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a couple of blog posts i had sitting around:

one on getting a somewhat more useful git log with tags + dates included (and some incidentals about git reference internals):

one on watching _the west wing_:

a thing i would care more about than a federated/p2p instagram is definitely a federated/p2p flickr.

i'm sure somewhere there are forums full of people being giant assholes about fountain pen esoterica, but in general the pen-oriented internet is just so... resoundingly benign.

mastodon: come for the gay communist space furries, stay for the fountain pen nerds.

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@brennen Happy to be part of a social network platform where the idea of commercialization is still literally a joke.

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like how does _that_ sales pitch go, exactly?

"yeah, listen, we've added a new feature - we're gonna do you a one shot ad post on a fringe social network full of gay space communists, people who identify strongly with cartoon animals, and programmers who are weirdly intense about ideological shit that we're not entirely sure is even real. oh yeah, and did i mention the sex professionals? that's been big lately."

cc: @yourgreenpal21

i'm really kinda curious who's doing, like, SEO for midwestern landscaping companies and such on here.

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@brennen one of the beautiful things about scuttlebutt is git-ssb, which not only lets git repos be published fully p2p, but has a web interface for browsing repos and issue tracking that looks just like github.

You run the web interface on localhost, and issues you file there get published p2p like any other scuttlebutt message.

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@brennen 2019: Leave the cat alone with the laptop for 10 minutes, come back to a half-configured Gentoo install with libre firmware

step outside for a few minutes with the laptop sitting open on the table and get back to find the cat has opened 15 new browser tabs, turned off the wifi, and tried to login as a different user.

i think his skills are escalating.

one thing i probably ought to do is give fossil a shot, huh.

gitlab taking a bunch of google dollars is a good reminder that we badly need to figure out how to redistribute "distributed" version control, this time with the features that make a host like github or gitlab so useful bundled in.

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did @jk ever get the purple cube

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notes from earlier this year.

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@brennen there’s another place this same trick comes in handy: x.y.z version comparison. In both cases you’ve got mixed-base numbers that don’t compare easily, but left-padding each digit turns this complex comparison into a simple lexical one!

i have a question

what does the . signify before posting an image / meme / whatever?

i just had this thought about how intensely weird it is that i can recite the alphabet without thinking about it, but can't type on an alphabetically arranged keyboard at all, but also probably couldn't get any further in reciting my keyboard layout than qwertyuiop with any certainty.