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just awoke from a pretty great dream in which i was exploring an ancient derelict alien zeppelin with indiana jones. i discovered that the nazis had been smuggling cosmetics in order to help the duras family to win a klingon civil war. elaborate fanfic dreams are the best

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@jk it is so thoroughly terrible.

actually i think that between all three (three! wtf!) movies there's probably like 4/5ths of a pretty good adaptation of the source material, but my god. there is so much of it, and so much of it is such nonsensical chaff.

the history channel is on here. atlantis, ancient aliens, that _chariots of the gods_ guy, christopher columbus being guided to the new world by flying saucers, roswell.

i used to enjoy this kind of thing, but it's getting pretty hard not to read all this horseshit spew as one of the major agents of corrosion in our culture's overall sense of reality.

@KitRedgrave sure it would be nice to expunge my existential dread but i'm not sure i can put up with the RSI from all that chording

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computers dude. you gotta rein em in dude. then put a little slack in the line

@garbados i am surprised to note that cowsay does not have a ghost cowfile, although there is a ghostbusters logo one.

@pain look, we're working as fast as we can here.

@Xkeeper i think i'm in the camp of "basic income sounds great, so either it will never happen or there's something i'm missing about how it would fail".

@vfrmedia @ChristinaO yeah, the safari is definitely visually a neat design.

@ChristinaO (the cheap fountain pens i have loved: old parker 51s; the bog standard shaeffer plastic-barrel-and-metal-cap pens that are probably still sold all over the place.)

@ChristinaO i have owned a series of parker vectors that have pretty well all been garbage. the basic design is appealing, but they're not built well.

i also do not love the zebra v301 or the lamy safari overmuch.

some years ago, i bought some shiny and theoretically nice pen for a hundred bucks in a store because the salesperson was pretty and smiled at me a lot. the pen fell apart within a week, and i wish i could remember the brand in order to talk shit about it.

@lilletale @hisham_hm (and of course people could, say, turn off internet or sell a phone / laptop, but cutting this stuff down below a certain level isn't actually advice i'd give to a lot of people who are struggling. you need that stuff to stay socially connected and mobile, find jobs, etc. losing it is a good recipe for falling off the map into actual, full on, sleeping-on-the-streets poverty.)

@hisham_hm @lilletale i think this happens when people get themselves into cash-poor situations where they have resources like housing, a car, phone, utilities still on - but no liquidity at the moment and no real idea of how to get any.

while this is a real thing, it's usually a different experience from the kind of brink-of-survival situation you're talking about. (and for what it's worth, i'm also skeptical of some of the begging i encounter here.)