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For the holidays, you could say thank you to some of the people who write free software you use, especially software that isn't hugely popular.

Those of us who write little-known software may go for months without hearing from a user, and it can be a little de-motivating.

Hearing from someone who actually uses one's software gives an energising jolt that can carry one through several weeks of darkness and cold and wet.

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Without venturing for Scrooge quite as hardily as this, I don't mind calling on you to believe that he was ready for a good broad field of strange appearances, and that nothing between a baby and rhinoceros would have astonished him very much.

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sometimes I wonder if the most effective form of donation in terms of helping make the future a better place might just be to send boxes full of Ursula K. Le Guin novels to public school libraries all over the country

today deer came into to the yard and ate the christmas-themed jack o' lanterns i'd set out last week after i realized we'd never done anything with the pumpkins at halloween, while the cat glared murder at them through the front window.

(background music: the ciiiiiiircle of liiiiiiiiiife)

mobile service, petty consumerist gloating Show more

mobile service, petty consumerist gloating Show more

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.     ☆  
      ◕     ⋆   ✵
        ·       ¨     

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software griping, signal edition Show more

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I wish that the GIFs I had locally on my laptop had captions so I didn't have to type them every time.

Better yet.

I'm like ~60% sure we could stuff this into EXIF data and infer a caption from there.

But how often do you go around captioning images on your local machine

hey, so thanks to a bunch of folks on here for some kind words last night.

i'm HERE, i'm ON, i'm DOING STUFF, or at least i'm IDLING A LOT RIGHT NOW

i don't know who set out to put absurdly obnoxious bright blue blinkenlights on the beaglebone black, but whoever it was, they were not fucking around. having this thing on the desktop is like keeping a tiny strobe light in the periphery of your vision at all times.

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theyve taken computers too far. computers were supposed to be a niche interest like model trains. now look at whats happened. we're gonna end up like that shoe planet where everyone evolved into birds

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i'm thinking about giving up my last couple of public-facing identities on the web, other than a long-running blog i should probably be grateful no one reads and a handful of work accounts i can't really ditch.

i feel this weird, uncomfortable reluctance. i mean, for one thing, i'd miss a lot of y'all. but beyond that there's this sense that i'd miss things. fail to be part of some conversation. not know about the jorts.

thanks all for the feedback on this one. (further updates as events warrant.)

ok, so i think i'm going to self-host an instance of one and migrate there in line with the general idea that the fediverse should be actually-distributed.

i solicit advice. is pleroma a bad idea for this / will i find myself on the wrong side of some dimly grasped political divide that has nothing in particular to do with my technical goals? i would rather not deal with a convoluted ruby/rails application environment if i can avoid it...

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