deadlines are cancelled. All of them.

Call for memories: "I’m working on a zine (or maybe a small book) of people’s stories of games they made up as children. This can be a simple story or paragraph or two — or you can go into more detail."

Unscientific poll time: I have just discovered that many of the password hashing algorithms implemented by libxcrypt [ ], including several of the "strong" ones, silently accept setting strings that provide little or no salt.

What should I do about this?

uspol but more of a "fun old media artifact" vibe is "Jimmy Carter Says Yes" which is a vibe I am feeling today

Want to attend the virtual Linux.Conf.Au, Jan. 23-25? Buy your ticket:

Financial assistance available:

I'll discuss "How To Get A Project Unstuck -- And Fixing The Skill Gaps That Got Us Here"

I've been sending a lot of my books that I've been removing from my collection to the Internet Archive for digitizing. You can too:

If hospitals/ambulances near you are at capacity, it's even more important to know where your nearest AED is:

If you want to help with the map of where the public access AEDs are in NYC:

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If someone had a heart attack right next to you, could you get to your nearest automated external defibrillator, grab it, & use it within 3-5 minutes of their collapse?

On average, when a person in the US calls 911 because someone's suffered cardiac arrest, emergency medical responders get to the scene in 8-12 minutes -- but for people suffering cardiac arrest, for every minute defibrillation is delayed, the chance of survival goes down about 7-10%.

On Tuesdays and Fridays I'll be posting some Situation Normal commentary essays, for those who are done reading the book and want to look inside to see how it works.

Up first: plot structure, the Lebowski connection, and origins of the major characters:

Two things I like in the "Getting Unstuck" ebook sampler I just released:

* "Who this book is for and what you should get out of it" but also "Who this book is NOT for"
* concrete examples and exercises to improve open source project management skills

#music recommendations please

Alright ya'll, I need some heavy, droney, reverb-into-your-soul, vocal-less music for nighttime stretching/meditation (really).

Genres that typically fit the bill are post-rock/post-metal, but happy to explore others. I like it when it grows/crescendos throughout the song(s).

Bonus points if they're on #bandcamp or otherwise easily acquirable in good quality downloads.

Boost welcome!

Today, on this first Monday, I want to point out First Monday -- an open journal writing about the internet since the mid-90s.

boost from birdsite, nitter link to thread, new Google workers' union 

boosting my friend Jed @`elysdir , short thread starting

Alphabet/Google workers have formed a union.

I will probably be joining soon.

Op-Ed by the executive chair and vice-chair of the new union:

Website for the new union:

For a long time, I didn’t think we needed unions in the software industry. ...

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Two things I like in the "Getting Unstuck" ebook sampler I just released:

* "Who this book is for and what you should get out of it" but also "Who this book is NOT for"
* concrete examples and exercises to improve open source project management skills

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