It's been many years -- if you know who anonymously sent me & @wjt copies of Yevgeny Zamyatin's "We" , perhaps you can reveal them now?

most online thesauri take one word and return a list of synonyms & antonyms. are there any where you can enter multiple words and they'll return a list of semi-synonyms in order of shortest total jumps to reach all your source words?

MAN: doc i'm so depressed
DOCTOR: listen, they're doing an anniversary screening of Goodfellas, you should go see it, Joe Pesci is in it, he's very funny, it will cheer you righ--
MAN: funny how
DOCTOR: wh--
MAN: how is he funny
MAN: funny like a clown, is he a clown to you, what the fuck is so funny about him, tell me what's so fuckin' funny

An exciting announcement, solarpunk 

Hey New York peeps! I'm gonna be in NYC next week to give a tech talk on funky JS/Wasm video decoding at

I'm taking a couple free days after since it's been ages since I was there and just had time to wander myself. Now if I can just find the Hippodrome...

birdsite, Python 

my new MetaFilter post is about , affirmational fandom, that song from "Commentary! The Musical" about dissecting narratives, "Cat Person", and tolerance for ambiguity

Trans PoC asking for help, Boosts OK 

We will be publishing further this year in the Using Electricity series of computer-generated literary books. This is a Counterpath Press series that I edit.

I am very glad to discuss book ideas and consider manuscripts! Computer programs, have your human author/programmers get in touch with me...



New blog post: "Hey, You Left Something Out"

On the reply/comment pattern that goes (playfully or dismissively): "you did not mention the thing that I think should be mentioned. Therefore, something is wrong." What it's aiming at & what it misses.

plus a review of a trailer for "After the Wedding"

I saw several films recently! new blog post with short reviews of "Booksmart", "Always Be My Maybe", "Late Night", and "Face/Off"

Reflecting on Rebecca Solnit's "Hope in the Dark" , the ending of Allie Brosh's "Depression Part II" [content note: ref. to self-harm] , & Doug Muder's "We need hope, not optimism" , on hope as UNCERTAINTY


if any Boston-area folks are thinking of going to Grendel's for the weekly get-together tonight , look for and say hi? He's visiting

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