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standing offer until further notice:

want to do something on the (gnu/linux/unix) command line but not quite sure where to start? trying to sort out some kind of tiny script? ill-advised regular expression not _quite_ hacky enough for the job? not asking stackoverflow quite the right thing? maybe i can help! @ me and let's see what we can do.

(disclaimers: speedy responses not guaranteed; i won't make fun of you; i'll tell you if i'm stumped; i'm pretty easy to stump.)

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if anybody sees a follow request from, confirming that's me and i'm probably moving this account. going to make sure it seems like it'll _work_ before i bail on this one.

still giving a fuck about an oxford comma.

sometimes i do dishes and wind up staring at the cabinet where the tupperware goes for like a literal 10 or 15 minutes trying to work out the careful and deterministic set of rules by which i would know where in hell a particular small round lid Correctly lives.

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you know there's a fresh thing of solder or a box of deck screws. you just don't know which carefully labeled toolbox inside which carefully labeled rubbermaid tub on which carefully labeled shelf it's at the bottom of, and if you tried to find out without asking, you'd disassemble half the household.

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sometimes you just give up and buy a new one of whatever thing you're looking for because unlike the resident cache-oriented mammal, your mental model of the cache layout is woefully incomplete and months out of date.

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there's this whole other thing though, that i seem to find in long term relationships. it's a subtype of tidy, i guess, or something like it. it's like sharing a warren with a small, efficient burrowing mammal that's particularly cache-oriented.

you wonder for months where, say, the handheld radios have gone and then one day you open a drawer and there they are, neatly tetrised in next to 15 batteries and several cameras.

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we've probably all lived with messy people. some of us, i'm not in a place to judge here, have probably been messy people to live with.

ah, yes netflix, such "undiscovered gems" as the 2 or 3 most popular things ever published on your platform

...the more accurately i describe this, the more useless it seems, which is kind of the entirety of my output in microcosm.

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reminder: for all your very approximately correct northern-hemisphere-centric current moon phase emoji needs

can somebody tell me what the heck squarch is

new career / life goal: if i'm still alive at 50, have gotten well clear of technology by then and fucked off to spend the remainder of my days outdoors somewhere with plants and small trickling streams.

i was really pretty interested in working some skull and crying cat face into this devops situation, but dang.

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so using some of the emoji in terminals sure does lead to some pretty weird behavior even where a character will actually display, doesn't it


i sliced a leftover baked potato into today's lunch ramen.

the verdict is still kind of out on this one. it's not -bad- but i can't tell yet if it's good.

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