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i think this might be about as sophisticated a sample of travel writing as i'm ever going to attempt to muster again.

kansas city, cons: hot, muggy, racist football team name.

kansas city, pros: cicadas, bbq, thunderstorms, trees.

took a break to walk to the post office and checked on the nest on my way back; here's the last small birb resident atop our porchlight moments before its initial test flight.

(also visible: my emergency gorilla/gaff-tape nest repairs of last week. don't judge; it's hard to manipulate a roll of tape while standing on a rickety kitchen stool and holding a broken nest in place as enraged songbirds bounce off the back of your head.)


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when you think about it, the idea that software should scale is actually really weird. "sure this garden is nice, but how nice can it be if it doesn't grow to cover the entire surface of the earth?"

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i still have lostsnail.(org|com)... maybe this weekend i'll make some kind of bare-bones subscription form.

i wish the postal service had some kind of sensible obfuscated redirect mechanism whereby you could just register guids that route to your desired address without exposing physical location or making mailing lists a major privacy liability.

very stringent letters-to-the-editor policy, small classifieds section, some light cartooning.

very seriously considering just closing this, my last actual social media account, and replacing it with a snailmail mailing list to which i send occasional 1980s-style photocopier newsletters.

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Just in case it's useful to more people, I'm promoting this so it's not embedded in a thread: a description of how #Debian handles #PGP keys and why it's not vulnerable to the current SKS keyserver signature flooding.

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in the final episode of HBO's chilling miniseries "Cloudflare", a distributed systems engineer explains to the investigative committee that although Cloudflare recklessly sought a market dominance that made the web brittle and fragile, it was in fact the broader capitalist context that made it wise for them to do so. only the telecom lobby understands the gravity of the accusation, and endeavors successfully to blackball the engineer as a hopeless political radical.

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comments you love finding in your own code several years on:

// boy howdy should this really check whether it succeeded first or what?

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