Was grepping our code today and became unreasonably happy at seeing this level of `FOREIGN KEY` hygiene. For reference, the project is less than a year old.

There are many ways to make software that works, at least for a time. This is a way to make software that _stays_ working.

Wrote this one a few months back, but forgot to post it here.

Stay optimistic about companies and technologies, but apply healthy skepticism as well — in almost every case, people (very unsurprisingly) leave out the bad stuff.


Inspired move by Patagonia — no more customized products with corporate logos because products with logos are more likely to end up in landfills.

Companies should embrace this and keep going Patagonia for swag. Brand T-shirts if you have to.


Just wanted to drop a blanket "thank you" for all the nice comments/messages/likes about my note yesterday. I expected a trickle of encouraging responses, and got a tsunami instead. You people are incredible.

Recently I had the hard realization that I've spent more years as a Mongo user than as a Postgres one, so I'm changing that this month. Excited to be joining the engineering team at @crunchydata.

A few more words on that: brandur.org/fragments/crunchy

Sent 023 this morning on downward assignment, the evolution of properties in C#, and Japanese city pop.


TIL: The “Re” we use in subject lines for email replies is a latin phrase abbreviated from “in re” (“in the matter of”). Hah, I always thought it was short for “reply”.

There’s an RFC of course:

Every time I wake up early enough to go see the sun rise, then walk around to listen to the early morning sounds of nature, I realize that it's completely unreasonable that I don't do this every single morning.

Reminder that it's worth glancing at the AWS bill every once in a while, even if it's not enormous.

The s-m-r-t idea of always invalidating all index pages in CloudFront on every build cost $8 of a total ~$13 bill last month.


Luckily a joke, but it got me. Right in line with Ruby's design principles (succinctly: "include _everything_").


Complained to @keiko713 about the kanji for the word "carrot" — 人参, which makes it "person" + "participate" (?!?!). Was sent this image as a memory aid.

(Source: twitter.com/buromasa0423/statu)

I like the abstract romantic idea of a monorepo as much as the next person, but once one is so big that Git (one of the fastest and best-optimized programs every written) doesn’t really work anymore, the monorepo is too mono.

Stats from Canadian real estate.

Turns out, super inflationary policy has ramifications. $X,000 in free money today, but $X00,000 more needed to own a home tomorrow. Most Canadians are homeowners and profiting, but think of the children, seriously.


Last Nanoglyph — wrote about how, unsurprisingly, IDEs are a good idea, and how they make writing **even Java** (!!) pretty fun.

Title for next week: "Time and Entropy".


Impressive video on electric buses in Shenzhen. Imagine buses going from the loudest vehicles on the street to the quietest.

We’ve all internalized that big infrastructure upgrades are impossible, but remember some places in the world still make them.


Can’t believe I agree with Facebook on anything, but this is the right move. Big tech isn't good, but legislative overreach and insider graft is worse.

Good for society too. Given the quality of today’s news, we’d all do well to consume less of it.


Excellent: Go 1.16 finally supports slurping up static files into binaries. 3rd party packages and extra build steps no longer required.

(Like Go, and this is good, but can’t give them _too_ much credit because it should’ve happened >5 years ago.)


Wrote a piece on ditching Google Analytics to run analytics over logs, like it’s 1999 (except now with hosted Presto, etc. bootable in seconds from the cloud ;).

I also estimate how inaccurate hosted analytics are due to adblocked scripts. Answer: very.


Periodic reminder that Vim has a built-in `:sort` command that works for an entire file and all the usual selections. Not something you need every day, but the days when you do, it's a _huge_ time saver.


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