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by the way, I was wholly unqualified to build an ISP when we built our ISP and I was also the only one of us who computered so do not let little things like having any idea what you are doing get in your way.

systemd was a mistake.

(or a deliberate act of violence.)

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*furious scribbling social media engagement notes on napkin*


e-mail, cat vacuuming Show more

e-mail, cat vacuuming Show more

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basically i think we should have 8 billion operating systems, everybody in the world gets one except for Bill Gates because I've kept my nineties grudges

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nationalize the internet.

(but also somehow keep it out of the clutches of the state surveillance apparatus.)

anarcho-syndicalize the internet?

fuck, i don't know. i don't actually think smashing the state is practical on a longterm basis. just like markets, states have a tendency to arising.

something sure needs some smashing, though.

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the first time i watched Blade Runner, i got it on DVD. i plugged it into my player and flailed around til it was connected to my TV (like u do)

i started watching, and i was like, "huh i didn't realize it's in black and white." cool though

watched the WHOLE MOVIE

went to take out the DVD

i'd only plugged in the Y channel, which it represented as greyscale

that sinking feeling? that stuck with me for WEEKS. i can STILL feel it today if i think about it

Copy message UID 14149 (3282/263925) Gmail-Remote:[Gmail]/All Mail -> Gmail-Local

...i think this might take a while.

that feeling where you realize the right speaker is unhooked and try to extrapolate how many months you've been listening to just one speaker and which things were mono mixes anyway and which things you should just kind of be embarrassed about liking with half the speakers.

actually, the last time i fired up dos edit the thing i quickly realized makes it impossible for a spoiled modern brain to use is the total lack of undo.

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the world aint some giant tournament where we all work out who knows most about computers

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the worst thing about talkin about computers is that not only do people want to tell you they ALSO know about computers, but in every single interaction they also assume that you know less than them

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Me (wearing trenchcoat, knocks on door in dark alleyway): A... woo?

Hooded figure: Awoo. What must Gargamel fix?

Me: The, uh, the emojos.

Figure: For whom doth the coyote rotate?

Me: For the one who hovers above the icon, and no other.

Figure: Gopherspace is full of...?

Me: Phlogs, and the Spectrum is aesthetic.

Figure: Welcome, traveller. Thou mayest enter this lodge.

a thing is that if you think you worked hard to get where you're at, and basically deserve what success, security, and human comforts you have, you _might_ be wrong but on average there's a pretty good chance you're right.

now work backwards from there to how many people actually deserve any less.

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@brennen seriously. We have the tech to run this stuff as a worker owned co-op. Don't just assume a for-profit model is the only one that works.

any old corporation is for the most part your enemy; venture-backed rent-seeking corporations are your enemy with worse incentives.